10 facts about the benefits of feetball for newborn babies

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10 April 2016

Every mom chooses how she engaged with her baby.Given the high degree of responsibility for the health of the child, can trust only his own opinion and experience, and all new - to consider carefully.Recently you heard about effective classroom, and we have already collected objective information on fitball for infants.

Fitball - this is the most hilarious, humane and wise exercise for children , and to such a high rank there are a lot of reasons.

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Use feetball for kids

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  • Use feetball Infant
  • How to choose fitball for infants?

10 facts about the benefits of feetball for newborns - the exercise on fitball useful for the baby?

  1. against colic
    gentle rocking on the ball, and the pressure on the stomach cause relaxation of strained abdominal muscles.It establishes the intestinal activity, eliminates constipation and reduces colic.
    Use feetball for newborns
  2. develop coordination
    Comfortable swinging in different directions de
    velop the vestibular apparatus and form a proper co-ordination from an early age.
  3. Removes flexor hypertonicity
    With exercises relax different muscle groups.This can be used to treat and prevent hyper, which occurs in most infants.
  4. Reduces pain
    Vibration - as a kind of physiotherapy, has easy analgesic effect.
  5. Strengthens body
    Fitbol harmoniously developing musculoskeletal system and strengthens all muscle groups, especially around the spinal column.And this is, after all, to prevent violations of posture in children.
    Use feetball for infants
  6. Calms
    Passive motion for little children remind them of prenatal life in the mother's tummy.It reduces stress and facilitates post-natal stage to adapt to new conditions.
  7. improves blood circulation and breathing
    Like any physical activity training on fitball improve the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  8. Increases endurance
    As they get older kid develops new, more complex exercises on fitball.
  9. Raises joy and interest in the baby
    This useful toy plays an important role in the emotional development of the child.
    Use feetball for newborns
  10. strengthens muscles and reduces weight Moms
    During exercise mother also has to perform certain movements that improve posture and figure assistant.

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How to choose fitball for infants - size, quality, where to buy Fitball for my baby?

  • feetball right size for babies - 60 - 75 cm. This ball can be used for the whole family.It comfortably sit and jump, not only children but also adults.
    How to choose the right ball for fitball newborns
  • optimum elasticity. put pressure on the ball, the arm should easily bounce off him, but did not go inside.
  • not thin and plastic.If pinch the ball, then he should not have to wrinkle or small folds.
  • strength. it affects the functionality of the fitball, so choose the balls of rubber to high load of 300 kg.
  • seams must not be visible or palpable at employment.
  • nipple must be soldered into the , not to cling to the carpet, skin or clothing.
    How to choose the right ball for fitball newborns
  • antistatic effect facilitates the processing of the surface of the ball after school and prevents the adhesion of fine dust in the classroom.
  • hypoallergenic composition protection from harmful impurities of unknown origin.
  • porous surface will be warm, not slippery , but not sticky. This is important for a comfortable exercise on fitball.
  • Colour branded balls , as a rule, natural, metallic or translucent shades.While counterfeiting prevalent among acidic colors.
  • known brands, producing the highest quality balls : TOGU (origin Germany), REEBOK and LEDRAPLASTIC (Made in Italy).Buy a ball to practice with the newborn must be not random stores, not in the market, and in specialized departments sporting goods, and health products, where sellers can provide you with all documents confirming the quality and safety for feetball babies, you are going to buy.

How to choose the right ball for fitball newborns
Most kids love fitball , so the question - what is useful fitball - disappears by itself.

cheerful and contented baby mama open a lot of interesting and enjoyable exercises , turning ordinary classes in the positive exciting game.