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21 April 2016

Children's trampoline - this is one of the best sports equipment for the children.With it you can easily make a fun game for your kid and his friends.In addition to the game, jumping on a trampoline is very helpful for the physical development of the child.

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How useful trampoline for kids?

addition to the sea of ​​positive emotions, a trampoline is very helpful to the health of your child.It is primarily a positive impact:

  • on the harmonious development of all muscle groups;
  • The development of the musculoskeletal system and posture correct forms;
  • improves coordination of movements;
  • Generates good endurance;
  • Improves cardiovascular function and blood circulation;
  • helps get rid of excess weight.

What types?

Today trampoline is one of the most available simulators for both families as well as for professional athletes.Therefore, in the first all trampolines are divided into three g


  • Sports - used for the preparation of athletes for competitions.This trampoline can throw a man to a height of 10 m., So they are placed in special sports halls with a high ceiling or on the street;
  • Amateur - great for aerobics or jumping.From the sports they are different dimensions and material of manufacture.These trampolines come in different sizes and colors.And to protect your child's play, they are often equipped with special protective net;
  • Inflatable trampolines - are used for recreation and entertainment of kids.Sometimes they are made in the form of large amusement or gaming systems.These shells are attractive with its bright form, colors and ergonomics.And when folded they take up very little space and can easily fit in a regular pantry.

Popular children's models

Today, the industry is developing products for children are incredibly fast.Every year a large number of new products being developed for toddlers and school-age children, including sports.One of the most sought-after position in children's stores is a trampoline for children.They are there is a very large variety of models and complete sets.But that would be to choose the right trampoline is best to pay attention to the manufacturer.The best-known and respected manufacturers of sports equipment are:

1. Trampolines for children Hasttings

Hasttings British firm produces its trampolines in Taiwan.The main direction of the company's production of professional trampolines.Therefore, their aesthetic is not always bright and colorful, but these trampolines are of high quality and are quite affordable for buyers.To ensure the safety of large trampolines are equipped with special protective mesh.Trampoline of the brand will be able to have fun and not only the child but also adults.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines company Hasttings range from 2100 to 33,000 rubles.

2. Secure trampolines Springfree

trampolines Springfree Trampolines Springfree - this family trampolines for children and adults.Their main feature is the security when jumping.In an unusual design Springfree saved all the properties of ordinary trampoline jumping.In Springfree no hard parts, which can damage the springs hidden beneath the surface hopping, there is no rigid frame.The grid is made of durable materials, it is not torn and not at odds.Trampoline withstand loads up to 500 kg, lifetime - 10 years, frost trampoline (jumping up to -25C).Trampolines Springfree - only trampolines to give different shapes - round, square, oval. Springfree releases and home trampolines for children and adults.Home trampolines Springfree suitable for fitness, can also serve as a trampoline and cots for babies.They are as safe as outdoor trampolines.

prices trampolines Springfree - from 35 000 rub.(Trampoline for home) to 160 000 rub.

3. Children's trampoline Tramps

These trampolines are of very high quality, as its main parts are manufactured in the United States, and there is a fairly well developed a sport like jumping on a trampoline.Cloth trampoline not sags and does not stretch over time.The main drawback of this company is the rigor of design, which is not very appealing children.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines company Tramps range from 5000 to 28,000 rubles.

4. Trampolines for children Oxygen

Trampoline Winner / Oxygen - is large trampoline for children and adults.They have a reinforced frame.Hopping surface of these trampolines is made of very durable material - polypropylene.Among the products of this brand can be found as a trampoline that can be installed on the street, and trampolines.Which can be used in the home.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines company Oxygen range from 2900 to 28,000 rubles.

5. Trampolines Berg

Trampolines Berg brand in appearance, quality and safety to meet all the requirements of both adults and kids.This manufacturer just a huge range of children's trampolines.Berg Company produces both classic spring and inflatable trampoline with a wide range of colors.Also, the product of the Dutch company to meet all the necessary safety requirements.Children's trampolines are designed such that while jumping a bit hard to get injured.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines firm Berg range from 12,000 to 46000 rubles.

