11 causes of poor appetite in the newborn - what to do if a newborn is not eating?

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31 March 2016

problems such as poor sleep, a little weight gain and poor appetite often cause moms and dads worry in the first months of baby's life.

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But young parents should not be afraid and panic! Responsible adults must find the cause of the problem and fix it.

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  • 11 causes of poor appetite in infants
  • What if the infant does not eat?

11 causes of poor appetite in infants - why newborn baby does not eat?

bad kid can have many reasons , the most serious of them - health problems.Even at minor ailments appetite disappears even adults - not to mention the fragile child's body!

To determine that the crumbs are concerned, you need to know main symptoms of the most common childhood ailments .


  1. otitis When the baby cries, shakes his head and does not allow to touch the base of the ears.If you suspect it is a disease, be sure to consult a medical specialist, and with constant weeping and anxiety of
    the child call an ambulance.
  2. If your child has colic , he pulls the legs bent and constantly crying monotonously.To help cope with the crumbs flatulence need:
    • simektikony use drugs or infusion of fennel. Applying warm items to the tummy, for example, the pressed diaper or towel.Put the baby on his stomach on a hand shake and shake slightly.Vibration helps move gases.
    • Doctors advised to perform massage: a circular motion around the navel in a clockwise direction by hand and stroking tummy tuck your knees to your chest.Such manipulation is not only helps the child to use the toilet, but just to fart.
  3. If the baby snot - it is immediately clear.Kid squelching nose and mucus from his nostrils follows.At a cold, doctors recommend to humidify and ventilate the room to dry and hot air is not dried nasal mucosa.It is also useful to dig saline solution into each nasal passage.But vasoconstrictor drops newborn banned, they can be used only after a year.
  4. In diseases of the oral cavity the mucous membrane of the mouth is covered with caseous or touch, or white spots.This crumbs hard to swallow and suck, so he refuses to eat.Traditional medicine recommends to lubricate the damaged mucous soda solution.But for the purpose of adequate treatment is necessary to address to the doctor - a pediatrician.
  5. cause of poor appetite can change the power feeding mothers.The fact that some products can vary the taste of milk.So, after the garlic, spices, alcohol or smoking children often drop out of the chest.Eat a diet and appetite of your baby will not have problems.
  6. Cosmetics can also cause.After all, children like the mother's skin wag, not deodorants, perfumes and cosmetic oils.Therefore, do not overdo it with the perfume in the pursuit of beauty.
  7. newborn can not only have a little, but did abandon breast .This is - the whole catastrophe for breastfeeding, because in such a situation, the baby loses weight rapidly and constantly crying from hunger.Failure can happen from the use of bottles , when the child understands that because it is much easier to suck milk, and selects the simplest way power.As the abandonment of the chest helps nipple. As in the case with a bottle, the baby thinks that it is easier to suck the nipple and refuses to eat naturally.Allow this problem is not easy, so better to seek help from counselors on breastfeeding , who have sufficient knowledge and experience to establish feeding these wayward children.
  8. Poor appetite may be due to intense psychological atmosphere in the family. If you have a breakdown in relations with people in the household, or your family overcome the trouble, all that is needed - is to settle down and spend more time with the baby.So the child will feel safer, and it will return to the appetite.
  9. Maybe a child - just maloezhka? Many parents and doctors based on the table rules of weight gain and the amount of milk ingested by age, but every baby is different.Therefore it is necessary to let go of your doubts and do not feed the child by force.Moreover, if we see no reason to worry - the kid happy and playful, she sleeps well and has a regular chair.
  10. Another reason may be the inconvenience of feeding .With proper posture mother should sit or lie very relaxed, and the child in contact with the mother's belly to belly.
  11. Also, many kids prevent myself eating, waving his arms. In this case, you need to swaddle the baby before feeding.

What if the infant is not eating - Tips on feeding with poor appetite in infants

  • main recommendation - to walk more. Because fresh air and oxygen to stimulate the emergence of hunger.
  • not overexcited child. If you often come to visit, to the newborn to nurse (as it happens in the first months of life), it is necessary to prohibit the visit you while feeding problems are not solved.


  • pay more attention to the child , wear it on your hands, swing.After birth, the baby feels lonely.After all, his old little world collapsed, and the new it is not yet used.When the baby skin contact with the skin of mother, baby like back in utero.Again he hears the sound of the heart, he feels the warmth of my mother's body and this calms down.
  • When bathing add to the water decoction of chamomile and succession. They calming effect on the nervous system of the child, because the baby will appears appetite.See also: Herbs for bathing newborns - the use of herbal baths for toddlers.


If the reason for not eating you do not understand, then sure to consult a pediatrician! Together, you can help your child and return him to the long-awaited appetite.