What children detergents you choose?

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11 April 2016

With the birth of the baby parents have a lot of new questions: whether to use diapers, baby what to wear and how to wash his clothes.But such a seemingly simple thing as washing powder, can present many dangers, because long-term use of certain powders can be dangerous to health.

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harm washing powder for children

skin - the body is a barrier that does not allow dangerous substances inside.But kids this barrier is not strong enough.Therefore, the choice of powder for children's clothes should come very responsibly.


detergent remaining in the fibers of fabrics, long-term contact with the skin can pass into the bloodstream and poison inside a small body.

  • from aggressive synthetics may begin allergic , a rash or atopic dermatitis.This is the most common problem parents.
  • known cases of problems in children with natural filters of man - liver and kidneys .
  • may arise and metabolic disorders.

consequences of the use

of dangerous household chemicals can not alert the parents.Therefore, all the moms and dads of the world are included in the process of finding the best powder for children.

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Detergent should not only be safe but also effective.It stains and dirt on children's matters a lot.Baby diaper stain, grown up kid puts stains from fruit puree, baby - walker collects grass and dirt in the streets.

considered the safest means of child brands .

These companies produce products just for kids.

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  1. Concentrated "Our Mother." This hypoallergenic means further enriched with silver ions.Although it is not powder and liquid - concentrate, it is recognized by many parents significant one."Our mother" has antibacterial and disinfectant properties.
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    Contains chamomile teas and succession, so it can be used even for hypersensitive skin of newborns.Moms recommend this concentrate, because it does not cause allergies in children, does not dry your hands with the hand-washing and effectively cope with the pollution in the car - automatic machine. cost of this means about 350 rubles .Given that this substance is concentrated, that will last twice as long as normal powder, its price is more than acceptable.
  2. Washing powder "World of Childhood." It is made of natural baby soap, because on the package indicated - soap powder.It does not cause allergies.After all, part of this means there are no synthetic components - colors, flavors or unnatural substances washes."World of Childhood" admirably with its characteristic spots of newborns.
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    But traces of contamination such as grass and orange juice is unlikely to wash.Therefore, it is strongly recommended only to parents of infants.By the way, soap powder "World of Childhood" is suitable for soaking diapers.It has antibacterial properties and does not irritate the skin when washing hands.Its only drawback, which is common to all soap means - Rinsing is difficult.Therefore, blurring in the car - automatic machine, put super rinse mode.Price money - about 140 rubles per 400 grams.
  3. Washing powder "Aistenok» - really good tool.Many guards faded packaging and painted in the style of a bird of the Soviets, but do not let that bother."Aistenka" chosen by most parents.He copes not only with the typical infant pollution, but with traces of starch, milk, herbs, fruits, sweat and other stains.
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    It is this versatility because like mummies.Besides, the powder is hypoallergenic.Aloe vera, included in its composition has a soothing effect and acts as a conditioner.Dry after washing "Aistenkom" soft, gentle, does not smell the powder and retains its original properties.The only negative - the powder can not be washed wool and silk. Price Packing powder such 50-60 rubles per 400g.
  4. «Tide" children. The manufacturer claims that the powder was developed especially for sensitive and children's skin.Perhaps that is why there are supplements: chamomile and aloe vera.But this tool is not suitable for infants.And acknowledgment to numerous complaints from parents who say that from the "Tide" babies covered rash.
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    But this powder is suitable for removing stains, set the two-year.And "Tide" protects the washing machine from scale.Children "Tide" is not like wool and silk. Packaging Tide 3.1 kg costs 300 rubles .
  5. Eared nannies - brand producing only children's chemistry.The paradox is that their funds cause allergies in children.Therefore, we do not recommend this powder for babies and toddlers - Allergy.However, "Eared nannies" admirably with any contamination.
    easy to rinse from the fabric and does not damage its structure even after frequent washing.This powder is well washes things even at low temperatures - 35⁰S.This allows as long as possible to preserve the original quality of things. price package "Eared nanny" 2.4 kg - 240 rubles .
  6. «Myth children tender freshness." This means comprises soft synthetic washes components, as well as enzymes, optical brighteners and perfumes.Therefore, theoretically, can cause allergies.
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    Another disadvantage of the "myth" that it is not designed for wool and silk.But it is well washes whites.Packing children "myth" 400 gr.worth 36 rubles.
  7. Baby Powder "Tot". The packaging says that it is suitable even for infants, but experience suggests otherwise use.Despite the fact that the composition of the "tot" - a soap base, even fine dry powder suspension in the air cause sneezing, coughing and a terrible itch in the nasopharynx.
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    for hand washing is not suitable.Many reviews say that after wearing things wash "toddler", an allergy in children.Therefore, this tool is at the very last place in our ranking. price of this powder - about 40 rubles per 400 grams .

delicate skin of children requires delicate handling.It is therefore important not only to the nature of the tissues from which the diapers and sewed vests, but washing powder, which you will wash them.

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Take care of the health of your kids!

And what means for washing children's clothes do you prefer?Share your experiences in the comments below!