How to wean a child to swear?

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13 April 2016

How to wean a child swear Everyone knows that a child growing up actions, words and habits of adults copies with surprising ease.And what is most offensive, copy it, as a rule, are not the most decent of expression and action.Parents shocked choicest curses from the mouths of children of native lost.Whether belt to for profanity, or hold an educational talk ... What to do if the child swears obscenities?How to wean?How to explain?

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  • Child foul language - what to do?Instructions for parents
  • Why baby foul language?

Child foul language - what to do?Instructions for parents

How to wean a child swear

  • To start note the .Do not drink if you do such expressions?Or maybe someone from the household likes to use a swear mot.In your home so can not be expressed?It's almost a guarantee that the child will not swear.But wean baby swearing, curses if they themselves did not disdain to be very difficult.Is it possible, and it is not?
  • not tell Chad that he is too young for such words.Children tend to copy us, and the more (b
    y his logic), he will take over from you, the faster grows up.
  • How to wean a child swear Teach your child to analyze his actions and feelings , often talk to him, explain by example what is bad and good.
  • not panic , if from the mouth of a child suddenly flew expletive. Do not get angry and do not scold child.Most likely, the child still does not fully understand the meaning of words and the meaning of the prohibition of such words.
  • heard a bad word for the first time, preferred to ignore .The less you focus on this "incident", the sooner the child will forget the word.
  • Do not rush to laugh and smile , even obscene word in the mouth of a native child sounded comical.Seeing your reaction, the child wants to please you again and again.
  • How to wean a child swear If swear words began to appear regularly in the child's speech and conscious, then, it's time to explain what they mean , and, of course, to express my disappointment that fact.And, of course, explain why their pronunciation - it's bad.If using child abuse is trying to solve conflicts with peers, get along with him other conflict resolution.

Why Child foul language?

How to wean a child swear As a rule, children use bad words unconsciously.One day, somewhere heard, they reproduce them mechanically in his speech.But there may be other reasons , in accordance with the situation and age.

  • kid trying to draw attention adults .He is waiting for any reaction, even negative, as long as he paid attention.Spend more time with your child, take part in its games.The child should feel important.
  • How to wean a child swear Kid copies of children from the garden (school yard, etc.).In this case, the isolation of the child and the prohibition on communication does not make sense.To address outside pointless - we must fight from within.The child should be a sense of confidence and parental love.Cheerful, confident child does not need to prove its credibility peers through the use of battle.Imitation of elders - this is the problem of children already older - ranging from eight years.Be a child friend, quietly suggesting him the truth, which will help him be himself, without losing credibility among friends.
  • Spite parents .In such a situation it is usually to blame parents, catching expressions such as "idler", "fool" and so forth. These words mean the rejection of the child by his parents.Therefore, in the case of any faults to better explain to the kid why he is wrong.
  • How to wean a child swear interest to your body. C "using" more developed peers child learns "the basics of anatomy" in abusive terms.So, it is time to talk with your child on this topic scruples.Explain, using the special benefits the child's age.Scold your baby in this situation is impossible.This process of understanding the world for him is natural, and condemnation can cause misperception child the basic things.

not happen, probably families that have not passed the stage of parenting.But if the family - is, above all, friendly atmosphere, no profanity and mutual understanding, the hunt for expletive lost the baby very quickly .