Feeding a child with SARS: of making the right diet and fight disease

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09 April 2016

invariable sign of SARS is the common cold, which is always accompanied by fever.The only question is whether a significant rise in temperature in your child.It depends on how and what to feed your baby with SARS.

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Feeding a child with SARS

content of the article:

  • Feeding a child with ARI at normal temperature
  • sparing diet with SARS at an elevated temperature
  • products and dishes that are needed in the diet of a child with ARI

Rulesbaby food with SARS at normal body temperature

  • If your baby slightly elevated temperature, the power with SARS can be left unchanged.Just listen to the wishes of the child if he does not want to try the usual dishes, or offer favorite dish of useful products .
  • course, not worth it to deviate from the child's diet and consume a lot of sugary and unhealthy foods.
  • And most importantly - watch out for drinks for Child , because excessive drinking helps to eliminate toxins produced due to the
    presence of the virus.

Feeding a child with SARS

Terms sparing diet with SARS at an elevated body temperature of the child

Heat - a response to invading foreign proteins - virus.Naturally, if a child refuses to eat with temperature.

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  • correct behavior of parents in this case - patiently to offer the child a delicious light meals and not to insist on mandatory meal.We must understand that the body's productive to spend on the confrontation of the disease, and the absorption of food.
  • Children usually refuse large or solid food, so we can offer light vegetable broths, vegetable or fruit puree , fresh juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks or plain water.
  • compensate, fluid better every 30 minutes .

Feeding a child with SARS

What is with SARS child, and dishes that need to be included in the diet

  • nonfat yogurt perfectly satisfy hunger and restore intestinal flora.
  • Fruits and vegetables , especially baked - the perfect treat for children.Baked apples, pears and pumpkin are extremely useful and do not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • Foods rich in protein , for example - lean fish or meat, dairy products , helps restore strength and immunity spent to fight the virus.
  • Kashi - a perfect food for a sick baby.They contain essential vitamins and minerals to maintain the body's natural defenses.The most valuable in its composition - buckwheat and oatmeal .They can be cooked with water or milk, depending on the wishes of your child.
  • Citrus great askorbinku replaced, due to high content vit.C together with bioflavonoids.Especially useful grapefruit juice and fruits .It reduces temperature and improves appetite.
  • Puree vegetables or fruit helps to quickly absorb the nutrients of the fruit.In order to please the kid can combine different colored vegetables and create colorful garnishes.
  • Fresh freshes should be prepared with a predominance of fruit.Drink immediately after mixing.
  • Herbal tea with lemon, warm milk with honey, plain water, cranberry juice, broth hips - Encourage your child to choose.Drinking plenty of fluids is extremely important in the treatment of colds.It thins the mucus, toxins and prevents dehydration.
  • Dairy products with bifidobacteria restore normal intestinal microflora and enhance natural immunity.
  • If your child has a sore throat, eliminate acidic, spicy or salty foods .
  • If the baby is coughing, the not give him crackers, cookies and sweets .They irritate and provoke a nonproductive cough.

Feeding a child with SARS
In the period of acute colds need to carefully monitor the proper nutrition of the child, in fact insidious viruses attack the weakened children with reduced immunity.Proper diet with SARS in children is aimed at speedy recovery and prevention of recontamination .