Baby Yoga for newborns Francoise Friedman - the pros and cons of yoga for kids

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31 March 2016

All parents know about the benefits of massage and gymnastics for kids.Pros are gymnastics and air baths, and muscle activity, and precious contact with the mother.But if on the traditional gym for crumbs know everything, baby yoga is still a novelty that parents confused and even frightened.

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What is yoga for the little ones? Do the benefits from it, and is there any sense in such activities?

Baby Yoga for newborns Francoise Freedman

content of the article:

  • Objectives baby yoga Francoise Freedman
  • Rules baby yoga
  • Pros and cons of yoga for babies

Goal Francoise Freedman baby yoga - what is yoga fornewborn?

Base practices for children, known today as baby yoga, laid Francoise Friedman founded a school Birthlight, comprising not only yoga for babies, yoga and for expectant mothers, aqua yoga and others.

Baby Yoga for newborns Francoise Freedman

What is baby yoga, and what are the goals of practice?

  • general improvement and strengthening of the newborn.
  • Preservation (restoration) of a balance between
    relaxation and physical activity.
  • Removing increased muscle tone and proper development.
  • Increase immunity.


  • safety practices (professional certified methodology).
  • Movement based on asanas.
  • Close interaction of mother and child.

Rules baby yoga - as well as the age at which the child's baby yoga classes for kids?

main rules and principles of the Baby Yoga:

  • Classes with the crumbs must be carried out exclusively professional instructor (yogi or yogoterapevtom successful practitioner of not less than 2 years) or of the mother under his strict control.
  • Active sessions can begin from the moment, as the baby begins to hold their own head .Light exercise can start from the first hours of life.In the case of caesarean - after healing of joints.
  • asanas should only be performed when the kid quiet relaxed 1.5 hours (minimum) after feeding .
  • cry baby or a change in skin color - alarm for Mom error committed during the exercise.
  • Classes always begin gradually , eventually moving to a full range of exercises based on the needs of the child.
  • inadmissible classes against the will of crumbs.If your child resists , naughty, crying - classes should be discontinued.
  • choosing an instructor, note the existence of the certificate and appropriate education. Go to orientation sessions.Learn the techniques of communication instructor and determine the extent of their credibility - how skilled he answers to questions does not cause any suspicion, the behavior of the children, asked whether the birth of the mother, the child's injuries and his health.
  • The baby yoga prohibited sudden movements and sharp change in body position .Classes are held gently and only those exercises that do not cause discontent crumbs.

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Benefits for newborn baby yoga Friedman - is there any disadvantages?

Sport baby yoga - it's not just a pastime for parents and their kids.It chance to relax, get to know your child and create opportunities for its healthy development .

Baby Yoga for newborns Francoise Freedman

benefit of lessons:

  • Escaping skolioznyh violations (no load on the spine when doing).
  • Normalization of sleep and digestion.
  • Effective prevention of colic.
  • Strengthening of all the muscles.
  • development of all body systems.
  • Education interact with others.
  • Rapid healing birth trauma and treatment of postpartum mothers stress the child.
  • Formation of a correct posture.
  • Revitalization simple reflex in the first days after birth.
  • effective help with increased intracranial pressure, the presence of birth defects, problems with neck, hip dislocation, hypo- and hypertonia of the muscles.
  • stimulation of the internal organs.
  • Saturation of oxygen to the brain.

Baby Yoga for newborns Francoise Freedman

Disadvantages and contraindications baby yoga - you need to remember ...

  • When increased intracranial pressure inversions crumbs contraindicated.
  • Nonprofessionalism or wrong approach to training able to bring a lot of harm instead of the expected benefits (often traumatologists have to take kroh- "Yogi" with sprains and even fractures).
  • Even if the mother herself is practicing yoga, categorically should not deal with the baby unattended instructor Yogi , and even more so - to twist the child into the asanas, because such "enthusiasm" can have serious consequences.It should be understood that many of the provisions simply do not fit, and even often contraindicated for a particular child.
  • The choice of the key depends exclusively the individual characteristics of the crumbs , and the solution takes only a coach.
  • Contraindications for baby yoga are injuries, various skin diseases and cerebral palsy .In torticollis, hypo- and hyper tone, violations in the formation of the hip joint exercise program is selected strictly individually.

Site reminds performing self-employed with the baby, you fully assume all responsibility for compliance with the wrong baby yoga techniques.In order not to harm the baby, practice yoga baby with an experienced instructor, and before classes are sure to get recommendations of a pediatrician!