The best educational toys for children 2-5 years - ranking educational toys

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05 April 2016

The best educational toys for children 2-5 years and a half years the child becomes interested in toys and use them for their intended purpose.He acts and imitate their parents.Mum and dads time to buy toys that help develop their children of every day to learn something new.So today we decided to give you the top most popular educational toys for children from 2 to 5 years.

content of the article:

  • Rating educational toys
  • Designer needle BATTAT
  • Wooden building kits
  • Talking clock from Hap-P-Kid
  • didactic cube from Woody
  • piano with a microphone from the Simba
  • Train RICHARD by Woody
  • Rudder WHEELBARROWS from Smoby
  • Wooden puzzles Bears Family Bino
  • Sound mat Bus zoo and man-orchestra
  • gaming table "development" of the I'M Toy

Rating developmental toys forchildren 2-5 years

The best educational toys for children 2-5 years This rating popular educational toys for children from 2 to 5 years of survey made by the parents of kids.All toys that are mentioned in the article are presented in Russian stores toys.We remind you that for the purchase of high quality and safe toys ple

ase contact the shops and ask standard certificate all kinds of toys and children's items.Beware of counterfeit and substandard, dangerous goods, do not buy toys for the child at random individuals or on the market.

Designer needle in a case BATTAT - toy for children from 2 years

Designer needle in a case BATTAT For more than 100 years BATTAT produces educational toys for children of the highest quality.Products of this company is very popular around the world.It is therefore not surprising that for the production of their toys they use innovative materials.For brand BATTAT quality, reliability and original design manufacturing comes first.One of the most popular toys BATTAT for children from 2 to 5 years is needle Designer .113 parts enable to translate into reality the idea of ​​all the young builders a unique needle shape makes baby massage fingers and hands.Vibrant Designer made of high quality safe plastic that is suitable for all-round development of the child.Playing with the designer, baby develops their imagination, imagination, fine motor skills of hands, spatial and logical thinking, learns to distinguish shapes and colors.Designer needle in a case BATTAT retail toys Moscow can be purchased for as low as 800 to 2000 rubles , depending on the configuration.

Developing toy for a young designer - wooden building sets

Wooden construction sets Among the huge number of toys for children, wooden blocks occupy a special place.Also great fun, wooden building sets are magnificent developing a game that simulates the building, develop fine motor skills, imagination and coordination.They also contribute to the development of personal qualities like perseverance, attention, accuracy and composure.In children's stores you can find a variety of children's wooden building sets: cubes alphabet colored blocks of various forms, etc.The cost of these sets depends on the number of parts and equipment.On average, the market it varies from 200 to 1000 rubles .

Educational Talking clock from Hap-P-Kid

Educational Talking clock from Hap-P-Kid Chinese company Hap-P-Kid produces educational toys for children 3 years old.Products from this manufacturer is different great design, reliability and safety.The product range of the company is very high.Here you will find interactive toys, themed entertainment kit car, Inertial and more.But very popular among buyers enjoy developing "Talking watch" that will help your child learn to tell time.This toy has several modes that are easy switch buttons placed next to the dial.Mode «Time» - when the child moves the arrow, watch pronounce the time that is shown on the dial.Mode «Quiz» - Toy offers the tasks that the child should do: find the right figure, set time, etc.Talking Clock contribute to the development of memory, thinking, fine motor skills of hands.The Russian educational children's stores "Talking watch" by Hap-P-Kid cost about 1,100 rubles .

wooden educational toys - didactic cube from Woody

The didactic cube by Woody Didactic cubic Czech firm Woody - will become your first assistant in the development of the baby.It consists of a few puzzle games that will help your child develop.There is a maze, and entertaining, and scores, and watch.This toy is designed for children aged three years.Moving items from one side to another, your child will develop spatial perception and fine motor skills of hands.In addition, the baby will learn to tell time and recognize the shape of objects.Woody company known worldwide for its high quality products, which is made from natural environmental materials and is completely safe for the baby.In the children's store Russian didactic cube can be purchased by Woody for about 2,000 rubles.

musical toy piano with a microphone from the Simba

Grand piano with a microphone by Simba Simba DICKIE GROUP - one of the largest companies in the production of children's toys.The range is more than 5,000 brand names.Plants for the production of toys in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, China.All products are made of durable, environmentally friendly and safe plastic.Very popular among buyers of brand products Simba favor of developing musical toy "piano with a microphone."It helps the child to develop creatively.The kit includes a piano, a microphone with stand, high chair.Toy is equipped with convenient buttons that allow the baby to get great pleasure from the game.Royal has 8 rhythmic patterns and 6 demo songs.This toy is intended for children over 3 years.Purchase can be in the kids' store for about 2,500 rubles .

