8 photos of recipes that you can prepare with their children - joint culinary creativity

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01 April 2016

While cooking dinner, Mom usually expel children in their room or try to do something useful, to avoid unnecessary hours cleaning and absolute chaos in the kitchen.Although joint culinary creativity can be a useful and enjoyable for mom and baby.Children's habit - to imitate their parents - will help to attract a child to the "mystery" of cooking, learn to cook simple meals, distract from trendy gadgets and give a boost to creative development.

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So, my child of her hands, put on a mini-apron and proceed to the "sacrament» ...

Cooking with children


This "meal" the power of even the kid 4-5 years.Of course, provided that the mother narezhet advance all the ingredients.The cooking process can be turned into an exciting competition for "the most fabulous sandwich."

Cooking with children
What should I do?

  • Wash (if necessary) and cut the bread, sausage, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, lettuce, olives and so on. It will not hurt the mayonnaise with ketchup (for decoration).
  • Post on sandwiches funny fairy tales, muzzles of animals and so on. Let the child show imagination and expand the ingredients as he want.Mom tells how to make antennae and herringbone dill, olive eyes or mouth of ketchup.
    Cooking with children


These tiny sandwiches on skewers will overcome any kid 4-5 years.The scheme is the same - cut products and allow the child to build their own culinary masterpiece to Pope tired after work or just for a small family celebration.With regard shpazhek, you can buy them especially for children - funny and colorful.

Cooking with children

  • Fruit canapes. using bulk soft and tender fruit - grapes, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon and melon, bananas, peaches.Fruit wash, cut and chop on skewers.Garnish with fruit syrup can or chocolate chip.By the way, bananas, strawberries, peaches and ice cream turns an amazing salad that can also be done with the crumbs.
  • Meat canapes. using all that we find in the refrigerator - cheese, ham, sausage, olives, herbs, lettuce, peppers, etc.
    Cooking with children
  • Vegetable canapes. Kinda salad skewers of cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, carrots, greens and others.
    Cooking with children

Funny snacks

children is extremely important that the dish was not only an unforgettable taste, but also attractive (in their understanding) type.A mother can help their kids from simple products to create a miracle.

Cooking with children
example ...

  • Amanita. Boil hard boiled eggs, clean, cut the bottom for stability (it will Stipe) and put on freshly washed lettuce (clearing).Washed baby small tomatoes cut in half.Then the child puts on the "cap" on the "legs" and decorates them drops mayonnaise / sour cream.Do not forget to decorate the glade grass dill.

Same clearing can be planted ...

  • Spidey (body of olives, foot - shavings of crab sticks).
  • ladybird (body - Pomidorka, legs, head, specks - olives).
    Cooking with children
  • Tree (barrel - boiled carrot foliage - cauliflower).
  • Mouse (triangle of cheese - the body, the tail - green, ears - sausage, nose, eyes - olives).
  • Snowman (body - three tiny potatoes on a skewer, hat / nose - carrot, eye - peas).
  • Herringbone (cheese slices on a skewer, top star sweet pepper).
    Cooking with children

Tulips for Grandma or Mom

This dish can be prepared together with the Pope - for mom or with my mother - for her grandmother.

  • with my baby cucumbers, greens, sorrel leaves, tomatoes ("finger").
  • Making stuffing for buds. rubbed on a fine grater 150-200 g of cheese and egg (if the child is allowed to use the float - let him do it yourself).Mix the grated foods with mayonnaise, too, the child will be able to own (as well as to clean the eggs for the filling).
  • Mom cuts tomato serdtsevinki to form buds.Kid neatly fills the "buds" stuffing.
  • further with the child laid on the stems elongated plate (green), leaves (leaves of sorrel or thinly sliced ​​cucumbers and along) the buds themselves.
  • decorate beautiful mini card with wishes.
    Cooking with children


from candy and to participate in their preparation will not give up, no child.

Cooking with children
We need: sugar (about 6 tablespoons / l) and Article 4 / l of water.

  • child pours sugar into a container of "stainless steel" and to pour 4 tablespoons of the water.
  • mom puts the pot on the fire and waiting for boiling.At this time (until boiling syrup) baby oil lubricated pre-cooked form (if you can not find the usual "Soviet", you can buy special molds for candy or silicone bakeware)."Grease" is needed to candies do not stick to the forms (the taste of the oil will not be felt later).
    Cooking with children
  • Under a boiling syrup mother reduces fire.Mixing the syrup is not required.
  • Once the syrup gets brown, turn off the fire and poured into candy formochkam future.
  • child inserts a curable syrup wooden (or plastic) sticks.
  • Waiting for 15-20 minutes, take out and varnish.
    Cooking with children

in forms before pouring the syrup, you can add berries, candied fruit or fruit pieces. If desired, you can make and colored candies , adding food coloring to the water to heat it and have a good stir.

Gnocchi curd

We need: pack of cottage cheese, egg, peel of half a lemon, sugar (1 tablespoon / l with a slide), flour (25 g), semolina (25 g).

Cooking with children
For the sauce: powdered sugar, lemon juice (a few drops), strawberries.

  • cottage cheese through a sieve (it can make a child).
  • Add the egg, sugar and zest.All thoroughly mixed.
  • Then add pre-mixed with semolina flour.Of course, a child connect to each action.
  • Stir once, cover with foil and hide in the refrigerator (at night).
  • the morning and pull out the dough, moisten your hands with water, roll the balls.
    Cooking with children
  • Form the gnocchi with a fork of the balls and boil in salted water until just surfacing.
  • sauce is done using a blender, blend the ingredients.Spread on a dish and pour sauce gnocchi.
    Cooking with children


One of the favorite dishes of the children.

Cooking with children

  • dough to cook yourself or buy a ready-made, so you do not wash the flour from the kitchen.
  • take out of the fridge all that can be useful for pizza - sausage, ham and sausage, cheese, chicken / beef fillet, tomatoes and olives, mayonnaise, ketchup, greens, bell pepper and so on. Cut and rub on a grater ingredients.
  • Let your child choose their own toppings for pizza , fancy spread it on the dough and decorate to your liking.
    Cooking with children

can instead of one large pizza to create a few small.

cream with their hands

for dairy ice cream we need: Eggs (4 pieces), a cup of sugar, vanilla, milk (2.5 cups).

  • sifts the sand, pour him yolks and rub thoroughly.
  • Add the vanilla (to taste) and pour the mixture into the pan.
  • Dilute hot milk is heated, stirring occasionally.
  • Once the mixture thickens, and the foam disappears, remove container from heat and filter the mixture through cheesecloth (sieve).
  • cooled, poured mass in the freezer, hide in the freezer.
    Cooking with children

And to joint culinary creativity of children held in a fun, remember some useful tips :

  • prepared in advance all of the products in the right proportions and wide dish.
  • allows children to feel, rub , stir, taste (they love it).
  • not swear, if something does not work in the child , broken or falling apart.
  • Exclude complicated recipes , which should be more than half (children simply do not have the patience), and take into account the tastes of the baby when choosing a prescription.
  • Teach the child to weigh, measure , set the table, focus on a single class, use sophisticated kitchen items (mixer, rolling pin, pastry syringe and so forth.).

And what do you cook with your kids?Please share with us your recipe!