15 Cumulative purchases to make the apartment more secure after birth

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04 April 2016

As soon crumb begins to move independently of the crib or playpen, and then the apartment, my mother grabs his head in the way of curious toddler - a real "minefield" of sharp angles, beams and wall sockets, chemicals, protruding nailsand even pets, lurking around the corner.

The first task of the parents becomes security crumbs domestic and move freely without risking their lives.How to protect your child from the dangers of household? Child safety at home

Even a usual thing in the house, I can not imagine at first glance, the danger may be for the baby cause serious injury .At the boundaries of the child's curiosity is not (especially if Mom jumped for a moment prevent gruel) - he will gladly wash her hands in the toilet, to study the contents of the lockers and get acquainted with every corner in the house.

therefore prepare for this period it is necessary to advance.Do not coach the team for regular voice shout "No!" And to approach the issue intelligently, providing all the necessary apartment means to protect the child from domestic troubles.

Clamps for lockers and cabinets, wardrobes

To protect the baby from the contents of tables and cabinets by using the lock slot.

  • lock slot door cabinets and appliances may be based on the adhesive and attached to the outside of reach for young researchers height - are suitable for refrigerators, cabinets and furniture.
    Child safety at home
  • Clamps cabinets that need to be fastened inside the furniture small screws , suitable for wooden cabinets.
    Safety of children at home - blockers for cabinets
  • There U-shaped and C-shaped bollards door cabinets that attach the handles and do not allow them to open.This includes all sorts of rings - blockers cabinet handles.
    Safety of children at home - lock for the cabinet

cost blocker for cabinets and appliances with doors extends over a wide plane from 30 to 550 rubles , depending on the species.

Multipurpose locks on Poupy, Chicco, Mothercare, Safety 1st, and others. have a price of 150 to 300 rubles.

Clamps door child safety at home

These devices protect against closing / opening the interior doors, and consequently - of pinched fingers them.

You can choose different devices for this purpose that best suit your requirements.

  • There bollards installed between the door and the jamb on the hinge side and do not give them to close.
    Safety of children at home - blockers for doors
  • Other blockers, floor, installed beneath the door and do not give them slam.
    Safety of children at home - Locking - locks the doors
  • Third blockers for interior doors, on the contrary, do not give the baby to open them - they operate on the type lock attached to the door and secure Velcro or small screws.
    Safety of children at home - lock for doors
  • door lock enables you to lock the door in the position you want, without the ability to open or close the door.
    Safety of children at home - Door locks
  • There are special lock slot on the door handles , which prevent the closing of the door and will not allow the baby, for example, be accidentally locked in the bathroom.
    Safety of children at home - blockers locks on the door handle

cost door interlocks ranges from 75 to 350 rubles .

Attention! Lock on the door handle is selected by the lock-type handles.It should also be borne in mind that all the blockers on the door should open and close quietly, so as not to wake the baby when he sleeps.

Lock on drawers cabinet

Secure baby from a sudden drop box on legs, you can use special latches , which is fixed from the inside, blocking the nomination of the box.Such interlocks are usually held in place with screws from the inside of the furniture.
Lock on the cabinet drawers
blockers standing on cabinet drawers from 60 to 120 rubles , depending on the modification.

Corner protectors and pads on furniture

These devices protect the crumbs from accidental impact on the sharp corners of furniture.Corner protectors or pads on the corners of the table, usually sold in sets - 2-4 pcs.

Fantasy developers of these devices make it possible and spherical soft silicone lining , cushioning on impact and shock-absorbing soft corners , densely covering a dangerous corner of the furniture, and soft pads on the edge of the furniture around the perimeter - for example, a table.Safety of children at home - protective corners and trim for furniture
Are protective corners for furniture from 120 to 400 rubles per set .

Protective equipment for the stove in the kitchen

  • switches at the plate fix protective caps .They will save the child, if he wants to "roll the wheel."
    Safety of children at home - protective caps for the stoves
  • same time buy screen plate (it will block access to the child a hot surface) and the lock on the door oven.
    Safety of children at home - screen plate

Protective caps for pens plates you can buy 130-150 rubles for a set (2 pcs.).

shield for the boards of metal or Plexiglas tubes can be attached to the suction cup or adhesive tape - it is an adaptation of the firm Mothercare, Safety 1st, Chicco is around 1000-1800 rubles .

Soft door dampers

These protectors (material - rubber or plastic) to put on, usually on the upper edge of the door and save pinch fingers , preventing sudden slam doors.
Safety of children at home - Door shock absorbers
cost of soft shock absorbers - from 70 to 200 rubles , depending on the manufacturer.

Attention! not chase cheerful, "childish" design shock absorbers (for example, in the form of small animals) - no need to bring to the attention of the crumbs.

protective film opening and lock - security tools for windows

  • glazed windows' update ยป special film , to protect the baby from the cuts - a film pasted on the glass and holds shards if a child accidentally gets toy in box.
  • Removable handles on the windows also did not interfere - to open the window to remove the handle from the baby simply can not.
  • additional insurance will blockers frames - they notify parents beep when you open the window.

Safety of children at home - blockers for windows
protective film from Chicco, Mothercare, Safety 1st, which can be purchased in rolls (61h183 cm), and the house of glass cut to size, is around 1000-1400 rubles .