6. Trampolines for children Garden4you

Estonian trampolines Garden4you is a great exercise for the whole family.High Reliability propylene base and metal structure will make the game your child comfortable and safe.Trampoline mat resistant to UV rays, so you can use it all year round.The base of the trampoline is manufactured with galvanized steel that makes the trampoline more durable.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines company Garden4you range from 9000 to 20,000 rubles.

7. Children's trampolines Kids Exercise

Babuty Kids Exercise will strengthen the health of your child, and his partner make a fun and active.All the products of this manufacturer meets all the required standards of quality and safety.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines company Kids Exercise range from 8000 to 19,000 rubles.

8. Trampolines for children Happy Hop

Children inflatable trampolines Happy Hop - it's a real inflatable playground for your baby.Products of this company will decorate your lawn in the summer.All trampolines are tested by the German Institute for Security and considered fit for children.

Depending on the size and configuration prices trampolines company Happy Hop range from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles.

9. Trampolines Intex

Intex - a company producing inflatable products, which is known for its world.The main principles of the company are quality, safety and availability.All products of the company passes a special multilateral testing equipment.All trampolines under the brand Intex fully meet all European quality standards, they are safe, environmentally friendly and durable.

Depending on the size of the price on the trampoline company Intex range from 1,000 to 5,000 rubles.

10. Trampolines for children BestWay

Trampolines BestWay - will be spectacular entertainment for your children.This trampoline can be installed outdoors in the yard or take a trip.All products of the brand is made of durable PVC and is designed for children older than three years.All trampolines have passed necessary control and are environmentally friendly and safe for your child.

Depending on the size prices trampolines company BestWay range from 900 to 5500 rubles.

11. Trampolines Vector

Vector Company is engaged in manufacture of various inflatable attractions.Trampolines this manufacturer are durable, environmentally friendly and safe.All products are the company's bright and colorful, it will make your child's holiday a memorable one.

Depending on the size prices trampolines company Vector range from 1300 to 20,000 rubles.

Reviews parent forums:


Great fun for the kids a great company!But there are some "buts": inflated trampoline Intex take up much space.But also need an electric pump, hands (or feet) will inflate 2 days!

Gave our child inflatable trampoline Intex.It was written for children 3-6 years old, but calmly fit and aunt of the child!:))) To withstand heavy weight and jumps more than one child.:) Very bright color!I did not expect, when looking at the picture of the box.Yes, and it is placed in a small box.The top ring is 12 multi-colored balls that roll and make noise when jumping.In trampoline has side window through which climbs and kids.It is written that you can not pour water into it, stick the wall, which we did not do.It inflates in 3 places: the bottom wall, the ring around the bottom.So if they will puncture the hole to look better!


We trampoline with 7 months.Diameter of 1.2 m., Height 20 cm, without the flanges.Senior Vadim (9 years) jumping on it constantly, it jumps on a skipping rope.Little Simon first played it (put toys), got up beside him, walked, climbed.In it we drew.very comfortably!We have a studio apartment, and everything fits!: D Now Semyon (1 year, 3 months.) Begins to jump on it.


our kids trampoline Tramp presented six months ago.Stuck wonderful!At first the children were jumping on him all the time, right now at least - are used to.For not very athletic child - it.It did not bother, but the muscles are trained and have fun jumping.Senior (6,5 l.) He jumps, and younger (3 years) is better to keep hands and help him jump - so higher and stronger it turns out - a complete delight baby is guaranteed!Toddlers never dropped and would not hurt, because he diameter of 1 meter, and they jump by one.Himself trampoline easy going - legs bolted to the ground and jump on health.If you do not need it, you can put upright and remove the balcony, for example ... The only, but significant negative - in our very small apartment he occupies a lot of space Sad