Which company is better to buy high chair?

By Admin | Children
21 April 2016

Children Modern huge range of highchairs.As the price range: thousand rubles and up to almost unlimited ceiling.As for the most expensive chairs - its versatility will soon be compared with the spacecraft.However, the more functions in the stool, the more it weighs and the more takes place.That is, instead of a miracle in a few squares dishes fail.Chairs no firm chooses modern parents?

content of the article:

  • Shicco Rollu Stool with adjustable seat and back
  • Highchair IKEA - economy version
  • Stool Reg Rerego Tatamia - multi-variant
  • Multifunctional chair Babysitter 4 in 1
  • ChildrenJetem chair with rubber wheels
  • Highchair Geoby with a basket for toys
  • Stool Happy Baby Justin with a removable tabletop
  • Stool CAM with three removable tops
  • Universal chair Vloom with hidden wheels
  • Reviews parents

ChildrenShicco Rollu chair with adjustable seat and back

Children Features:

  • comfortable roomy seat.
  • Multiple levels backrest.
  • belts (five-point).
  • Multiple levels of seat height.
  • protection of the child from sliding off the seat.
  • Wheel to move the chair with the brakes for stability.
  • removable upholstery.
  • footrest.
  • minimum space taken up by the chair in the folded position.

Highchair IKEA - economy version

Baby chair IKEA

  • Lightweight.
  • stability.
  • Low cost.
  • Availability tabletops and chair cushions.
  • Landing at the table.
  • removable tabletop and legs.

Highchair Reg Rerego Tatamia - multi-variant

Highchair Reg Rerego Tatamia

  • Compact.
  • versatility (chair, rocking chair, swing, chaise, etc..)
  • Retentive wheels for easy movement and stability, even on uneven surfaces.
  • Adjusting the height (nine levels) and the position of the backrest (four levels).
  • belts and reliable protection of the child from slipping.
  • optimum width legs for stability and protection against the fall of the chair.
  • Eco upholstery (leather).
  • Double tray.

Multifunctional chair Babysitter 4 in 1

Highchair Nanny 4 1

  • Versatility.
  • Rapid transformation in the swings and rocking.
  • easily removable fabric upholstery.
  • seat (durable plastic) with armrests.
  • Adjusting the backrest (seven levels).
  • countertop and removable footrest.
  • belts.
  • frame of metal.

Highchair Jetem with rubber wheels

Highchair Jetem

  • functionality.
  • absence of sharp edges in the construction.
  • Protection from injury child.
  • Easy assembly (dismantling).
  • removable fabric elements.
  • Rubber wheels for quiet transportation.
  • brake system to prevent accidental movement.
  • transformation into a low and a high chair.
  • Deep countertop with a cup holder.
  • belts with soft overlays, limiting between the legs.
  • possibility of fixing a back up to the horizontal position.
  • Ability to adjust the angle and height of the steps, in accordance with the growth of the baby.

Highchair Geoby with a basket for toys


  • five-point harness.
  • Catches legged chair for stability on any surface of the slope.
  • Lightweight, high-quality, durable material removable cover.
  • basket of toys.
  • Compact.
  • Detachable worktop.

Stool Happy Baby Justin with a removable tabletop

Highchair Happy Baby Justin

  • long service life.
  • wheels with brakes.
  • seat (high quality plastic) with a cotton removable cover.
  • Three position backrest.
  • removable worktop (tray).
  • three-point mount.

Stool CAM with three removable tops

Highchair CAM

  • six levels of height stool.
  • Four position footrest and backrest.
  • unbraked wheels.
  • Easy assembly and folding chairs.
  • belts.
  • Soft, easy to clean interior.
  • Three removable tabletop - for the crumbs for the games, for food.
  • Shopping for toys.

Universal chair Vloom with hidden wheels

Highchair Vloom

  • Versatile chair for games, feeding and rest.
  • versatility.
  • Adjustable tabletop with an optional tray.
  • Adjusting the height of the chair and backrest angle.
  • belts.
  • Several provisions stand.
  • Hidden wheels.

And what highchair you choose for your child?Reviews parents

- Plastic chairs are not very comfortable.Yes, and their height is rarely the same as the height of the dining table.The most successful variant believe Geoby.We went perfectly.

- I really liked Peg Perego.This rocking chair, even a child can be.The ideal thing, with a bunch of necessary functions.Practical, comfortable, helpful.Price in principle acceptable.Yes, and that is important to the school itself will last.

- First child took an ordinary wooden transformer.The second daughter of the grandmother with the grandfather gave Chico Polly Meydzhik.simply space!The bomb, not a chair!Function - a huge amount.My daughter in it and sleeps and feeds, and plays.Now no other chair, and I do not even want.

- Cicco Polly definitely the best!The backrest can be lowered completely horizontally.While the son was small, the table did not even use - a chained child seat.When the sitting began, there began to feed.Now synule for almost two years, since he eats there and play.Chair clean great on wheels rolls from room to room - comfortable.Very satisfied.The only negative - dimensions.For the tiny kitchen, he, of course, will not do.

- Bought daughter Bloom.Some emotions!I do not regret the money spent.The chair is really worth it.Daughter in it as in a cradle with two weeks settled.Very comfortable to sleep.And I do not cry - mum visible.Villages docha late, but thanks to several provisions of the back, lure without problems.Belts are very comfortable, two different tables.A huge plus - height adjustment.The quality is excellent - I think, to the school will serve, if not longer.

- Peg Perego Bought Tatham, very satisfied.The seat is easy to clean, countertop removed.Incidentally, the surface of the table double, convenient.The back is controlled flick of the wrist, he can easily roll the chair throughout the apartment.Swing did not use - not useful somehow.Overall, an excellent chair.

- Bought chair IKEA.Perhaps its main drawback is that it is too simple.And legs widely apart, because of which the chair takes up much space.With regard to "price-quality" - an ideal option.For feeding, anyway.))