How to deduce stains from lacquered and wood furniture - the best home remedies

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28 March 2016

hot mug splatter drinks, plain water, and unkempt masters can leave on your beautiful furniture ugly spots.How to deal with them and keep immaculate interior which to choose methods of dealing with any stains on wood, chipboard and glass furniture, we describe in this article.

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How to deduce stains from lacquered and wood furniture

How to deduce stains from polished furniture

  • How to remove the stain on furniture from a hot object?
    If fresh, the powertrowel swab with vegetable oil and table salt.If the old, then hold the mixture for 2-3 hours and clean it, wipe with a woolen cloth.You can also try a paraffin - Spread stain and cover with a cloth, and then press down a warm iron.
  • How to get rid of greasy stains on the furniture with lacquered surface?
    Wipe with a soft cloth after moistening with a liquid mineral oil.Or use raw potatoes, which have in any home.It is also possible to use talc.
  • How to clean furniture from water stains?
    Pour the flour and rub it with a cloth dampen
    ed in a manufacturing or vegetable oil.Or a combination of ethyl alcohol and vegetable oil in half.Or a vegetable oil in combination with common salt, leaving the solution on the surface for a few hours and then wiping with a woolen cloth.Or vegetable oil with melted wax, leaving the liquid for a while, and after wiping a linen cloth.
  • How to deduce stains from furniture if you forget their cause?
    Try milk on a cotton rag with subsequent polishing velvet or wool rag.More of the same cloth can be dipped in a warm solution of soap, and with the final polish with a soft cloth.
  • How to remove stains from furniture of lime or chalk?
    example, using acetic solution, vegetable oil, followed by mechanical polishing.

How to deduce stains from lacquered and wood furniture

If the stain formed on the wooden furniture

  • grease stains on the furniture can be rubbed with a cloth with linseed oil.
  • oak and walnut can be purified from various spots weak iodine solution or warm beer.
  • white water stains on oak furniture be covered with salt and pour vegetable oil for a couple of hours, then rub the damaged area wet and dry cloth and polish with wax.There is a second option - to sprinkle his cigarette ashes and pour vegetable oil, and after polishing rag wool.

How to deduce stains from glass furniture

If glass furniture stains formed

  • Removing stains from glass furniture can be carried only means for such surfaces , using scrubbing cotton napkins.
  • Spot fat in any case not rub soda solution, because of its small crystals are abrasive properties and strongly expressed alkaline pH.

How to deduce stains from furniture from MDF and particleboard

How to remove stains from furniture made of chipboard or MDF

  • Fresh stains from fat removed simply with water and non-aggressive soap, and then hurry to get wet paper towel.
  • coffee stains erase ethyl alcohol or ammonia solution.
  • stains acid removed with a solution of acetic or citric essences.
  • Spots juice, wine, chocolate simply wash with a neutral detergent, which get wet cloth and apply it in a couple of minutes to the spot, and then dried place to another dry cloth.
  • Remove white spots on the wax or gum with furniture is not difficult.Dry this place and clean off the dirt scraper.
  • stains from nail polish, smoking, cosmetics or children's drawings can be removed with a sponge and a solvent such as acetone.
  • Stubborn stains of paint or shoe polish safely remove the special means, which are sold in building materials.
  • addition, spot can cover up special camouflage pencil for the laminate.It can be purchased in the building materials, the main thing to choose the right color and tone corresponding to the damaged furniture.

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best prevention spots - regular care of furniture .After all, special facilities for the care of furniture not only prolong her life, but also protects against deep penetration spots by creating a protective layer.

And what homemade ways to combat spots on wood, glass, polished furniture you know?We would be grateful for your advice!