Children swimming pool - make the right choice

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20 April 2016

Children swimming pool - make the right choice What could be more joyful than to flop in the cool water of your own swimming pool in the middle of a hot day?For children this issue even more urgent.As a rule, suburban ponds is either too far or not differ required purity, or non-existent.The ideal output becomes buying pool for the child that will allow crumbs and cool off on a hot afternoon, and harden your body, and get a positive charge.

What are children's pools, and what to look for when buying?

content of the article:

  • Inflatable
  • Frame
  • Dry
  • Important recommendations on the choice of parents
  • Reviews

inflatable children's pool - lightweight, inexpensive, popular

Inflatable swimming pool for baby This option pool -the most popular.Inflatable pools vary in color and shape, size and price, by the presence of additional details and method of inflating .Usually they are bright, with lots of pictures at the bottom and the sides, complete with toys and awnings from the sun.Before you buy a pool, determine the goals of purchase - whether he needs to rest teens , or bathing tiny baby. Clearly, in the latter case, a deep pool will not do.

Benefits inflatable paddling pool


  • water warms up very quickly and retains heat for a long time.
  • Moving inflatable pool on the site (and beyond) is not a problem.Children's swimming pool can easily take with you to the beach and pump motor pump.
  • Inflatable pools easily blown , inflated and transported.
  • No need for complicated and expensive maintenance, and additional funds (accessories) for cleaning.
  • In rainy weather pool can be transferred the room and transform it into a dry pool filled with plastic balls.
  • minimum risk of injury for the child due to the softness of the beads.
  • affordability.
  • Over a wide range.
  • Installing an inflatable pool does not depend on the landscape at the site and the groundwater level.Pit for it is not required, but can be set wherever your heart desires.

Disadvantages inflatable paddling pool

  • Fragility - respectively the intensity of exploitation (usually no more than three seasons).
  • modest volumes .It is unlikely that the baby will learn to swim in a pool.
  • also will not be able to sit down (lean) on the rim - shaped swimming pool is kept at the expense of water.
  • no filter and as a result, rapid fouling.This change in the water pool have frequently, which is inconvenient in cases where the water at the site, there are problems.
  • impossible to establish a system for heating water or light.
  • Inflatable pool requires frequent repairs , подкачивания air, etc..
  • When exposed to the sun and other factors in the pool begin to breed algae - yellow (on the bottom), black (for partitions) and green - inwater and on the walls.

Things to remember when choosing a children's inflatable pool?

Inflatable swimming pool for baby primarily about Depth .The height will depend on the age of the child:

  • 15 to 17 cm under the age of one and a half years.
  • not more than 50 cm between the ages of one and a half to three years.
  • 50 to 70 cm the ages of three and seven years.

should also take into account the following selection criteria:
Inflatable swimming pool for baby

  • Pools come with inflatable bottom and sides , or only with inflatable sides .The first option is always preferable.With an uneven surface area all the stones and taunts become sensitive for the legs, go to the film on the bottom.Inflatable bottom for maximum comfort when bathing.
  • The larger the width of the boards pool , so they are safer for children.For children preferred to select pools with boards that perform the function of the seat or lounger.
  • in a tiny pool parents can easily fill the water with the help of basins (buckets), the pool water is not large coached.Therefore, it makes sense to take care purchase pump for pumping water (sometimes included).
  • choosing a pump for pumping water, it is best to give their preference for the model that has filter : water in which to bathe the baby, extra cleaning does not hurt.
  • worth remembering and draining water - to pump it with buckets, too, is not particularly convenient.Preferably choose a swimming pool, which has a special drain valve.It is possible to insert the hose and drain the water safely.
  • If the height of the sides does not allow the child to climb into the water on their own, it is worth thinking about stairs .Of course, the ladder should be safe.And, of course, not talking about self-swim (diving) crumbs - presence of parents necessarily .
  • Inflatable swimming pool for baby pool baby requires additional accessories .For example, the awning that will protect your baby from the sun and the pool itself - from the falling natural debris.Also, do not interfere with special rubber mat on the bottom - it will reduce the need for slippery floor and leveling land for the pool.
  • inflatable pools Material (PVC) not withstand mechanical impact .It is advisable to keep away from him pets.

Skeleton children's pool - collapsible and durable

Children frame pool Such a swimming pool - a great alternative to inflatable pools.Ideally, the practical option of personal reservoir present in the market in a huge range.Made usually through strong structures made of wood or metal , the very foundation runs polymer (special plastic).

