Choose a center of early development of children - how to choose a children's development center right?

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13 April 2016

All parents dream that their children were comprehensively developed, talented, relaxed, had a good memory and a well-attended.To do this, there are children's centers of early development, helping kids in an entertaining way to learn the necessary skills for success in school.

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content of the article:

  • Benefits Child development center
  • What classes are held in the center of early development?
  • Free or private children's center - what to choose?
  • How to choose a children's center - tips

Benefits Child development center - why the child should visit the Center for Early Childhood Development?


  • in children's educational centers classes are conducted with a small number of children (6-7chelovek).This allows the instructor to give enough attention to each child;
  • Classes are conducted by experienced teachers with specialized education on modern and proven methods.
  • An integrated approach to learn
    .The child will help develop fine motor skills, memory, attention, thought, speech.Learn to read and reveal the creative potential of the baby with the help of drawing, modeling, applique and hand-made articles.
  • In the classroom there are parents, that the baby is very important.Unlike kindergarten, even the best, no mother of the child causes stress.The classes in the pre-school development center parents are directly involved.This gives them the opportunity to learn their child is much better and the baby feels his security.
  • Each child needs a personal approach, so parents can choose proposed methodology and orientation of employment, which in kindergartens is not provided.

What classes are held in the center of early development - important for your child's science


During one lesson a child alternate mental activities with physical activity .During class time to try to kid yourself in different roles: to learn a few letters, to dance, to do crafts with their hands, sing, participate in role-playing games and logic.Classes are held in a fun and dynamic environment where your child is invited to perform a variety of short tasks.

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Each lesson is developed by professional educators, during which the baby develops logic, motor skills, creative thinking and artistic taste .During the sessions must be conducted sports workout .At this time, the kids can jump on the trampoline, playing with sport balls, walk along the paths of health and overcome obstacles labyrinths.

Normally one session in the center of early childhood development takes 45 to 80 minutes, and has approximately the contents:

  • music classes. begins with warm-up: the children walk on the paths of different materials, dance, perform exercises with balls of various sizes and all this takes place under the musical arrangement.
  • crafts. Children are given the opportunity to make their own hands that - either out of clay, colored paper and other materials.
  • Drawing. teacher individually, each child takes in drawing room, where the kids paint brushes, palms, fingers.
  • musical workout. conducted various mobile classes
  • Games. At this time, the children play in their own playroom supervised moms

Most often, the day the children have three classes from the main program.For example, in the pre-school course includes the following: drawing, modeling, language development, logic, reading, math .And writing, music, children's puppet theater, rhythm, fitness for children, English.

Free or private children's development center - it is better to choose?


Free children's educational centers find very hard.But there are a lot of private children's educational centers.If you do not want to develop your baby for free, you can use the internet, choose appropriate tasks and exercises and engage with the child alone. However, there is a big minus: the absence of a group of children.

If it does you will find free centers for children's development, that:

  • level of teaching is obviously much lower than paid;
  • furnishings and toys - not of the highest quality.

The advantages include the fact that:

  • kid will be in the company of children;
  • lack of school fees.

Child development center, which will have to pay for the services, has several advantages:

  • Friendly experienced teachers (in fact they are paid a good salary);
  • -quality repair facilities (light, warm and dry);
  • Many benign educational toys;
  • individual approach to the child.

the downside can be attributed only one thing: the cost of training.

By the way, in many centers, toll usually the first trial lesson free of charge .Therefore, you have the opportunity to compare training and paid a budget option.

How to choose a child development center for children - important advice for parents

Choosing child development center, check that all the requirements that are important to you:

  • and convenient location close to your place of residence. If the center of the early development of the need to get about two hours, it will not do.From the road the child gets tired and it will not be to the occupation.
  • Is there a safe place, to put the stroller;
  • Fenced whether the territory , where children can walk;
  • What floor is the center. After overcoming high steps with a baby is not so easy
  • Read online about you are interested in the children's center, and then personally visited this establishment , talk to management, see with their own eyes the surroundings, ask the teaching staff (education, work experience, services), the proposed methodology, find out how many and what is the last lesson of their cost.
  • security system. wondered whether the possible entry of unauthorized persons and who ensured the safety of children, there a door phones, video surveillance cameras, etc.
  • Visit the trial lesson. This will help you understand whether your child fits this development center, or not.
  • conclusion of the contract. Read the rules of the center, the rights and obligations of the parties to find out whether it is possible transfer of training due to illness.

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