Rating of the most unwanted gifts for a new baby - 16 things that do not need to give the young mother?

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29 March 2016

for the holiday on the occasion of the birth of the little man is usually prepared not only parents, but also many of our relatives, friends and comrades, acquaintances and colleagues.And of course the mass of pre-buying, as a rule, unnecessary things for the crumbs do not even care about the real needs and wishes of the young mother.As a result - a closet full of things that no one used it.At best, they peredaril someone else ...

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So remember - what gifts to give the young mother is not necessary.

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

Cakes of diapers

No responsible mother does not put into the shopping cart package of disposable diapers, if its integrity compromised.The body of the newborn is too susceptible to infection from the outside, and all the items for the care of the crumbs must be extremely hygienic .

Accordingly, the cake of diapers, pulling out of the box and folded by proxy in the design - it risk of "give" your child infe


better to buy a large pack of diapers , with a stock - for growth (birth weight is changing very rapidly), wrap it in a beautiful gift paper and tied with a red / blue ribbon.

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

Jewellery Area / envelope to extract

This item mom always buys itself in advance.Moreover, it is used as a rule, only once - at discharge from the hospital.Its use in everyday life simply impractical .

Or consider set of elegant clothes for christening or extracts .

to present a suitable insulated envelope for wheelchair or cots, without much detailing and frills - that is practical.

Elegant dresses for baby girls

makes no sense to this gift, if the window is winter, spring, autumn.It makes no sense and it is for the reason that you can not wear a newborn crumbs things with abundance pugovok, frills and seams .Therefore, the dress will be in the closet.Maybe it will put a couple of times to take photos, but no more.

best option - Dress for growth (from six months of age and older, according to season).

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

tiny shoes

No one will argue that the tiny shoes and boots - it's very cute. But the kid is not useful shoes before the moment when it will start to get up and walk (8-9 months).

So, again, buy shoes for growth and only orthopedic .Or a set of socks for several age periods (socks "flying" very fast, almost baby starts to walk, so the gift will be useful).


This is also the choice of the parents only.Not to mention that mother may need a specific tray size, color and functional .And then where did all the trays donated by caring friends?

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Soft toys

Especially - large.Why is that?Because it is only "dust collectors" and decoration for the corner of the room or extra chair.Play such toys baby at this age will not be, but they collect a lot of dust .And room cleaning is complicated.

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

Toys with small parts

All of them will be removed on the mezzanine - neither my mother did not give the baby a toy, which can break down, disassemble, bite, etc. item .

Choose toys by age (gryzunki and rattles, for example - they just come in handy).A "for growth" giving toys does not make sense.

Baby Clothing

Usually, all things necessary crumbs after birth, parents had purchased in advance .And considering that the baby is growing very fast, give clothes to the age of 0-1.5 months - especially not worth it.

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better to buy things for growth , to the size and the season not to miss.

Children cosmetics (lotions, creams, shampoos, etc.)

you may not know - baby reacts to a particular means of an allergic reaction, or not .A mother may well never take advantage of this particular brand cosmetics.Therefore, these gifts become either a strict arrangement with the young mother, or did not buy.

Yes, and do not need a whole box of baby cosmetics - usually cost 3-4 means , selected and tested mom.

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

Jumpers and walkers

Modern moms all increasingly abandoning these devices , and you risk to give a subject that just hide in the balcony.

Benefits walker consists only in the fact that my mother did not have to worry about over-active toddler - planted a child in a walker and doing chores.But can cause substantial harm to , given the constant pressure of the fabric at the crotch of the child and his feet the wrong position.

Bicycles and scooters

Such gifts will lie idle, at least 3-4 years .


This item can be presented only in the case, mom if he really needed (many mothers playpens categorically reject), and if there is room in the apartment.

Anyway - give any bulky items should only be based on the mother's wishes and the size of the apartment.

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

undershirts to age over 3-4 months of age and older sliders 5-6 months

Usually at this age my mother had changing crumbs undershirts more convenient and T-shirts Body , and sliders - on pantyhose.


worth this thing is very expensive, but it will use the mother exactly to the moment, until the child begins to sit down and roll yourself .That is - a maximum of 3-4 months.

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

Fashion "brand" costumes, lace cap, nylon, etc. kolgotochki.

All of this can be attributed to things impractical, sweetly for photos in magazines, but absolutely useless in everyday life .

much more useful to be practical, pajamas, pants , in which you can safely crawl on my knees and clean the apartment, high-quality tights, tee shirt, which "massively go to the expense of" the kid hardly introduced into the diet of "adult" products.

Cheap clothes, toys and clothes as gifts, "forgive me, that was enough»

Child Health - above all!

Most unwanted gifts to the birth of the baby

Of course, this list does not end the useless gift - much depends on the particular situation and a particular child (there are diapers, enough space in the home and in the closet, what brand of clothes / cosmeticspreferred and so on.).Therefore, you need to carefully choose gifts, strictly individual and consulted in advance - if not with a young mother, then at least with her husband .

And in the end, no one has yet canceled the good old envelopes with donations and certificates or buying children's stores .

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