15 common mistakes in the repair of apartments

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
27 March 2016

The people equate to repair fire, because often after the event, not only lost half of useful things, but the results are not always reach the desired.So after the alteration can stay on the ruins of his home.

To avoid this, colady recommends listen to the advice of experienced and do not risk their own housing. 0

what not to do the repair?

  • If you purchase a high-quality, expensive stuff, do not skimp on the masters.Professionals have sufficient skills to work with him.A hand in the work yourself, you can spoil everything.Choosing a team, based on the quality of work performed, reviews and recommendations.


  • main rule - do not give preference to the beauty of convenience.As time passes, and all the decor you hide, and surround yourself comfortable and practical things.Besides, fashion is transient and what is beautiful today, tomorrow will not be a trend.


  • Do not glue the wallpaper prior to installation of plastic windows.Otherwise, you risk being left with sloppy peeled walls.The sa
    me rule applies to the flooring, laminate flooring and door frames.For floors are cut under the door.


  • Refuse velvet wallpaper.Sooner or later they will wipe creating unsightly bald spots.


  • not put a black or snow-white tiles.These colors are best visible dirt and dust.The same rule applies to black sinks and toilet.


  • not place the child in the suspended ceiling - eventually pierced his offspring.In addition, the film tension creates problems for the installation of children's sports complex.


  • not skimp on insulation.It will reduce your heating costs.


  • Do not start with a team of friendly relations.This will prevent you put to the quality and manage workflow.For the same reason it is not recommended to use the services of acquaintances, friends and relatives.
  • not leave imperfections.Laziness and lack of time will make you forget about them.As a result - you will live with unfinished repairs.


  • Say "no" to the laminate.It is cold, slippery and deteriorating rapidly - it gets scratched and chipped.And falling on the material object rings like a bell.


  • choosing windows, should give preference to designs with fully opening doors.This will facilitate the care of the glazing.If you have a window balcony door, then make a further opening shutters on the window and have it install the protection against insects.Because the mosquito net on the door terribly inconvenient.


  • not select raised floors because they collect dirt.This is especially true linoleum and laminate.


  • Do not close tightly the tube.If there is a failure, then you have to dismantle the whole covering.


  • If you close the battery, they will warm the space under the sill, and not the room.


  • not refuse redevelopment, even if today you are satisfied.Look for more convenient options for the location of furniture and household appliances.After all, there is no limit to perfection!


Consider the experience of other people in order to avoid mistakes in your alteration, save money and, of course, the nerves.