Developing toy with light and sound of the train RICHARD Woody

Train RICHARD by Woody incredibly fun train with two carriages Richard Czech company Woody is the perfect entertainment for your baby.The toy is made of environmentally friendly material, wood, and painted with bright colors.In addition, it has a light and sound effects that will surely attract the attention of your baby.The set includes 20 parts-cubes.Train carriages and are a real puzzle pyramid.They have a few pins, where you can string together blocks of different shapes and colors.You can use them to build castles, towers and other unusual spatial composition.Train Richard will help your child to the development of sensory skills (sense of size, shape, color), logical thinking, hand movements, speech and communication skills.In children's stores this wonderful toy you can buy for about 1600 rubles .

Rudder WHEELBARROWS from Smoby - toy for a beginner motorist

Rudder WHEELBARROWS from Smoby French company Smoby toys on the market since 1978 and today is one of the leading places.All products are made of high-quality safe materials that do not bring harm to the health of your child.All the toys are of high quality, durability and reliability, so they will serve your child for a long time.Your child like cars?He's at every opportunity ask the pope to steer?Then the "Rudder Cars" from the company Smoby is a magnificent gift for him.This fun driving simulator will light in the eyes of the young riders fire.Here all like a real car: the steering wheel, speedometer, transmission, ignition.The toy has seven acoustic tunes.Each track has its own lighting effects and realistic sounds.The game has two speeds that will be required of the child improve their skills.So, will contribute to the development of dexterity, motor skills and attention.The Russian children's stores "Rudder Cars" from the company Smoby can buy for about 1800 rubles .

Educational wooden puzzle wardrobe for clothes - Family of Bears Bino

Wooden puzzles Bears Family brand owned by German company Bino Mertens GmBH.Under this brand are manufactured children's toys made of wood, for the kids, and for older kids.All products are made only from natural materials, and are used for painting ecological water-based paints.Therefore Bino toys are completely safe for your baby.For children under the age of 2 years, the company offers a fascinating wooden puzzle "Wardrobe for clothes - Family of bears."On the cover of the puzzle are frame for family members: father, mother and two cubs.And in a box are the costumes and additional parts.Thanks to them, the family can disguise, creating different moods.This game manufacturers recommend for the development of logical thinking in the child, acumen, attention, exploring the concepts of "small-lot", "sad and joyful."In the children's store develops a wooden puzzle "Wardrobe for clothes - Bears Family" Bino companies can buy for about 600 rubles .

mat Audio Bus zoo and one-man band - toy for active kids

Game dancing mat Company "Expert" active kids between the ages of three years, offers a fascinating develop bilateral mat Bus zoo and one-man band.On it you can walk, crawl, push button, touch hands.Every movement of the baby will be accompanied by realistic sounds corresponding figures.On one side of the mat, you can reproduce the sounds of animals, on the other hand - the sounds of musical instruments.Also on the mat can be found 6 merry tunes, 3 on each side.The console is a plastic switch and volume control.Sound mat - is a fun game, child development, and the ability to comfortably seat on the floor as a rug has a soft padding.The undoubted advantage of this toy is its water-resistant coating.Therefore, even if the baby will throw water on it, it does not go bad, it is enough simply to wipe dry with a towel.In children's stores country sound mat "BUS-zoo and one-man band» costs about 1,100 rubles .

gaming table "development" of the I'M Toy - toy for the games and activities with a child

The gaming table "development" of I Developing wooden table from the company I'M Toy combines several exciting games.The set includes 5 volume, 8 and 5 round flat geometric shapes, pouch, strap and a wooden pin for the pyramid.Playing for developing a table, the child is not only fun, but also develops the skill, dexterity and fine motor skills of hands, coordination of movements.Also in the game is stimulated by the development of mental abilities of the child, the child learns to distinguish objects by their appearance (color, size, shape).In the children's store Russian gaming table "development" of I'M Toy is about 1800 rubles .