Swimming newborn - when and how to start training with the baby in the water?

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08 April 2016

When and how to start swimming lessons with a newborn float - a useful skill for everyone.So many of today's parents try to teach your baby to swim in the early months of life.In this regard, they have a lot of questions "whether it is harmful to the child?At what age is best to start a child to swim?Where better to do it ", etc.It is they, and we will try to answer today.

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content of the article:

  • enjoy swimming newborn
  • When and how to start classes?
  • water temperature and the lessons
  • basic exercises;Photo
  • diving

enjoy swimming newborn

Teaching babies to swim Swimming newborns - is not just a baby learning to float.This process is even learning to call is difficult because that word applied to children up to a year is wrong.Early
swimming - is one of the ways of development of the child, is not aimed at the acquisition of certain skills, and to expand the comfort zone kid , so he felt free and confident in any element.

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the question "useful swi

mming newborn or not?" There are different answers.The older generation insists that this should not be done."Pools are dirty, because of which will be exacerbated atypical dermatitis.And in general - do not dip a small child in the pool and make a long time to hold their breath. »
Yet many pediatricians believe that swimming for infants is very useful :

  • The benefits of swimming newborns It promotes proper physical development of children .Children, which involved swimming in infancy, 2 times less likely to suffer from colds.These kids are starting to crawl and walk earlier.Many experts say that swimming lessons with kids up to 6 months helps to strengthen immunity, get rid of muscular hypotonia, hyper, symptoms of rickets, anemia.
  • Regular swimming newborn promotes mechanism maintaining a constant body temperature .In this way the child will not so susceptible to drastic changes in the environment, and will therefore be less likely to get sick.
  • Swimming improves hemoglobin levels , because during the occupation of the child in the water a little bit difficult to breath and the body lacks oxygen, there is an additional emission of red blood cells in the blood.
  • Swimming strengthens the lungs and heart .
  • Swimming promotes correct formation of posture .Since water work all the muscle groups and joints and spine "unloaded".Regular practice of swimming helps build strong muscular corset to the vaults and spine.
  • child learns not to be afraid of water .
  • swimming lessons with their parents strengthens the emotional bond , forging a close relationship of trust that creates a favorable psychological atmosphere.

Videotutorial for young parents: Swimming newborn

Swimming newborn - when and how to start classes?

When learning to swim newborn kids start to learn to swim, you can with a 3-week-old .By this time the umbilical wound is completely healed and the child is a little accustomed to the environment.
is best acquainted with a large expanse of water to start in ordinary bath .Activities can be carried out independently, but, if you're afraid, you invite home specialist.Remember, during training you should feel confident, or your fear can be transmitted to the child.Because of this, it will be in the water to behave restlessly, or even scared to death and begin to be afraid of water.The pool

recommend starting employment from 2 months of age , when the child has already acquired certain skills of swimming in the water.

water temperature and time of training sessions for babies swimming

The water temperature for swimming newborns For the first water treatment newborn water temperature should be no lower than 34-36 degrees C .The loan can be gradually lowering the temperature.However, children up to 3 months do not recommend watching and swimming in the water at a temperature below 32 degrees C.
During the lessons a child needs to feel comfortable.Water should not be too warm, because then the baby will not have a desire to move.Therefore, for every child the ideal water temperature is selected individually, depending on his behavior:

  • If during the dive baby starts crying and does not calm down for 3 minutes in the water, the water is likely for him cold;
  • If during a dive a child starts crying, but quickly calms down and begins to actively move the legs and arms, so the water temperature is optimal;
  • If water child behaves relaxed and passive , then the water is too warm.

For babies up to 4 months, the duration of training in the water should not prevyshat15 minutes , then the residence time in the water can increase the daily for 10-15 seconds .

basic newborn swimming exercises;Photo

plavanie_novorozhdennyh swimming lessons start every necessary with vertical immersion .Lift up a few times and opusktite child in the water.Always in the classroom need to talk with crumbs, and maintain eye contact.After pipsqueak get used to the water, it can be converted into a horizontal position.

main exercise swimming newborns:

  • «Splash, splash»
    kid lying in some water on his tummy, parents support the head by the chin.All the baby's body, except the head, completely submerged.Mom or dad show your child how interesting and fun to splash as beautiful diverge circles on the water.
    When and how to start swimming lessons with a newborn
  • «Sail for duckling»
    child is in a horizontal position on his stomach, his hand supporting her head under the chin.Put before the child floating toy and try to catch up.In this game you have to follow instructions verbally, for example, "Most of our duckling catch up, see our boat floats away."The distance and speed swim constantly increasing.
  • «Eights»
    After the baby learned to swim in a straight line, you can start to eight.Lying on his back or tummy drive the child in the water as if drawing eight of his body.Speed ​​exercises is chosen individually, depending on the child's behavior.Someone who likes to slow, and someone who likes fast.
    Swimming newborns
  • «Working legs»
    This exercise can be done lying down on his tummy or lying on the back.Most often, children are happy to carry out this exercise.It is useful not only for swimming but for walking training.Swim to the edge of the tub (the pool) and rest against it half-bent legs.The kid will reflexively start from a side legs.Parents need to catch that moment and give the command "pushed" from the side and swam.
    Exercise swimming newborns
  • «Swing»
    For this exercise immerse your child in the water, keep your head under the chin.In this position, a smooth rocking.During forward movement the baby should be breast half out of the water, back - back to the starting position.
    Swimming newborn - how to start?

Swimming for babies: diving

an integral part of learning to swim is grudnichka diving.Properly taught him this exercise, you will be quiet when the kid playing in the water.
Dive need to learn gradually, in several stages :

  • after "One, two, three - dive" when the wind blows on the child's face .At this point he will close his eyes, wrinkled and hold your breath.This exercise must be repeated for 10 days.
  • Kid lying on his tummy, head support arm. After the words "One, two, three - dive" splashing some water in the face of a child. Try not to do so from the bottom up, so that water does not get into the child's nose.After mastering this exercise, you can proceed to the next step.
    Education diving babies
  • first dive to perform best when the baby is in good spirits and have a bit of swimming. For this child should be in the prone position.Once you uttered the familiar command omit child shallow waters water for a few seconds and displayed on the surface.Be sure to praise then crumbs.In the beginning, diving can be done no more than 3 times per session.After mastering the short dives, you can move on to more lasting.
    Diving newborns

Once the child has mastered swimming in the bath and he was six months, we can safely proceed to lessons in the pool .There's sessions should be conducted together with specialists , who are always ready to help you.