How to raise an obedient child - 7 parenting secrets

By Admin | Children
05 April 2016

All parents ever have to solve the problem of how to raise an obedient child.And the sooner they will begin to raise their child, the better for everyone.

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child who does not listen to parents and caregivers, brings many unpleasant worries , not only friends, but also passers-by, even people on the street.Those kids who have grown up in conditions of complete freedom, can not distinguish between what they are allowed to do and what not.

process is education - a very long time.Therefore, if you want your child only pleased you by their actions and behavior, not upset, then be patient .


seven basic parenting secrets that will help you to find common ground with their offspring, and tell us how to teach a child to be obedient:

  • sequence action in education. That is, if a ban on anything, for example - do not leave the yard, or do not run out for the ball on the roadway, it is necessary to observe every d
    ay, not giving concessions.Children, in fact, very good psychologists and they quickly understand what mom and dad give up the slack, and this also applies to the rules.And as soon as they feel it, they will begin to believe that the right to carry out - necessarily, respectively - can violate all prohibitions.That is why teaching a child to be obedient must be consistent.


  • Be firm, and at the same time gentle. As practice shows, it is very difficult to bring up children only one shout, and even more so - anger.To have a little person develops the skills of obedience, he must know that he is loved and punished not out of hatred, but out of love for him also.Is focusing on love, attention and affectionate attitude, but be firm in their convictions.So you show your child that you love him greatly, and you know what he feels, but to fulfill the rules would still have to.


  • Become an example for their children. Many parents are scratching their heads over the question - how to make an obedient child, and they do not want to change their habits and well-established way of life.But they forget that no moralizing child does not perceive as a personal example of parents.Studies show that kids are very sensitive at a very early age.And so they try to unconsciously imitate the closest adult whom they see every day, and that most trust - their parents.And so - it is very important for parents to behave as befits as a model for the child.Without exception, all the rules that are established for children, adults need to be performed flawlessly.For example, if the father smokes, the child will continue to be very difficult to explain why it is bad, and why this can not be done.


  • Punish adequately. Every year the children grow up and are constantly trying to find themselves a new class - so figuring out what to do is permitted, and that - no.You must define an adequate punishment for the misdeeds of the child.For example, if a child has committed a small offense, it is not necessary for it to talk with him for three days, the best show that you hate it.You can not intimidate a child, it did not benefit.Just let them know that all parents set rules must be followed, otherwise the punishment will come.See also: How to bring up children without punishment - 12 basic principles of education without punishment.


  • Develop a reward system. How to grow an obedient child - encourage him, noticing even the smallest victories and positive changes in his behavior.If your child is obedient, not whimsical, does not violate the rights and fulfill your requirements, you encourage him in any way - a kind word or compliment.In this case, the child will have a good incentive to obey, he would know that he was acting correctly, and it will continue to operate properly, including to justify your trust.Especially nice for children when parents say they are proud of them.And - remember, is familiar to many adults explain "That's right!" - Does not work!Take the time and effort and thoroughly and in detail explain to your son or daughter, where did this or that rule.And even if the child does not understand something, he would not be mischievous because it will feel that you are interested in it.And it is likely that he will ask if something is unclear.


  • Reward the child correctly. Even for adults, a great incentive that makes us work harder and more diligently, is the reward.For children this is also true.To a child behaved obediently while, you can say in advance what to expect.For example, it may be a trip to the cinema for a new cartoon, zoo, new toys, sweets, access to computer games, etc.But to get it, he must fulfill your requirements.This method works well, but - do not overdo it, because the child will obey only "bribe" a nice gift.


  • And finally - you must keep the selected line education, to think in the same way her husband and all the grandparents, aunts, uncles. Otherwise, your offspring will not a good fashion manipulated.Husband and wife should support each other in everything, even if they think very differently, or even, in a divorce.How to educate children, you must be sure to negotiate in their absence.The child will be obedient only when the authority will be Mom and Dad.See also: Tricks child manipulator - how to raise children-manipulators?


And remember - obedient child can grow only to the family where he is loved, and doing it all for the good!

And how do you teach your child?All you get in education, and what errors?Share your stories in the comments below!