What to choose an artificial Christmas tree that was pleasing to the eye, and a safe and healthy?

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27 March 2016

difficult to imagine New Year without a Christmas tree.Already in mid-December, when all the shops on the squares and streets, courtyards and gardens set decorated with garlands and balloons Christmas trees - everything reminds of the approaching holidays.And in almost every house in the end of December, will take its place of honor the beautiful forest - live or artificial.

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How to choose an artificial tree for the New Year
the modern development of the technology of artificial tree today virtually indistinguishable from natural , even pine scent mimics any special processing branches, or specially designed to spray artificial Christmas trees.

Because of this, and also because of the ease of use , artificial Christmas trees are gaining more and more supporters.

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How to choose an artificial tree for the New Year

What to choose an artificial Christmas tree?

Among the huge variety of models, different trees:

By type of assembly

Christmas trees are divided into two categories:

  • trunk with branches attached is divided into several sections (depending on the height of the tree)that you just need to collect.This type of trees is very quick and easy to assemble, but the cost of the most expensive.
  • tree is collected in several stages : first barrel and then only by means of special fasteners attached to the trunk of the branch.

production material

  • Cast - each branch is molded separately and then assembled into a single unit;
  • PVC - not as expensive as cast, and have all the advantages of artificial Christmas trees;
  • From fishing line - today replaced by more modern materials.Eco-friendly, durable, cheap at the price.

How to choose an artificial tree for the New Year tree with needles paper with special impregnation will not be considered, since this option has only one advantage - the very low price, but the fire hazard, short-lived, is questionable in terms of environmental friendliness and can be dangerous to health.The most common paper models produced in China using toxic dyes and the materials of low quality.

good help in the correct selection of artificial Christmas trees and will videos , which can be found on the Internet in large numbers.

Video: How to choose an artificial tree for the New Year?

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How to choose an artificial Christmas tree is correct - good advice

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree to tree really turned quality and delight you with their views?
How to choose an artificial tree for the New Year

  • running a hand through the needles of Christmas trees. needles must be securely attached to the branches of a tree, do not rip when twitching;
  • needles should be hard to the touch - this is due to the fact that the needles should be made of a special fishing line.If the needles are soft enough, there is a danger that you got a cheap Christmas tree with needles paper manufactured in China.In this case, better to look for another model;
  • tree odorless , even easy, and even more so - a sharp chemical.Nevertheless, a number of synthetic materials, being extremely harmful to health, has no odor, so the item selection of artificial Christmas trees can be considered contingent;
  • tree branches should be on the one hand a well-secured, on the other hand - the elasticity and mobility. Try to bend a branch if it returns to its original position - good quality Christmas trees;
  • Notice stand : it must be sustainable.The material from which it is traditionally made - plastic or metal.It is better to opt for the metal as a more rugged.

How to choose an artificial tree for the New Year

Mandatory rules of buying an artificial tree

  • not skimp on purchasing an artificial Christmas trees! savings when choosing can lead to big trouble.Poor-quality synthetic materials under heat release phenol and formaldehyde - volatile substances that can cause dizziness, provoking headaches, malaise, etc.
  • sure to ask the seller a certificate and hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological certificate confirming safety of artificial Christmas trees.
  • better than buying an artificial tree at street fairs. in stores, especially department specializing in the sale of Christmas merchandise, you are guaranteed to offer a quality product with all the necessary supporting documents.