9 best exercises for babies fitball - video tips pediatricians

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03 April 2016

active gymnastics from the cradle - is this possible?With fitball - yes!Almost every modern mom has this trainer, performs several functions.This large exercise ball helps to strengthen muscles and develop the child, eases pain, reduces muscle hypertonicity, it is an ideal prevention of colic and so forth., So the use of employment on fitball for a newborn is huge!

main thing - to observe the basic rules of on fitball gymnastics for newborns , and be extremely careful during exercise.

Classes on fitball with newborn

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rules on fitball gymnastics for infants - advice pediatricians

Beforestart to exercise, parents should take note of the recommendations made by the studies on this projectile:

  • When to start? Hiding the ball until the moment when the crumb will be on foot, it is not necessary: ​​a fun and useful training can begin as soon as the favorite child, brought from the hospital, will go into a natural
    sleep and feeding.That is, get used to the home environment.The second condition - umbilical wound healed.On average, classes begin at the age of 2-3 weeks.
  • ideal time for exercise - an hour after the crumbs fed. not before.Strongly recommended to start classes immediately after a meal - in this case fitball will do more harm than good.
  • During the first lesson is not to get involved. first class - short.Mom should feel the ball and gain confidence in their movements.Usually parents for the first time lowers the crumbs on the ball, do not even understand - which side to keep the newborn, and how to do the exercises.Therefore, should first sit on a chair in front of the ball, cover it with a clean diaper, gently put her child at the center of the ball and a little tummy shake.The amplitude of movements (swinging / rotation, etc..) Increased gradually.With naked toddler classes are much more comfortable (stability of the child above), but for the first time, you can not undress.

    Video: Fitball for newborns - a video exercise on fitball

  • Do not pull during exercise and keep the crumbs of the foot and hand - children's joints (wrist and ankle) is not yet ready for such a load.
  • Lesson with babies pass more interesting and more useful if during exercise include quiet classical music. Kids older can put more upbeat music (eg, cartoons).
  • If crumbs poor health or is not located in the fun and occupations, forcing him strongly not recommended.
  • For the first 5-7 minutes of training is enough for all the exercises. If you feel that a child is tired - do not wait until they pass a few minutes - stop training.
  • feetball optimum size for a newborn child of - 65-75 cm. This ball will be comfortable and crumbs, and my mother, who fitball not hurt to return its former shape after childbirth.

Basic exercises on fitball for infants - video sessions with the child on fitball

feetball main advantage - its simplicity.Special training is not required for employment.Although experts advise to invite to the first or second lesson instructor fitball.It is necessary to understand - how to keep the baby, and what exercises are most useful.

Video: Going with newborns on fitball - basic rules

most effective and popular exercises for babies

  1. swing on tummy
    crumbs to put in the middle of feetball tum and confidently holding his handsthe back, push forward and back, left and then right, and then - in a circle.
  2. swing on the back
    put the baby back to the ball (fitball fix their feet) and repeat the exercise with the preceding paragraph.
  3. Spring
    Son, laid down on the ball tum.His legs seize on a "fork" (thumb - ring around the feet, ankle - between the index and middle fingers).With his free hand to press easily on the back of the ass or toddler springy movements "up and down" - short and mild shocks.
  4. watch
    Puts crumbs back on fitball.Holding his chest with both hands, wiggle the baby, making right and left circular motions.

Video: Exercises on fitball for infants

fitball exercises for kids older

  1. Wheelbarrow
    Puts crumbs tum on the ball, so he put his hands in the fitball.Raise his legs in the same position as if it were carrying a wheelbarrow.Gently swaying back and forth, holding the balance.Or simply lifted and omit his feet.
  2. flew!
    difficult exercises - skill does not hurt.Puts crumbs on the flank (alternate exercises), holding his right forearm and right calf (baby is on the left side), toddler rolled left and right and change the "flank".
  3. soldier
    Put the baby on the floor.Palms - on fitball.With her mother's support and insurance pipsqueak has for a few seconds to rely on their own ball.Exercise is recommended 8-9 months.
  4. Hvatayka
    Puts crumbs tum on the ball, stick to the legs and rolled back and forth.On the floor, throwing toys.The kid has to reach toys (looking up with one hand on feetball) at the time when lowered as close to the floor.
  5. Frog
    Puts crumbs tum on the ball, keep the legs (separately for each), rolled to his fitball, bending the legs at the knees, then - from himself, straightening the legs.

Video: Fitball for newborns - massage on the ball

Of course, it's not all exercises feetball - their number depends on your imagination and the age of the crumbs.Little effort, and activities will be fun and rewarding game for both of you.