Features of care for newborns twins - how easy is it to be a mom of twins?

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03 April 2016

Caring for newborn twins If you are involved in 25% of those lucky ones who gave birth to twins, it is a chance to double the joy and happiness, as well as to double the trouble and hassle of newborn twins.But do not be afraid of difficulties in the modern world has invented a lot of things, makes life easier for these parents.Yet there are a number of features for the care of twins, today we'll talk about it.

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  • beds for newborn twins
  • Feeding twins
  • hygienic care of twins
  • Walk for twins

beds for newborn twins - as the kids have to sleep?

Crib for twins Even before birth, tummy mom, kids were inseparable.Therefore, after the birth they would not be very comfortable to sleep in a different bed.Psychologists recommend that kids slept together as long as they will be comfortable in a crib.But we should not forget that every child - a personality already from the cradle.Therefore, the same dress, feed with a bottle and always keep them together are not worth it, becauseThis complicates the process of fo

rmation of individuality kids.Clothing, dishes, toys - all of this in every baby should be his.

To the parents had time for himself, Lay twins to bed at the same time - it will work out their habit in the mode of wakefulness and sleep.

Feeding twins - the best feeding schedule, pillow for feeding twins

Feeding twins According to most mothers who have not been born the first twins to feed two babies at the same time not much more complicated than one.Of course, you'll need a little time and patience to find a comfortable position and adjust to a comfortable feeding.Get special pillow for feeding twins , which will facilitate the process of power two children at the same time, which means that will synchronize their time of wakefulness and sleep.

Here is what my mother Tatiana, mother of twins:

«When you feed your crumbs at a time, and they will sleep together too.If the child woke up at night, I wake and second, and then feed them together. "

usually to feed two brood missing your mother's milk.But sometimes it may encounter difficulties.

Here is the story of Valentina, mother of twins:

«I, as advised in many magazines, trying to feed the children at the same time.But my son Alyosha - not to load, had to finish feeding him from a bottle, and he soon completely gave up his chest, demanded only a bottle.A grown daughter Olga breastfed »

Feeding twins twins feeding mode" on demand "for many mothers is unacceptable, sinceall day turns into one big feed.Experts advise not to panic and develop a schedule of feedings depending on sleep and wake the kids, ieuntil a baby is sleeping or feeding the second, and then first.

Hygienic childcare twins - how to bathe?

Bathing twins Bathing children-twins - a check on the parents organization and the ability to creatively approach to the issue.At first, when the kids still can not sit well, better to bathe the children individually.Then, confidently sitting kiddies will be very interesting and fun to bathe together.Parents can only admire their happy crumbs and make sure that there was a quarrel over toys.When you bathe the children one by one, consider the following:

  • first bathe a noisy toddler , becausehe if would wait until redeemed his brother or sister can throw a tantrum;
  • After bathing feed the baby , bathe and then the next.
  • Be prepared to bathing : Prepare the things that will wear after the water treatments;next to put the cream, powder, etc.

Walk for twins - greatly simplifies the task for the mother of twins

Walking with twins Walk with your kids as often as possible, and more - it's good for physical and mental development of children, as well as your emotional state.
to go for a walk with the twins, you'll need a special wheelchair .When choosing a stroller consider its size and weight , she was able to pass in the doorways of your home.Strollers for toddlers are two of the following types:

  • Baby carriages for twins «side by side» - when children are sitting next to each other.This enables kids "communicate" with each other and each one sees the same landscape.At the same time, if one baby is asleep, and woke up the other, then there is a big chance that he will wake up a sleeping child.
  • Baby carriages for twins «Locomotive» - when children sit one after another.With this arrangement, seat, stroller will be longer, but more practical.Mom can easily go with the carriage to the elevator, pass through the narrow paths in the park or maneuver through the store aisles.In these wheelchairs is possible to install cradles face each other, ie, the children will be able to communicate among themselves and with the mother.
  • Baby carriages for twins «Transformer» - when the stroller with two seats can be converted into a stroller with one seat (if you're going for a walk with a baby).In such convertible baby carriages can be positioned both on the direction of travel and against the motion, and face each other.

care and upbringing of twins require a Herculean effort from parents.But the right approach to this issue all care will pay off handsomely.Be patient, be optimistic and develop the flexibility of thinking.