Benefits frame children's pools

Children frame pool

  • installation can be carried out anywhere portion .
  • The kit typically includes equipment necessary to maintain the quality of work of all systems of the basin, including pumps, filters, tents, bedding at the bottom and various means to care for the pool.
  • Modern pools are made from reliable, durable materials and have a long service life.Multiply greater compared to inflatable pools.
  • frame pools not spoil the landscape and do not require special training for installation.
  • pool is convenient and easy to install, assembly (dismantling) and storage.
  • In rainy weather, the pool can be used as sandbox .
  • Pool frame is more reliable in relation to mechanical damage than the inflatable models.
  • Children frame pool shape retention basin contribute metal structural elements - it provides stability and allows the pool to bathe several children without risk of deformation of the bead.
  • worth noting more secure attachment of awnings .

Disadvantages frame pools

  • Average bottom (not inflatable) , resulting in a pre-aligned portion accounts for installation of the pool, to avoid trouble while swimming and a variety of mechanical damage to the bottom.Many parents make the substrate under the base of the pool (linoleum, etc.).
  • Not everyone is sold with frame pool Awning complete.Most likely, it will have to be purchased separately.
  • monotony design - a kind of negative.Basically, the difference is in the design boards.

Things to remember when choosing a frame baby pool?

How to choose a children

  • pump can be bought as Hand and foot .Effective and convenient to use - an electric pump.
  • Without tent children's pool can not do.In hot weather it will protect the baby from the top of the scorching rays, and in the rest of the season - from natural pollution.
  • Children frame pool Each pool must be accompanied Kit , allowing to quickly eliminate punctures, cuts and other defects.
  • not interfere in the economy, and such a thing as vacuum cleaner for cleaning the bottom of the pool .And litter the bottom of the ladder and adjustment board.

dry children's pool is a healthy baby

Children Such variants pools can still be seen everywhere - in the malls, in kindergartens, in apartments and country houses.Outwardly, it is a classic inflatable pool (round, square), filled balls of high quality plastic .

dry pool Benefits:


  • Formation of a correct posture , because the baby receives the right spine anatomical position.
  • Muscle relaxation and improved blood supply.
  • motor development .
  • Strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.
  • possibility of easy transport pool - the apartment to the cottage, the beach, the guests, etc..
  • massage effect and improve metabolism.
  • normalization of the nervous and cardiovascular systems , respiratory system.

important guidelines when selecting children's pool

How to choose a children For right choice of swimming pools, there are certain general criteria , of which parents should be aware of:

  • quality. is the main criterion when purchasing any thing.Be sure to ask the seller a certificate of quality.Make sure that the pool is made of environmentally friendly materials, paint pictures safe, use an appropriate glue.
  • felt material , sniff him - there should be no harsh chemical odors.
  • Make no protruding sharp parts, plastic corners , sections, which can cause injury.
  • How to choose a children Do not rush to the first comer pool.Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to study and compare supply in the market, analyze the customer reviews.
  • Comfort. child should be comfortable in the pool.Check for special handles stops (rest, cup holders, etc..).Do not forget that the child will not sit still in the pool, which means that every detail has to be thought through.
  • decoration. Kids will love all the bright and colorful.And if the teenager will be happy just being able to flop in the heat in the private pool, the baby pool will attract more in the form of fruit (machines, little animals, etc.), Decorated with their favorite cartoon characters.
  • form pool. course, a round pool is always preferable.Due to the absence of welded corners, such a thing will delight the child much longer.And for the safety of the round shape is always better.

How to choose a children With due attention to the details of the pool and child's safety, swimming pool, undoubtedly carries solely for the benefit of children's health and psyche .Experts advise from an early age to teach children to swim in the pool.Especially useful are water games for tots problems with the respiratory system .

pool What you choose for your child?Reviews parents

- We refused from inflatable pools.Rubber (anyway) is still China, the pool can not recline.Holes appear instantly.We changed a few pools in the summer - the bottom of any reed pierce the bottom, then a cat scratch his talons, the birds fly down from the garden.In general, the worn out, we decided to take the frame.

- We have an inflatable pool (for the second).In principle, I like it.Only once the drain is not, you have to manually merge-fill - very uncomfortable.The second option we have with slide - toddler our baldeet of water treatment, the pool can not pull the ears.However, by this summer is already too small, a new need.In the winter we put directly into the swimming pool and children's plastic balls filled him (once bought a huge bag that the child could they "swim").I think the pool - irreplaceable thing at all for children's pastime.

- We took the pool with a roof that the water is not overheated, and the head is not napekalo.Of course, a miracle, not a swimming pool.Springy, bright side of the giraffe's head sticks out, slide the roof - all the fun right away.)) Framework to take did not - too hard.The son in the pool flops booty, and this is unlikely to be as nice in the frame pool.)) At night plenochkoj close to no-hitter.The water change every day, so as not bloomed.

- Our kids have grown up, six years.We took them to frame pool (paddling pool is too small already) - more space.And we took for water purification systems.We have bad water, and frame pools are excellent filters.And the frame is stronger - inflatable pools and only had time to change.Awning complete was not doing themselves.We bought a large ventilated tent that adults use for kebab exits.very comfortably.