As the child's interest in reading and to learn to love the book - tips for parents

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31 March 2016

That reading is helpful - everyone knows.Books instill literacy, Vocabulary.In reading, a person develops spiritually, intelligently learns to think and grow as a person.That is what all parents want for their children.But not all children share the parents' enthusiasm.For them, the book - it is a punishment and uninteresting activities.The younger generation can understand, because now instead of reading, you can listen to audio books and watch movies in 3D format.


content of the article:

  • how not to teach a child to read books
  • methods of familiarizing children to read

how not to teach a child to read books - the most common mistakes parents

Worried childrengive parents seek, by all means, to instill a love of books, and in his impulses allowed a lot of mistakes.

  • Many parents are trying to forcibly instill a love of books. And it is - the first mistake, because you can not make love by force.


  • Another mistake - it later habituation. Most moms and dads think about reading only
    the beginning of school.Meanwhile, the attachment to the book should emerge from childhood, almost from the cradle.
  • back - hurry in learning to read.Early development trendy today.Therefore advanced mom taught kids to read when they are still crawling, ahead of time developing creative, sporting and mental tendencies.But it is worth remembering that his impatience can cause a negative reaction of the child to the books for many years.


  • One of the most common mistakes - is reading a book for his age.Can not 8-year-old kid with pleasure read novels and poems, do not demand it of him.It is interesting to read comics.But teenagers are not interested in the work of timeless classics to these books still need to grow.Let reads modern and fashionable literature.

methods of familiarizing children to read - how to teach a child to love books and reading interest?

  • Demonstrate by example that reading - is good. Read for yourself if you do not book, press, newspapers, magazines and novels.The main thing that children see their parents reading, and that you like to read.In other words, parents need to relax with a book in his hands.
  • There is a saying that a house without books - a body without a soul. let in your home will be a lot of different books, then sooner or later a child shows interest to at least one.
  • Read child books since childhood: kids bedtime stories and funny stories to preschoolers.


  • read when a child asks this, not when it suits you. Let it be 5 minutes reading pleasure than half an hour "obyazalovka."
  • Instill a love of books , as objects - is an indispensable condition for the love of reading.Teach handled carefully and publications not to break cover, do not pull the page.After careful attitude distinguishes the favorite things of the unloved.
  • Do not deny your child in reading , when he learns to read.The transition to independent study of books should be gradual.
  • is important to choose a book by age. For kids it will be large-format folios with beautiful, colorful illustrations.For school books with large print.And for teens fashionable decorated editions.The content must also be age-appropriate reading.


  • Learn to read the child should not navyaschivaya , especially if you know the letter before school.Read signs, headlines, write short notes to each other.This is much better than the posters, cards and coercion.
  • Talk to your children about the read .For example, about the characters and their actions.Be creative - you can come up with a new sequel tale or play "Little Red Riding Hood" dolls.This will generate additional interest in the books.
  • Play reading .Read in sequence, according to the word on the proposal.Alternatively, you can sketch the fifth sentence of the tenth page, and guess what was on it.It is necessary to come up with a lot of entertainment with books, letters and reading, as the game training gives good results.


  • maintain interest in the reading. So, after "Masha and bears" you can go to the zoo to see the Michael Potapovich.After the "Cinderella" buy a ticket for the play of the same name, and after the "Nutcracker" ballet.
  • Books should be varied and interesting. Because there's nothing worse than reading a boring and incomprehensible story.
  • not forbid watching TV and playing computer in favor of reading books. Firstly, because the forbidden fruit is sweet, and the child will be more to strive for the screen, and secondly - because of restrictions imposed by the child developed a negative reaction to the book.
  • allowed to trade books with their peers.
  • equip the house a comfortable place to read. It encourages all households read more.
  • Start Your family traditions, related to reading.For example, Sunday evening - a general reading.
  • From childhood your child read with expression , use all his artistry.For kids this whole idea that it opens the book.Let this personal theater remains with him always.Then, even as an adult, people will be as bright to perceive the book as once on lap mother.


  • tells a child about the identity of the author, and perhaps become interested in the biography, he wants to read another of his works.
  • Give up TV in the bedroom , both children and adults.After all, this neighborhood does not create a love of reading.In addition, the noise interferes with your TV to read, and satellite TV distracts multiple channels, interesting cartoons and TV shows.
  • Use books, surprises with opening windows, holes for the fingers and toys for toddlers-crumbs.These toy-books allow to stretch imagination and generate interest in books from infancy.
  • Do not be nervous, if your child does not like books or even opposed to reading. your mood is transmitted offspring, is superimposed on the already formed opposition and creates a barrier for the emergence of a stable love for literature.

Perhaps now, electronic gadgets and almost completely replaced the printed product, but it was to oust her from our lives they will never succeed.After all, reading - it is also a tactile pleasure, a special ritual with a unique atmosphere, generating a game of imagination, which can not provide no film, no newest invention.
Read books, love them, then your children will be happy to read it yourself!