Summer school for teenagers - the best.

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16 April 2016

How to choose a summer school for teens For the school year ends.Before many parents began to question, "How best to organize the rest of the child during the summer holidays?".That is why this article we decided to dedicate a popular summer school where your child will be able to spend a fun vacation, make new friends and to tighten their knowledge of foreign languages.

content of the article:

  • Best Summer school for teenagers
  • How to access foreign summer school for teenagers?
  • What should I look for when choosing a school

Best Summer school for teenagers

  • Summer school for teenagers - Manchester United Soccer Schools School Football Manchester United Soccer Schools is in England near Manchester.This facility is the perfect place to relax adolescents who are seriously involved in sports, and word order and mode are not empty words for them.For two weeks, the children will live and train like real famous players of the team.In addition to sports, the guys will have a great experience of the English language.The school program consists of daily training, English language training, as w
    ell as interesting excursions to the water park, a stadium and an amusement park.Start in this school is about 150 thousand rubles .In addition, parents have to pay an additional flight from Moscow-London-Moscow, the visa fee, accommodation and registration of the trip.
  • Summer school for teenagers - International Centre Ceran International Centre Ceran - beautiful summer holiday option for children who are good command of the English language.This summer school child will be able to dive into the European atmosphere and learn a second foreign language: German, French, Dutch.The main advantage of this institution: the small group and European participation.The International Center is located in a picturesque part of Belgium in Spa, and offers educational programs for children from 9 to 18 years.In addition to intensive training in foreign languages, children expect interesting excursions and exciting sports such as golf and horse riding.The cost of tickets to the International Centre Ceran 2 weeks varies from 151 to 200 thousand. Rubles .The price depends on the training program.In addition, parents must pay an additional airfare, visa fee and registration visit.
  • Summer school for teenagers - ELS ELS Summer School in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA - is the dream of any teenager.English on the beach under the tropical sun without a doubt much better absorbed.This school is not welcome shtudirovanie textbooks, the focus is on direct communication.In addition to the intensive study of the English guys expect exciting excursions, evening activities and a variety of sporting activities.The school program is designed for children between the ages of 10 to 16 years. three-week training course costs about 162 thousand. Rubles .In addition, it will be necessary to pay the airfare, registration dates and visa fee.
  • Summer school for teenagers - International Junior - Teen Camp Summer School International Junior - Teen Camp - is the best option for parents who have two children of different ages, because the program is designed for children from 7 to 16 years.Here they expect classes in English, French, Spanish and German languages, interesting excursions, active sports.The school is located in Laax, Switzerland, surrounded by beautiful nature.Stay for two weeks worth from 310 to 350 thousand. Rubles , depending on the date of arrival.Additionally, you can order a three-day trip to Zermatt for skiing and snowboarding.In addition to the cost of a ticket to the parents will have to pay the visa fee, airfare and travel clearance.
  • Summer school for teenagers - Estonian summer language school Estonian summer language school invites the Baltic Sea everyone aged 10 to 17 years.This facility is located near Tallinn, Kloogarande.The school works closely with the University of Aberdeen (England).Here your child will be able to get a very good practice of the English language, both classroom and other school social events.The training program is designed for 2 weeks, and is relatively inexpensive, just 530 euros .This price includes: accommodation with full board, 40 training sessions and entertainment.The participants of the summer school on their own oplachivaeyut visa costs and other travel expenses.This year, this language school is waiting for everyone to 7 to 20 July.

How to access foreign summer school for teenagers?

How to get to summer school parents who want to send their child to study abroad, are concerned about "How to get there?" There are two correct ways :

  • Request to educational tourist centers , who organize travel and trainingForeign schools.
  • organize the trip yourself .To do this, you will need to contact the selected school (via the Internet or phone).They will tell you about all the conditions, as well as offer to issue a statement on education.Also, you will need to independently execute all documents necessary for the trip.

second way of course, cheaper, but it will require you to much time .First a little expensive, but registration of all documents involved in an educational center, you are also only require material investments.

What should I look for when choosing an educational institution abroad

How to choose a summer school for teens Looking through brochures of various private schools, at first glance it seems that they are completely identical.But in fact it is not.Therefore, when choosing a school for your child you need to pay attention to such features:

  • School Type There are several types of schools: the board, the College for Continuing Education, International School, a preparatory training at universities.What used school you choose, it is best to residence students was organized in the school campus residences.Since this homestay advertised does not guarantee that your child will be given a sufficient amount of attention, and its power and leisure to be organized properly.
  • academic reputation
    Under, social studies students of private schools achieve better results than government.However, a high ranking and quality education are not always companions schools.You must agree that gifted students do "Excellence" is much easier than with a weak student "horoshist."Therefore it is necessary to choose the school their child's abilities, respectively, that it had in the team felt confident.
  • number of foreign and Russian students
    In many European private schools have foreign students.On average, they account for about 10% of the total number of students.I do not think that it is better, where less than foreigners because such schools may not have a staff of foreign language teachers.As for Russian-speaking students, the ideal option is from 2 to 5 people the same age.So kids will not get bored in the native language, but will actively communicate with foreign students.