Beautiful bouquet of September 1 - buy or make your own hands?

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07 April 2016

Beautiful bouquet of September 1, What you need to prepare for a child who is going to the solemn line after September 1?School holiday shape - by itself.New shoes - always.Original hairstyle by September 1 for schoolgirls and a stylish haircut for boys school - without this, too, anywhere.And without a beautiful bouquet - even more so!It is clear that the day of Knowledge colors are almost all paved road to school and back, but at least decide for yourself - what should be this bunch - it is better in advance.How to choose the right bouquet for the student?

content of the article:

  • How to choose a bouquet of September 1
  • Bouquet for a first grader
  • Bouquets for graduates
  • Bouquet hands - video instructions

How to choose a bouquet of September 1 for student -important recommendations

Beautiful bouquet of September 1,

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choosing a bouquet for the child as of September 1, avoid common parenting mistakes and remember the main thing:

  • Do not abuse the exotic.
  • not select for first-graders too
    large bouquets
    (just hard to keep them).In particular, gladioli - they look like a first-grader with a bouquet legs, the child can not see behind the flowers.
  • For the young teacher would be preferable to a bouquet of flowers consisting of a medium-sized size and pastel shades (carnations, lilies).But the teacher aged - bright and large flowers (dahlias, chrysanthemums).For male teacher suit strict monophonic bouquet with dark green.
  • Focus on the child's age : for high school students would be inappropriate, "bridal bouquet", and for first-graders - armful of gladioli.

Beautiful bouquet of September 1 - how to choose?

Videotutorial: How to make inexpensive and original bouquet of September 1

Regarding the choice of colors themselves , here too there are some nuances:

  • How to make a bouquet for September 1 Roses , though are gorgeous flowers, as a gift to the teacher will not fit.They are very different emotional, better to leave them for other reasons.
  • Lilies - noble and beautiful flowers.But it is better to give them to the package: bright pollen can stain a white shirt first-graders.
  • Asters flowers considered "without raisins."Although, if you work with a bouquet, you can create a real floral masterpiece.
  • With regard gladioli - every first-grader can keep a bouquet.And the height it will be too long.
  • But chrysanthemum - the ideal solution.Minus - their cost, but on the other hand, there is no knowledge of day each week.

Bouquet for a first grader on September 1 - the original and comfortable for the child's composition

Vuket for a first grader at 1 September to create original compositions for the bouquet grader today there are quite a lot of bright expression.Here, the main rule - quality, not size of the bouquet.Of course, you can order a bouquet or buy it on the way to the line, but if this bouquet for first-graders, it can and should be given particular attention.

Things to remember when creating floral compositions?

  • How to make a bouquet of September 1, With wire can be decorated with a bouquet of decorative butterflies and dragonflies, ribbons and beads, and even candy .Do not forget about maple leaves, rowan branches and wildflowers - it will add originality of the composition.
  • When choosing packaging check that it does not get their hands dirty.
  • Choose flowers that not cause allergies a child.
  • not create cumbersome composition and pay attention to its strength, so that your bouquet is not scattered in the middle line.
  • Using a basket bouquet, do not forget about Floral Foam (sponge), which will keep the flowers fresh, and facilitate the process of creating your bouquet.

stylish bouquets for graduates as of September 1 - a gift beloved teacher

Beautiful bouquet of 1 September for alumni for first-graders September 1 - one of the most important holidays.But even more important is the day for the graduates.Teachers for many graduates - have more friends than teachers.And, of course, knowing that the school period of life ends, it causes high school a lot of emotions.Therefore, they choose bouquets with great delicacy.As a rule, at this age children already know themselves what to give someone, what colors rather than better to issue .
In general, what matters is not itself a bouquet and attentive student.Of course, a bouquet created with his own hands, will be the best gift.
Beautiful bouquet of 1 September for alumni
Beautiful bouquet of 1 September for alumni

make up a bouquet of September 1, the hands - Video instruction

Buket Of course, the easiest option - to order a bouquet in the store.If this is your option, you entrust the right to choose a bouquet for your favorite teacher to your child.And do not try to add a bouquet of luxury with the help of expensive flowers - they somehow lost in the traditional September 1 sea of ​​flowers.Therefore, if you want your bouquet has become the most interesting and memorable, do it with their own hands .How?Remember a few rules and look at our video instructions .

Videotutorial: How to create a bouquet of September 1, with his hands

Basic rules of the bouquet of September 1, with his own hands:

  • Beautiful bouquet of September 1, with his own hands Prefer color that has a rounded shape (dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies and so forth.).From daffodils and gladioli discard immediately unless bouquet - not on duty sign of attention.
  • Cut flowers , that they are all the same length.For a bouquet of different flowers, this rule is not mandatory.
  • Think arrangement of colors in your composition.
  • small flowers, select only long and place them in the background, to be at large in length and placed in the foreground.
  • Then proceed to the decoration .As a suitable decoration, first of all, vegetation from your garden.For example, the leaves of aspidistra, gipsafila, fern, and so on. This design is placed solely on the edges or in the center of the bouquet.
  • Beautiful bouquet of September 1, If desired, complete your bouquet with rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, decorative ornaments - what your imagination and materials.
  • And the last stage - packaging .The basic rule - combination with the very bouquet .