Is it true that the slings are harmful to children?

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12 April 2016

More recently, the sling was exotic, and information on the device for securing the baby on the body of the parent was very small.Currently, all the media are full of simple notes on slings, but this information is sometimes the most controversial - of violent rejection to hot recognition.While press heated debate raging defenders and opponents of slings, try easy to understand all the subtle nuances of this thing, and at the same time - will bring to the attention of all the doubters objective and precise arguments concerning slings.

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  • Myths, facts and opinions moms
  • Harmful if life baby?
  • there a detrimental effect on the spine and joints?
  • Become Children moody?

Sling - the myths, facts, opinions

We are not going to convince the parents to adhere to or abandon babywearing baby. Weighing strong arguments "for" and "against» on all topical issues, which are often asked in forums parents, every family has the right to decide , whether to get their crumbs a "


Dangerous Is life a baby - in se for and against

«Against» Sling:

Since 2010, when he became known death of a baby in slinge-"pouch" on the mother's negligence, there is a perception of the dangers of this adaptation to life and limb remains.Indeed, if not follow safety rules when transferring a child in a sling , it does not provide a constant flow of fresh air, not to follow the child, a tragedy possible.Dense material slingov- "bags" is an additional barrier that covers the air and contributes to the overheating of the child.

«For" Sling:

However, slingam- «bags» there is an alternative - sling-scarf or a sling with the rings.These types of sling made of thin "breathing" natural fabrics, besides - they can easily move the baby, changing the position of his body.In May-sling or backpack baby is upright, it is impossible to block the airways.



I think in today's world there is a good alternative to sling - baby stroller.And the child comfortable, and my mother does not fall off the back to keep it for yourself.Personally, I do not need a sling, I think it is harmful to the baby, it it does not move and it is difficult to breathe.


Olga, in her arms, too bad to keep the baby?We Sling with rings, toddler walk for hours - with this stroller, I could not afford.Breast feed sometimes on the move, in the park, no one sees.The baby in a sling is tight to me, and I feel that it is necessary to change position.Sling started using 2 months, and once the baby was noticeably quieter.


We - young parents, and agreed to buy a sling immediately as soon hear about it, even before the birth of our baby.But against the sling began to act, our two grandmothers, and they are guided by views of some doctors who expressed on TV a lot of negative reviews for the sling.But we also approached the matter thoroughly, and studied a lot of literature about the slings, finally convinced of the correctness of our decision with her husband.The child proved that we were right.He liked to sleep in a sling with the rings, we have become much less colic.And to my grandmother settled down, we let them vilify child try on themselves, so to speak.Even our conservative grandmother noted that good feeling every movement of the child, and can always change its position.

Harmful if for the spine and joints of the child?

«Against» Sling:

If the sling used properly, this risk can occur. wrong position of a baby in a sling: clamped together with the legs retracted laterally, with strongly knees bent legs.

«For" Sling:

pediatric orthopedics has long been agreed that pose kid with wide spread legs and fixed very useful , it reduces the load, is the prevention of hip dysplasia.To sling it was not bad, the kid from birth to 3-4 months worth keeping in horizontal and sometimes vertical body.Sling scarf captures well the child and support his back, hips, it is not harmful for the crumbs than my mother's hand, the pressing kid yourself.



We sling-scarf.As I said, children's orthopaedist, it is the most convenient and useful for the baby sling, which is very well captures his feet.We were at the birth of hip problems, a suspected dislocation or dysplasia.Over time, these diagnoses were not confirmed, but in the first 4 months of life daughter "wearing" the bus, and then we began to use the sling at home and on the walk.The child is comfortable when the daughter tired of sitting in the same position, I pull it out of the sling, and she sits on his hands.In a sling, she often sleeps when we walk.


We bought a sling backpack, when his son was six months, and regretted not having taken the sling before.I think all the debate about the benefits or harm slings meaningless until one pile mixed all kinds of slings.For example, in sling-bag not to put a newborn baby, therefore, it would be very harmful for the baby to 4 months, which is not true of a sling with the rings, for example.If we decide for the second child, from birth we are slings, two or three for different moments.


We with sling-scarf did not leave until the child is under one and a half years.At the beginning, too, had doubts, but they dispelled our pediatrician, he said that with such support the spine kid does not feel any burden, even when it is upright evenly distributed, and no joint is not compressed in this case.When the son was more than a year, he was in a sling and chatted handles-legs, sometimes on the back or on the side of me.


Grandma at the entrance told me a lot when they saw the baby in a sling with the rings - and I back him broke and strangled.But why should we listen to the views of those who do not see life, not used and not know it?:) read reviews online, become a doctor, and decided that my crumbs will be more comfortable to walk, even around the house with me.After six months, will see a rather old son, who was looking at me out of the sling-backpack, a neighbor asked where I bought this miracle to advise their daughters-granddaughters.

Sling makes baby whimsical, accustoming him to the hands of the parent?

«Against» Sling:

for proper development of the child is very important contact with the mother since the first days of the birth .If the child is in a sling to wear, but do not communicate with him, not to speak in accordance with his age, did not support the emotional, eye contact, then sooner or later he may develop "hospitalism," or he may become moody, restless.

«For" Sling:

Infants need to be worn on the hands, cared for them, stroked and talked to them - acknowledge this fact absolutely all pediatricians, psychologists and experts in the field of early development of the baby.Proved moms who have already used a sling to carry your baby and children's doctors that babies in a sling much less cry .Moreover, it gives a sense of confidence mother's warmth, her heartbeat.It is hard to imagine a young child who did not want to be a mother on the handles, so for my mother and for the baby the best option - a sling.



What moods, what are you ?!Whims and tantrums we were when I left her daughter alone in a crib, and she quickly tried to cook porridge, to make quick and urgent business at home, absent himself in the toilet, at last.After we purchased and started using a sling with the rings, my two-month crumb became much calmer.Now the child is two years old, it never rolls whims and tantrums, sweet smiling baby.Of course, sometimes I want to sit on my lap, cuddle, located on the handle, and what child does not want it?


I have two toddlers, the same age with a difference of half a year, there is something to compare.The eldest son grew up without slings in a wheelchair.He is a very quiet child, without good reason did not shout, played with gusto.For the youngest daughter we bought Sling with rings, because with two children and a stroller it was difficult to come down from the fourth floor without an elevator for a ride.Plus I noticed right away - I could safely walk where wanted son, and at the same time to be with my daughter.With sidecar many places would be for us simply are not available, but a good stroller for pogodok expensive.Besides, it would be difficult to manage and keep up with the stroller is almost a two-year toddler with a sling I quietly played with him, even run.My daughter also grew quiet, now she and a half years.Differences between children no no, my daughter from what was always in my hands, do not become capricious.

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