Benefits and harms of pacifiers: Do I need a baby pacifier at all?

By Admin | Children
29 March 2016

What only matters relating to the care of babies, do not talk on the Internet today!Regardless of whether it concerns the use of diapers, developing methods, or the benefits and harms nipples - the opinions expressed are often diametrically opposed.And if using diapers controversy has died down, the debate - do baby pacifier - continue to gain momentum.

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Before adjacent to the implacable enemies nipples, let's try to understand - whether to give your child a pacifier, as it is harmful or is it useful.

Pacifier Dummy - harm and benefits

To begin with - should know that pediatricians do not have a specific and definite answer to this question.

  • First , every child should be treated individually, and what is right for the kid's best friend, your child may be totally unacceptable.
  • Second , the situation may be different, and not always Dummy - such evil as he is sometimes try to imagine.

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A need is baby pacifie
r at all?

Pediatricians believe that if a child well developed sucking reflex - Dummy is a necessity.Due to the age of the baby can not fully meet their sucking reflex, as yet unable to keep a finger in his mouth.

But when the baby has mastered this action - long time he will continue to suck the fingers , as if to compensate for the time when he could not meet the demand.This is a very negative impact on a child's development.The sucking reflex is gradually fading to 4-5 months, and being unsatisfied by this time, continues to be the dominant , suppresses all other reflections and prevents the proper development.

On this basis, the benefit is obvious nipples, and certainly, nipple baby need .However - everything has to be on time, and later weaning the baby from the nipple may significantly slow down its voice and common development.

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to be objective and to better understand the issue, let's look at all the arguments for and against.

So Dummy - for

Use pacifiers obvious if:

  • Your baby cries a lot , restless and Crickley.
  • Your baby's sucking instinct developed stronger , than you need.Pacifier in this case is much better finger.
  • For some reason you can not breastfeed , and the baby is bottle-fed.In this case, dummy - the only way to satisfy the sucking reflex.

Pacifier Dummy - harm and benefits

Dummy - against

harm of pacifiers is also possible:

  • If your baby is breastfed .Dummy can cause rejection of the breast just because the sucking reflex is completely satisfied.
  • Dentists warn that the use of pacifiers negative impact on the formation of an occlusion , can affect the deformation of the teeth, etc.
  • Hygienic side of the question also remains open : sterilizing soothers help for long.
  • Supporting and strengthening the sucking reflex lead to mental underdevelopment child .
  • Prolonged use of pacifiers speech slows down the formation of the baby .

Pacifier Dummy - harm and benefits
As you can see, after all nipples bring more harm.However - not rush immediately to expel pacifier of everyday life.Sudden weaning from the bottle will only bring more problems, and the child, and you.

to everything should be approached intelligently. Expectant mothers also should not go to extremes and buy a special nipple bite, or contempt avoid them.Explore the range, but with the purchase did not rush: maybe that your child will not need a dummy - is typical of many newborns.

And you - for or against a pacifier?It is very important to know your opinion!