Underwear for children - how to choose and how to wear underwear for children?

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11 April 2016

All parents know the magic of winter waiting for the New Year holidays, which in addition are a threat to the common cold as a result of cooling or overheating of the body of the child.A common cold can be the beginning of a chain of SARS and other colds.

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child is not able to notice increased sweating or cold air currents, but it can protect against this with the help of thermal underwear for children .

How to choose the right underwear for children?

content of the article:

  • What you need thermal underwear children?
  • Baby thermal underwear - types
  • How to wear thermal underwear children?

advantages and features of the children's thermal underwear - why is it necessary?

  • famous for its high strength
  • highly elastic and stretched
  • has a water-repellent surface
  • does not break skin breath
  • not irritate delicate skin,
  • does not restrict movement and tightlycontact with the skin
  • maintains comfort during bad weather
  • maximum retains heat
  • does not need ironing
  • does not change color and does not fade
  • has an antibacterial layer to eliminate the smell of sweat
  • connected flat seams
  • has no internal label

Underwear for children
Underwear for children

Children's thermal underwear - types, how to choose the right underwear for children?

Upon closer examination of styles, colors and materials useful question arises - a child choose underwear ?

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responsible parent would not listen to the advice of the seller, which is often interested in a quick sale rather than saving your money.We have collected for you to objective rules and tips for optimal choice of thermal underwear for children .
How to choose underwear for children
thermal underwear for children made from natural and synthetic tissues.

  • Thermo merino wool great excess moisture repellent and remarkably warm in the winter cold.This underwear for relaxing walks in the fresh air.
  • For active winter holidays associated with the constant sweating, it is best to choose a synthetic thermal underwear .It will take the excess moisture from the body, and the baby does not feel "wet and sweaty."

Underwear for children - how to choose?
If you're not sure which is better for the child's underwear, think, conditions for which it is intended.

  • If outdoor sport or a game of football , you have to buy sporting and outdoor usual.
  • For the youngest gippoallergennoe can buy thermal underwear made of wool, which retains heat very well in cold weather.

Underwear for children

How to wear thermal underwear children - the basic rules

  • Children under 2 years old do not need synthetic underwear , because they have a little sweat.For them, the better to choose a wool or cotton underwear.For very cold climate there is a two-layer model, in which the cotton, and the outside - wool.
  • babe after 2 years, you can choose a two-layer thermal underwear , where the inner layer - natural, and an outer layer - a synthetic.
  • pure wool thermal underwear is not for everyone , because the wool can not approach the baby's skin and cause allergic dermatitis.
  • not wear underwear on top of other clothes! To maintain the thermal properties it must be worn next to the skin.
  • not buy underwear "for growth." Select thermal underwear size of your child at the time of fitting.At the same time, make sure that it fits snugly but not snare.

Underwear for children
If you have heard negative comments about underwear, you can ask - Do your parents know, how to wear thermal underwear baby .If all these rules, your child will feel comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

thermal underwear is particularly suited to moving children by high durability, comfortable wear and preventing hypothermia .You no longer have to convince nervous or change clothes - comfortable enough to wear collection and can be quiet for the baby's health.