Crafts for the New Year in the kindergarten

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19 April 2016

New Year - a holiday special.It gives all of us a magical mood, but most of all believe in Christmas miracles and fabulous transformation, of course, kids.Master Christmas crafts with the children is not only fun, but also useful.Catching up with her toddler manufacture of handicrafts, you have a tremendous impact on the harmonious development of his personality, besides the time spent with their parents for a child is priceless.It is not necessary to buy expensive materials or finished ornamental sets, make the most simple and favorite - crafts with their hands.

content of the article:

  • make greeting cards with a surprise
  • make application
  • Christmas Tree Wreath
  • pasta
  • Application Cheerful snowman

Christmas card with surprise

example, to please the teacher can be aholiday with the baby to make a New Year's greeting card with a Christmas tree.

  • For making cards, we need double-sided colored paper.The base card can be any color, at your discretion.

  • Fold the paper in half and the
    base card is ready.

  • But the surprise will be necessarily green, because the surprise - Christmas trees.So, in order to make a Christmas tree cut 6 equal squares.The first square leave intact, and the rest cut 2-3 cm shorter than the previous ones.The squares should be cut only on one side.

  • Now, every detail of the resulting fold like an accordion.

  • Then each "accordion" should be folded in half.

  • Now open the card and stick your "accordion" at a distance of 5 mm from each other.

  • And that card did not look unpretentious, you can decorate it with the bunny or any other animal in the technique of origami.

  • Samu Christmas tree can be decorated using bright stickers.

's all done!You can congratulate beloved educator!

Application Fun Santa Claus

And now - the idea for teachers.Excellent decoration group will volumetric applique technique miter.To make it possible, together with the kids and it looks bright and festive.Locate all the "fun Frost" you can, as you want.

  1. to work you need a modular origami, cotton pads, colored cardboard and paper.
  2. One of the firs can be made from prints handprints children.Paint prints carved green marker or paint and glue on paper.
  3. few more Christmas trees cut out of colored paper and glue well.
  4. Then with the kids make modules from the green paper, gather them from the tree and glue on paper.
  5. following tree Facing perform the technique.Let the children under your leadership narezhut strips of corrugated paper squares on the eye.
  6. now draw on a sheet of drawing paper outlines of trees and let the kids using crayons, white glue and harvested fulfill squares mosaic technique miter.And to all the children were involved in this work, each take away a small portion of the facing.
  7. Finally, with the help of application breakage scribble snow on the trees and beside them, and of cotton wool disks and lumps make snowmen, bunnies, clouds and birds.

way, cotton pads - excellent material for creative work: they can be used in whole or divided into parts, cut any of them blank and painted in any color.For example, are you with your child can make a simple and nice Christmas tree.

hack Christmas tree-beauty

to work you will need:

  • 1 sheet of white cardboard;
  • cotton pads;
  • safety pins;
  • green marker;
  • bead for decoration.

  1. fold the piece of cardboard cone and secured with glue.
  2. folding cotton pad in half and half again.These discs you need a lot - this is the material for Christmas trees.
  3. Each disc strung on a safety pin, and then attach the disks one by one on a cardboard cone.
  4. When all disks are attached, to paint them green marker or watercolor, but not fully to create the effect of a snow-covered Christmas trees.

Christmas wreath pasta

This caregiver can make a wreath with the kids for the New Year of pasta.

  1. First you need to make a cardboard blank and pasted it on both sides with an adhesive plaster.
  2. then glue such as "Titanic", stick to the carton blanks of different pasta shapes.It is better that the workpiece there were more that seemed to surround a wreath.When
  3. wreath dries, cover it with gold paint for cars (in cans).
  4. After drying decorate a wreath at will, ribbons, pieces of fabric, tinsel.

Be sure children will like idea with pasta.They will be surprised what you can make pasta and crafts.

Application in engineering plastic, paper Funny snowman

And, most likely, your kids will enjoy working with napkins.Tear, knead, roll.With this exciting technology can make a nice hack "Snowman."

to work you will need:

  1. white napkins;
  2. glue;
  3. cardboard
  • Let kids knurled balls of tissue.There should be a lot to fill a snowman.

  • Now draw on the cardboard silhouette of a snowman.

  • when silhouettes are ready, let the kids dip the balls in glue and fill out the form snowman, trying not to go beyond the contour.

  • In the end you will get the funny snowman.

Creating their own hands New Year's craft and toys - one of the most beloved children's amusements.Of course, you can buy special baby blank coloring balls and complete sets for creativity.In such kits often come in and markers, and paint and bright stickers.But in the end, it is to some extent work for the lazy.It's much better if you help your child to dream and create Christmas miracles from simple objects that are at hand.And if you yourself are taking part in the creation of New Year's miracle, then it will be a fun kid twice.

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