Children's high chairs - what to choose?

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21 April 2016

Children Once the baby starts to sit alone, Mom and Dad think that time would have to determine the child's own place at the table.That is, buy a comfortable chair to crumb feel full participant in family meals.Stool becomes a real helper for parents - in addition to feeding, it can be used as the first game, as well as the last "arena" for cleaning, for example.
Learn before you buy rating manufacturers highchair.Types of children's highchair.

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  • Folding high chair is very compact
  • plastic folding chair - lightw
    eight and mobile
  • Suspended chair for compact spaces
  • Road Rental for travelers
  • Highchair-transformer has several functions
  • Collapsible wooden chair - classic ecological
  • Children's highchair.What to consider when buying?

Folding high chair is very compact

Children This chair is designed for a child from six months to three years.

  • Small footprint .
  • easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • weighs just over five kilograms.

plastic folding chair - lightweight and mobile

Plastic Folding highchair Features:

  • ease and mobility .
  • easily move around the apartment.
  • not take up much space when folded.
  • Adjustable back and seat .


  • In the heat at such a child sweats chair and slides.
  • table, as a rule, not removable - seat crumbs all over the table will fail.
  • quality plastics, mostly leaves much to be desired.

Suspended chair for compact spaces or travel

Suspended highchair This option can help out, if not enough space in the kitchen (the room), and it is useful in the journey.Stool set with clips (or screws) directly to a table where parents have lunch, and secured by the weight of the crumbs, which should not exceed fifteen kilograms.

  • absence of steps.
  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • possibility of easy transport .
  • rapid attachment to any table.
  • Low price .

Road Rental for travelers

Travel highchair design that attaches directly to a chair (chair) using belts.

  • variety of models.
  • practicality and functionality.
  • mount to any chair with a back .
  • Easy to fold-decomposed.
  • Convenient traveling .
  • presence of seat belts.
  • removable tray-table.
  • Lightweight.

Highchair-transformer has several functions

Highchair-transformer for feeding Multifunctional chair for the baby from six months to three to five years .It performs several functions - rocking, swing, high chair, etc.

  • table with sides and recesses under the glass (bottle and so on.).
  • Tilt back and level of steps.
  • mount table at different distances from the child.
  • footrest.
  • transformation in a child workspace (desk and chair).
  • Ability to set height level.


  • Cruiserweight design.
  • Requires permanent place (inconvenient to move around the apartment).

Collapsible wooden chair - classic ecological

Collapsible wooden chair is made from natural wood.Suitable for kids from six months to five years .

  • long service life.
  • Sustainability .
  • Attractive appearance.
  • rapid transformation into a desk .
  • convenient step.

children's highchair.What to consider when buying?

Children Much of this children's furniture made from plastic .Although there are models that have completely metal frames or parts alloys .Chairs made of wood chosen, mainly for environmental friendliness.Transformers - for functionality.Which would not have bought high chair parents need to keep in mind the following:

  • Stool should be back in the store check on the stability and reliability all the fixings.Kid - not a doll, it will spin, fidgeting and hang from the chair.On this basis, and selects.
  • If the apartment allows to move the chair from the kitchen into the room, preferably take the model on four wheels with locking brakes .
  • Children Required belt , so that the child does not slip between the table and the seat.
  • Seatbelts must five-point .It is better if the chair has an anatomical projection, further holding the child from sliding under the table.
  • To avoid pinching your fingers crumbs should check and frame - they must be rigidly fixed.
  • Tabletop should not be chipping - just a smooth surface.Preferably with a board to a plate from slipping on the floor, with the possibility of removal.
  • seat should be easily washable .
  • most safe models - those that have faired .
  • Strongly recommended to purchase chairs with sharp corners , the kid does not hurt himself.
  • Well, if there is a highchair handle to move it .
  • If the model is not adjustable for height, it is best to choose one that will suit by level to the table .

Children When choosing a chair should also remember that, how confident kid sitting .If confidence - a chair with his back tight unregulated approach.If the spine is not yet fully grown - it is better to take the chair with the ability to change the position of the backrest .And, of course, chairs with weak or too complex mechanisms better get round.