First aid child insect bites - what to do if a child bitten by mosquitoes , gnats , wasps or bees ?

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30 March 2016

Summer - time mosquitoes, midges and other flying insects.Their bites can lead not only to unbearable itching and allergies, but in some cases - death.

To escape from the terrible consequences, it is necessary to know the symptoms and complications of CPR and first aid child insect bites .

content of the article:

  • first aid to children bites of mosquitoes or midges
  • What if a child was bitten by a wasp or a bee?
  • When insect stings should consult a doctor?

first aid to children bites of mosquitoes or midges - what to do if bitten by mosquitoes or gnats child?

Mosquitoes - the most common blood-sucking insects in our band.In summer, they overcome all, from small to large.Meanwhile, the mosquitoes - not only nasty bloodsuckers, but carriers of dangerous infections.

Mosquito bite

is known to suck the blood of only females in order to leave offspring.So hungry komariha lays about 50, and well-fed - up to 300 eggs.

consider the action to be performed when you and your child have an insect bite.

  1. If bitten by a mosquito, you need to make cold compress.It will reduce itching.
  2. to not scratch the bite, it is necessary for him to put soda pulp every 40 minutes.
  3. can lubricate the bite zelenkoj .It will stop the infection mikroranki.
  4. When multiple bites a child may be given a pill antihistamine inward and outward cause Allergy ointment - for example, or fenistil fukortsin.
  5. Some people prefer to escape from itching tomato juice , wiping disturbing the bite.
  6. It can also lubricate the sour cream or yogurt .Harm such means is not exactly bring, and about the benefits you can judge for yourself.
  7. Traditional medicine calls apply to the sore spot plantain leaf .

mosquito bites

bite of midges more insidious - it does not feel right, because this insect saliva contains an anesthetic, freezing bitten place.It was only after some time will be an unpleasant itching and redness, and torment a bite brings much more than a similar attack mosquito.


to alleviate the suffering of the child bites lice, you need to:

  1. Attach to the site of the bite cold lotion to stop the swelling, redness and itching.
  2. child should not be allowed to comb bite.After all, so he can bring the blood infection.
  3. relieve itching and anxiety are the same methods that are used for mosquito bites.

What if a child was bitten by a wasp or bee - first aid for bites of wasps, bees, bumble bee, hornet

more dangerous for the baby bites of bees, wasps, bees and hornets, as their attacks occur with the introduction of the poison thatNot only can harm the health of the baby, but also dangerous for his life.Especially dangerous are the cases of multiple insect bites or stings in the mouth and throat.


I would like to especially mention the fact that such reactions can cause the ants bite, because it - the insects of the same biological class as wasps, bees and bumblebees, the only difference is that ants do not sting bite, andjaws, and then injected the poison of the abdomen.

Many people intolerant poison occurs only after some time.Therefore need to monitor the condition of the child for a few days after bites.


There are a number of specific symptoms characteristic of biting wasps, bees, hornets and bees:

  1. Swelling of the sting site and surrounding tissues. very dangerous symptom, especially if the child was bitten in the head or neck as possible suffocation.
  2. Bright rash , localized to the site of the bite.
  3. dizziness and headache.
  4. Nausea and vomiting talk about cutting a small intoxication of the organism.
  5. chest pain.

Of course, it is better to protect the child from the risk of being stung, but if the trouble still occurred - do not panic!

Bee sting

Know the rules of first aid for a wasp sting, bees, bumble bee, hornet:

  1. If bitten by a bee or bumble bee, the stinger should stay , which should be carefully removed with tweezers or , scrape off any solid surface.It does not remove the sting of his fingers, because you're just so squeeze venom from glands, which will only exacerbate toxicity.
  2. stung Wash with soap place to protect it from infection.Wash the following business or ordinary children's soap.Moreover, the simpler the detergent composition, the better.
  3. Do not give your child scratching the bite!
  4. Sooner or later the bite begins to swell.In order to stop this process, it is necessary to apply a cold object , preferably - ice wrapped in a towel.
  5. Give your child an antihistamine in order to reduce the allergic reaction.It is important to take into account the dosage indicated on the instructions medication.For kids fenistil suitable for older children can take a strong and suprastin.
  6. Remembering folk remedies, is to say that applying ground to the site of the bite in any case can not be .So you can only carry infection from the soil, but in no way - not to relieve pain and swelling.
  7. is possible to reduce the itching make fresh potatoes cut to the skin or a slice of tomato.The latter, incidentally, can be replaced by gadgets tomato juice.
  8. As medicine allows for the processing of the bite onion juice .Since it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

When the insect bites in children should consult your doctor - do not look at the warning signs!

insect bites are not always as safe.In some cases it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor.

insect bite

If you notice after being bitten by a child the following symptoms, you should immediately call an ambulance:

  1. Wheezing may be due to incipient suffocation.For example, if you are allergic to wasps and hornets bite of this symptom more than common.
  2. Multiple stings - a reason for immediate call for an ambulance.
  3. chest pain - this is a reaction of the heart to a large dose of poison that got into the body.
  4. The baby breath. kid speaks with shortness of breath, breathing and often inconsistent.This is a possible tumor in the throat or lungs of an allergic reaction.
  5. If you notice a child difficulty in swallowing or reproducing words , then you the road to the hospital.It can be as asthma and nervous system malfunction, blocking important reflexes.
  6. If after sufficient time has passed bites, but wound fester beginning or greatly disturb , it is also an occasion to ask for help, because it is possible the infection site of the bite.
  7. dizziness and shortness of breath - important symptoms for which is to call an ambulance.They arise due to intoxication, tumors of the larynx and lungs spasm.
  8. If a child is bitten by a bee, wasp, bee or hornet, less than 3 months , then you need to see a doctor.

insect bites

Of course, it is better to use special repellents and other means for protection against insects and for the prevention of bites.But if you still do not escape from the attack happened on the advice of our articles, and - do not hesitate to address to the doctor if you have complications!

Site warns self can damage your health!All submitted tips - for reference, they are no substitute for medical treatment and do not cancel the trip to the doctor!