Best gifts for girls 11-14 years old - than to please the young lady in the birthday?

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06 April 2016

Gifts for teen girls 11-14 years Adolescence - the most difficult period in the life of every child and parent.In the 11-14 year old girls enter adolescence.They become very moody, sensitive and discriminating in gifts.At this age it is difficult to please the birthday girl and every year becomes a real impasse.What is it that the young lady to please the birthday?Read also about the best gifts for boys 11-14 years birthday.

content of the article:

  • gifts girl 11-14 years
  • Herringbone from Good Hand
  • set of "Fashion rings" from Sentosphere
  • gift certificate to a beauty salon
  • Stylish Bag
  • Hairdryer differentnozzles
  • Ebook
  • Gift certificate boutique
  • Roller skates
  • Beautiful casket
  • set of makeup for girls
  • little more gift ideas

gifts girl 11-14 years Birthday: 10 of the best gifts

Best gifts for girls 11-14 years Better, of course, try to find out from the most careful birthday girl - she wants to get a gift.If you can not find out, look at the 10 best gifts and choose the best birthday gift teenager - a girl of 11-14 years.Thus, the rating

of the best gifts:

  • Adolescent Weaver birthday - a wonderful Christmas Tree of Good Hand

    The best gift for girls 11-14 years old - Christmas Tree from Good Hand This Christmas tree is like your beauty.Herringbone on Good Hand - is a wonderful combination of taste and beauty in one.Special gift that Christmas tree birthday girl should do yourself.This kit will allow your girl 11-14 years feel like a skilled worker and inventor.The kit includes reagents for crystal growth and a paper frame to which the cultivation.Wonderful Christmas Tree Good Hand amaze you and your baby, decorating their beauty and originality interior nursery.

  • for young ladies 11-14 years old - a set of "Fashion rings" from Sentosphere

    The best gift for girls 11-14 years old - a set of "Fashion rings" from Sentosphere If a girl 11-14 years old interested in fashion and loves various trinkets, a set of "Fashion rings" from Sentosphere would be the perfect gift for her Daybirth.With this set child will be able to create 12 superb and trendy rings, color them according to your taste.

  • Gift Certificate for the first trip to the salon - a birthday girl 11-14 years

    The best gift for girls 11-14 years old - a gift certificate to a beauty salon This gift will definitely appreciate a teenage girl.She feels mature and can really change your image.It is not necessary to select an expensive beauty salon for a little girl suit Salon average cost.

  • Stylish bag as a gift for my birthday girl 11-14 years

    The best gift for girls 11-14 years old - stylish bag fashionista will appreciate a stylish handbag.Just do not lose.Teenagers are very sensitive to their image.If the bag does not like it - down the drain, the scandal will not be gathered.If you do not believe in the taste preferences, better not to risk it and choose something else.

  • Hair dryer with different attachments - birthday gift girl novice stylist

    Hair dryer with different attachments If a girl of 11-14 years loves to spin front of the mirror and do a variety of hairstyles for her the perfect gift becomes dryer with different attachments.With it you can make beautiful hair and a variety of styling.On hair is better not skimp and spend a decent amount, because quality hair will serve your child for a long time.

  • Ebook birthday for girls 11-14 years old, who loves to read

    eBook inquisitive and intelligent girl of 11-14 years can give the e-book.This is a practical and useful gift.Well, if the book will combine several functions: player, reader and Internet access.Come to the choice of e-book carefully studied the major trends and electronic competitors.

  • Gift Certificate in Fashion Boutique - a nice gift for my birthday girl 11-14 years

    Gift certificate in fashion boutique girl fashionista joy in new clothes.It is better not to risk it and do not buy their own clothes, and give a gift certificate to a trendy boutique.Girl 11-14 years can itself go shopping and choose a favorite outfit.

  • Roller skates as a present active girl 11-14 years

    roller Skates If a girl loves sports and outdoor recreation, exactly like her skating.However, better to buy videos with the birthday girl not to miscalculate the size.Moreover, rollers must be as comfortable and stable.Do not forget to buy a roller skating protective gear.

  • beautiful casket for the girl's jewelry - a gift to the young beauty Birthday

    Beautiful Box girl who loves a variety of ornaments and jewelry can give a great and original box.Stash should be roomy and stylish, sure to please the birthday girl.Do not be amiss to put in the box a couple of new ornaments.Then the child to accurately assess the true gift.

  • Set makeup for girls 11-14 years old Birthday

    Set makeup for girls girl 11-14 years old, which monitors the appearance and often climbs into his mother's makeup can give a set of cosmetics.The set should include all the necessary cosmetics: shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel, perfume, cosmetics and creams.In addition to buy a set of cosmetics bright makeup.Do not forget that a part of children's cosmetics should not include preservatives, perfumes, dyes, and petroleum-products (paraffin, petroleum jelly and the like).

little more gift ideas girl 11-14 years Birthday

Gifts for teenage girls 14 years teenage girls are not interested in children's toys and books.In 11-14 years, it would be desirable to feel adult and free.In addition to these gifts the birthday girl can give the following useful stuff:

  • New cell phone , the girl was always in touch;
  • Jewelry (chain, bracelet, earrings).From the rings should be abandoned, since at this age the ring only interfere in her arms;
  • laptop or tablet computer .Such a gift would be delighted, even desperate rebel;
  • Manicure set , a set of nail polish or nail kit rhinestones;
  • stylish and exclusive Case for cellular phone .Only the cover must be truly exclusive.You may need to make it to order;
  • disc of your favorite band or concert tickets .If you know exactly what kind of music taste girl, this gift will be useful.

Gifts for teen girls 11-14 years Teens - very vulnerable characters.Not to be trapped and not to spoil the festive mood, better to find out their preferences, and then have to buy a gift.Take care about the holiday party.The party can be arranged in any unusual style, inviting all her friends.It will be a pleasant surprise, and a birthday will be remembered for a long time.