The first bathing your baby: a few important rules for young parents

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09 April 2016

The first bathing the newborn after the hospital first swimming crumbs - always an exciting event.Especially when this crumb - first.And questions about the process of bathing the young parents, of course, there are many - to what temperature to heat the water, how to bathe the baby for the first time, what bathe as long, and so on. Read the rules of bathing the child up to a year.So, what you need to know about the first bathing the baby?

content of the article:

  • Where to start first bathing newborn
  • best time and temperature of bathing water
  • first bathing baby
  • Care baby after bathing

Where to start first bathing the newborn:training rooms, baths for bathing the baby

The first bathing baby first thing that bathing was a joy to you and your child, prepare emotionally.That is, do not worry, do not be afraid and do not gather around the baths are too many relatives.Coping with bathing quite possible and alone , and if you are alone with her husband - and then even more so.

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  • To start prepared by conventi
    onal or bathroom
    (many infants are bathed in the kitchen).
  • heats the air in the room.
  • Set Foot (if the room - something on the table).
  • If the bathroom floors are slippery, the not forget the rubber mat .
  • We put a chair (to keep the baby, leaning over the bath, very hard).
  • If you decide to bathe the baby in a large shared bath, the chemicals used to clean it inadmissible.Be sure pour boiling water over it (this also applies to a small bath, in order to disinfect).
  • For the first bathing is better to use boiled water (not yet healed umbilical wound).Mitigate it can be, for example, the infusion of succession, on a tray - 1 cup (potassium permanganate should not be used for the first bathing).
  • If you have doubts about the quality of your water from the tap, then pre-install the faucet filter .
  • The baby does not slip in the bath, lay on the bottom of the thick diaper or towel.

best time and the most comfortable water temperature for bathing baby

The best time for bathing the baby to a year Usually, time for swimming selected evenings.But there are kids who, after swimming for a long time to sleep, and sleep is very disturbing, because of the exciting action of water treatments.If this is your case - it is possible to bathe him, and during the day, or even in the morning.The main thing - do not bathe crumbs on a full and an empty stomach.After feeding takes time - at least one hour (or more than one and a half hours).With regard to water temperature , remember the following:

  • Norma water temperature for each individual.But desirable swimming for the first to bring it to 36.6 degrees .
  • water should not be hot or cool. If no thermometer (which is better to stock up before birth) can be lowered into the water his elbow - and already solved their feelings, normal or hot water.

How to determine - whether the baby came water?

  • If crumbs in the water is hot , he protested with a loud cry, his skin turns red, appears lethargy.
  • If cold - child usually shrinks, starts to shiver and turn blue nasolabial triangle.

Getting to the mystery: the first bathing a newborn baby

The first bathing the newborn after the hospital A few years ago, pediatricians advised to bathe the baby on the day of discharge from the hospital, preparing for bathing water boiled with a solution of potassium permanganate, to avoid infection unhealed umbilical wound.Today, many children's doctors say that the first bathing a newborn baby at home should take place only after complete healing of the umbilical wound .Since this question is very controversial, in each case it is necessary to consult with your pediatrician , exactly when to bathe the newborn, receiving and performing only professional advice .It should also be remembered that crumbs can not bathe, if on the same day the child BCG vaccine (when it has to pass at least a day).

How to bathe a baby?

  • Undress the child should be in a warm room , to immediately dip into the water.Carry him naked, from room to bath - wrong.Accordingly, it is necessary to undress in the bathroom directly on the changing table, or bathe in the pre-heated room, if a table in the bathroom did not deliver.
  • undressed crumbs, wrap it in a thin c / b diaper - otherwise it can be frightened of new sensations.
  • Lower the baby into the water (just quietly and slowly) and in the water nappy open.
  • namyvali baby washcloth and soap for the first time is not necessary. Suffice it to wash with a soft sponge or hand .And be careful with the umbilical wound.
  • Particular attention pay folds on the body baby , armpits and genitals (newborn tempted top to bottom).
  • keep the kids need so that it his head was above the wrist of your hand .
  • head was washed least (on behalf of the back of the head), the baby is not cold, carefully avoiding the eyes and ears.Brown color (cradle cap) can not be removed by force (otkovyrivat and so on.) - It will take time, a soft hairbrush and one bathing, otherwise you risk to bring an infection in an open wound.
  • At first swimming usually takes 5 to 10 minutes .
  • After bathing crumbs should rinse out the jug .

Next remove the baby from the water and quickly wrap on the changing table in the towel.

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Skin Care newborn baby after the first swimming - important advice to parents

After the first bathing should do the following:

  • Skin Care newborn baby after bathing Wipe dry with a baby, soaked allfolds .
  • Wipe eyes sterile cotton pad.
  • wadded flagella clean ears (visible part) and nose .
  • If baby's skin is dry, you can use special baby oil .
  • Intertrigo, if any, processed powder .
  • Cream powder can not be used on the same area of ​​skin. cream - for dry skin, powder - for moist areas (diaper rash).
  • from children's cosmetics can be waived , if the baby's skin healthy.
  • Skin Care newborn baby after bathing baby's head should be combed with a soft brush , carefully vychesyvaya crust on the skin.They will go easier if before bathing to lubricate the scalp baby oil .

crumbs Now you can dress and swaddle .