Baby Monitor - what to buy?

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16 April 2016

What to buy a baby monitor With the advent of a newborn in the family at the new parents not only adds significant concerns, but also the financial costs.Everyone is trying to have a baby loved was the best, including the baby monitor.Therefore, we recommend you learn from this article on the highest quality and most popular models to date. content of the article:

  • Baby Monitor Philips Avent SCD505
  • Baby Monitor Tomy Digital
  • Baby Monitor Motorola MBP 16
  • Baby Monitor Motorola MBP 11 Baby Monitor
  • Maman FD-D601
  • What kind of baby monitor you choose?Reviews parents

very sensitive and reliable baby monitor Philips Avent SCD505

Best Baby Monitor - Philips Avent SCD505 In the first place in popularity is a baby monitor Philips Avent SCD505, which has a number of valuable qualities:

  • manufacturer promises that due to the special baby monitor DECT technology work not prevent any interference in the air , and the sounds your baby can hear one of the neighbors in the wake of their baby monitors.
  • Availability energy-saving ECO mode ensure quality transmission connection with the energy savings.
  • sound baby monitors are so clear that can hear the slightest sound of rustling and published by the baby.This sound can add or subtract to the silent, then instead of sound start to work special lights.
  • communications covers a range of 330 m .
  • parent unit does not depend on wires and can be hung by the neck on a special strap that allows parents to quietly go about their business.
  • battery in the parent unit can withstand 24 hours without recharging .
  • When leaving the communication range or when connection is lost for other reasons, the parent unit immediately warned about this.
  • Another important advantage is the ability to talkback , that is, the baby can hear your voice.
  • Baby Monitor can play lullaby melody and has the functions of a lamp.

Baby Monitor Tomy Digital - the best for babies

Best Baby Monitor - Tomy Digital Digital Tomy Digital Baby Monitor is in second place in the rankings and is suitable for children, since the neonatal period.The main characteristics are as follows:

  • unmatched ability to distinguish the voice of the baby monitor baby from other sounds.
  • has 120 channels and automatically selects the most suitable to provide a clear and stable signal.
  • created by technology DECT, allowing only deal with clear sound without any interference.
  • can work within a radius of 350 m .
  • There lights , necessary for those moments when the baby monitor is translated into silent mode, and low battery indicator, temperature and permissible area of ‚Äč‚Äčintersection signal.
  • Using the remote, you can control the built-in nightlight .
  • There bi-directional communication and you can talk to the kid.
  • Thanks special clip , the parent unit can be mounted on a belt.
  • work of the baby unit provide a battery, and the parent - the battery.
  • If necessary, can be supplemented by a set of baby monitors another parent unit .

Baby Monitor Motorola MBP 16 with a two-way communication

Best Baby Monitor - Motorola MBP 16 located on the third Baby Monitor Motorola MPB 16 - it is a great helper for parents, which allows you to control sleeping child and at the same time deal with their own affairs.All this is made possible by the necessary functions:

  • DECT technology allows you to transfer signal without noise and error , without interfering in the occupied frequencies and communication channels that provide complete privacy and confidence in the fact that neither you nor your baby does nothear strangers.
  • Two-way communication allows you to talk to your baby.
  • function VOX recognize sounds , issued by the child's behalf.
  • works within a radius of 300 meters .
  • clip on the parent unit allows you to attach it to a belt or lean on the table.
  • work baby unit provides electricity network and the parent unit runs on battery.
  • There is a function for warning of low battery of the parent unit, as well as the intersection of the zone 300 m.

Baby Monitor Motorola MBP 11 with the battery and charging

Best Baby Monitor - Motorola MBP 11 fourth in the ranking - Baby Monitor Motorola MBP 11, which can be called the predecessor16-th model, so they have a lot in common:

  • DECT technology .
  • radius range 300m .
  • warning function of the output of the receiving area.
  • high sensitivity microphone with the ability to hear what the child is doing.
  • warning sound when disabled volume.
  • There Battery Charging .
  • Both blocks have stand , and the parent - attachment to the belt .

Baby Monitor Maman FD-D601 with the video

Best Baby Monitor - Maman FD-D601 Baby Monitor Maman FD-D601 is the fifth-rated and there are a number of reasons for deciding to give preference to this baby monitor:

  • Both units can work onnetwork, and the battery , which ensures their mobility.
  • has excellent signal quality and range 300m .
  • On LCD screens as a picture is displayed that makes a child - asleep or awake.
  • are displayed data on air temperature in the room with the child.
  • after purchasing it requires no configuration and can be used immediately after turning.
  • on the parent unit has a special attachment for problem-free wear with them.
  • There two channels for communication , baby monitor and automatically selects the most appropriate of them without interference.
  • speaker volume and microphone sensitivity can be easily adjusted.
  • There lights sound , so the sound can be completely disabled.If you experience noise in the room with the baby bulb immediately light up.
  • There voice activation function VOX , when the baby monitor which saves battery power by going into standby mode, if the child is silent for more than 15 seconds.
  • With system LEDs can immediately identify that the battery will soon be exhausted or that the area was abandoned reception.

What kind of baby monitor you choose?Reviews of Baby Monitor parents


I gave her friend a baby monitor Motorola MPB 16. At first I did not want to take.I was afraid that will break quickly.Already're not new.But she just umnichka!My son for six months and a baby monitor, our best friend.Otherwise, I just could neither cook nor clean house is to direct sonny sleeping.Because the house is very thick walls and the door closed even dance and sing - nothing will be heard, let alone a child certainly not be heard from the kitchen.

And my wife and brand new baby monitor godfathers gave Maman FD-D601.We somehow did not record this gadget in a shopping list for the baby.But now we are very grateful for such a gift, or for yourself just would not have bought it, and suffered constant feelings & Run back and forth to the sleeping child.