Crafts with kids Easter - detailed instruction, an interesting video

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19 April 2016

Crafts with kids for Easter with their own hands That's already the middle of April.And to the church joyous and cheerful holiday of Easter is very long.Therefore, it is time to start preparing.Today we decided to tell you what Easter crafts you can make with the children with their own hands.

content of the article:

  • Easter eggs in decoupage technique
  • Spring flowers - a beautiful gift for Easter

Easter eggs in decoupage technique - the original hack Easter

You will need:
Crafts with kids for Easter with their own hands

  • Special napkins Decoupage or any other three-layer napkins .It is best to opt for a fine holiday figure: the sun, the little animals, leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Nail clippers with thin blades;
  • Chilled eggs, hard-boiled;
  • Raw eggs ;
  • Toothpicks .

Step by Step:
Crafts with kids for Easter with their own hands

  1. Take the napkins and cut out pictures , strictly observing the line.It is desirable that the drawings were a lot, so you have a choice at the time of decorating eggs.
  2. Cooking glue .To do this, you need to break raw eggs and gently separate the white from the yolk.That is
    , we will use protein as a natural adhesive.It will help us fix the pictures on the eggs and at the same time make them edible.
  3. egg brush inflict protein .
  4. Accordingly, the size of the eggs select the drawing and place it throughout the area.The resulting wrinkles carefully straighten your fingers or with a brush.
  5. Put eggs on toothpicks and let them dry.
  6. again apply egg protein and let them dry well.
  7. all your Easter eggs are ready.

Eggs in the technique decoupage Easter
Video: Easter eggs in the technique of decoupage

Spring flowers of egg trays - a beautiful gift for Easter

You will need:
Crafts with kids for Easter with their own hands

  • Carton of -under eggs;
  • Scissors ;
  • Dry wooden sticks , or branch of a tree;
  • Clay;
  • colored paint .

Step by Step:
Flowers Easter egg trays

  1. Take the box and cut out individual cups for eggs .They remind you of a flower;
  2. Grab a cup, incision it in four places and turned away side , forming flower petals future;
  3. also from the carton cut the cones , from which we will then do the middle of a flower;
  4. In the bottom of the cup do scissors hole , which will be attached leg of our flower;
  5. Take a twig of the tree, put on it our billet to flower, we fix it with glue and put on top midway.
  6. give the opportunity to dry out a bit our the flower;
  7. Flowers Easter egg trays Take paint and colorable our flowered;
  8. Our flower can decorate the different beads or natural materials, fixing them on it with glue.

After a few of these flowers, and formed them into a bouquet, a child can give it to my teacher, educator, mother for Easter or other holiday .
Video: Flowers of egg trays