Where and how to get the children's card in St. Petersburg - the instruction on registration of children's card in St. Petersburg

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29 March 2016

Children card for St. Petersburg residents can reduce the cost of providing the parent a newborn baby.

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How to get such a valuable card in the northern capital? What documents are required for registration, and what her expire?Read on colady.ru

How to get the child map in St. Petersburg

content of the article:

  • Why give children a map
  • Who does design of children's maps St. Petersburg
  • list of documents for a child's card SPb

Whatgive children a map in St. Petersburg, the validity of infant card

  • What is the children's card? Children card - this is a one-time compensation payment to parents of newborn children, intended for the purchase of goods for children.The funds come from the budget of the city of St. Petersburg.Debit card, however - has a number of features.
  • Card can get a resident of St. Petersburg.Get card may only inhabitants of the northern capital.An important condition for receiving the card is that a woman should register with the health care facil
    ity for another 20 weeks before birth.The right to receive cards have adoptive parents of the child up to 6 months old.
  • Shelf Life "child card" is 1 year 9 months. During this period, you can spend the money to purchase the products exclusively for children - baby food, diapers, stroller, bath, bed.
  • Payments: lump-sum and monthly. Each participant is entitled to receive a lump sum payment.Monthly payments can receive a low-income citizens.
  • Children cards are accepted in some shops. list may be obtained by scoring Yandex query "where children take a map in St. Petersburg," or look at our website.

Who is responsible for children's registration card of St. Petersburg - where to give the parents for children's cards?

Contents nursery card can in the department of Social Welfare the place of registration, as well as MFC (Multi-center representation of public services).

How to get the child map in St. Petersburg

What documents for the children's parents need cards - the list of documents for a child's card SPb

package of documents for registration of children's card in St. Petersburg:

  • application for a card. be completed in the Department of Social Welfare.
  • parents' passports. Important: one parent must be a registration in the city of St. Petersburg.
  • child's birth certificate.
  • form №9 of the passport service.
  • Help from antenatal clinic: registration no later than 20 weeks before the baby is born.

Deadline for child map in St. Petersburg - to the child's age of 1.5 years.

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