Window locks Safety 1st, Baby Dan et al. Can be purchased for 250- 380 rubles .

Attention!Window locks -blockers should be selected according to the type of windows (rising, opening inwards or outwards, sliding).

plugs and protective box outlets, as well as safety equipment for electrical appliances, cords and equipment

Electricity - a special theme, and here it is necessary to apply the maximum attention and protection for the child.

  • advance acquire covers and protective boxes for sockets , so that the crumbs do not be tempted to stick a pin in the socket.Caps for sockets may be rubber or plastic, to open a special lock.
  • At the same time you must purchase protective cases for extension;ukorotiteli wires (plastic clips on the coils).
  • should buy housings for electrical switches and knobs for , preventing pampering baby with light.
  • computers and other equipment under hide shields .
  • avoid dropping crumbs on the purchase of heavy equipment device from tipping special blockers.

The cost of plugs for sockets - from 60 to 180 rubles (in the set can be from 6 to 12 pieces).
Child safety at home
cost of protective foam outlet-enabled device with a fork in it - 350 rubles .

Foam for extension from Safety 1st is about 550 rubles .
Safety of children at home - case for the outlet
ukorotiteley set of wires (2 pcs.) With built-in coils and blockers from Safety 1st is 250 rubles .

Protection for switches can be purchased for 180 rubles .

shields and covers for TV, VCR and other electronics you can buy at the price from 250 to 450 rubles.

Package "antioprokidyvanie" for furniture and equipment is about 480 rubles .

Attention! better to choose transparent or flea plugs for outlets that do not attract the attention of the crumbs.
outlet can put themselves self-closing - then you do not have to put them on a special plug.

protective cover on the crane and the bath mat

  • Safety in the bathroom - is, first of all, rubber mat embossed on suckers at the bottom of the tub.
    Safety of children at home - antislip mat for bath
  • cabinets in the bathroom supply the above described lock slot .
  • on tap dress soft shock absorbing casing , which will protect the child if he slipped in the bathroom and would be an obstacle to the opening / closing valves.
    Safety of children at home - on the mixer housing

protective brace on tap from Bebe Confort, Kel-Gar, Safety 1st is from 450 to 1000 rubles .

bath mat can be purchased for 200-500 rubles .

Attention!Most protective covers on the crane are designed for stationary cranes.

safety lock for the toilet lid

Little lovers wash pens or toys in the toilet are protected by bollards for toilet lid - modifications in the market a lot.
Safety of children at home - lock for toilet
Castle toilet from firms KidCo, BABY DAN, Safety 1st can buy 300-800 rubles - the price depends on the design of the device.

Gate security, safety door for stairs and doorways, partitions

  • There is a need to block access to young researcher in the kitchen, on the balcony or in the stairway?Buy security gates. material - wood, plastic or metal, fastening methods - to choose from.
  • You can also buy panel , through which safe play area is fenced off in the room.

Safety of children at home - security gates and walls
Gateway Security FAST PATROL from Ikea, open in both directions, are 1400 rub , sliding doors made of beech - 2000 rubles .

sliding security gate by Safety 1st can buy 2000-3500 rubles .

Folding accordion lightweight portable security barrier from Baby Dan and KidCo, change the width, stands 2500-3500 rubles .

Multifunctional protective walls from the Baby Dan, Mothercare, KidCo cost about 8000-10000 rubles .

Radio and baby monitors

Without these devices can not do none of the modern mom.If your baby is sleeping, and my mother wanted to have time to take a bath or wash the dishes, then this device can take with you, not to miss waking curious crumbs .
Safety of children at home - radio and baby monitors
Baby Monitor or baby monitors will cost you a total of from 3,000 to 12,000 rubles , depending on the model and a set of features in it.

safety barriers and restraints for beds

baby cots, a loft bed for the baby and children's bunk beds compulsory supply the special barriers , preventing a fall or limiters for cots .
Safety of children at home - safety barrier for beds
Buy these devices can at prices from 1800 to 2200 rubles .

system "antioprokidyvanie" for furniture and equipment

Young climbers configured to conquer Everest furniture, protected by special fittings or steel angles - they will prevent heavy furniture tipping over, if the child hang on the door or climb into the wardrobe nezadvinutydrawer.

Depending on the modification of the "antioprokidyvanie" as well as from the manufacturer, the cost of adaptation will range from 200 to 400 rubles .

Attention! best to choose a system of "antioprokidyvanie" equipped with a strap retainer furniture - if necessary, to move the furniture during the harvest, and then re-secure it, will be enough to unfasten and fasten the belt.

Individual child protection - a helmet and kneepads

  • for hyperactive researchers household "Klondike" for sale there are special kneepads , protect against injuries in the fall, as well as soft cushioning helmet on his head, protecting it fromstrikes.
  • In addition to the ammo can also be purchased skid strips on the adhesive-based - they are most needed on the bathroom floor in the hall and on the stairs.

Safety of children at home - a helmet and knee pads
protective helmet for children POMMELINNA you can buy for 650 rubles , helmet Bebe Confort - for 900 rubles .

Soft knitted knee pads Safety 1st are 350 rubles .

Anti-tape costs about 130 rubles for reel 5 meters.
Child safety at home
Try to be aware of all new products for the safety of your baby in the house.All these devices are certainly, will minimize the risk of injury to a child , but the main your task - be careful and do not leave crumbs unattended .