How to make repairs in the kitchen and still provide for: tips on kitchen renovation from experienced owners

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
28 March 2016

Traditionally renovated apartments Tutor, which often leads to disastrous results.Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen - each of the rooms has a number of features of the repair.

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What are the secrets fraught with repairs in the kitchen? What mistakes are made most often?And how to avoid them?The material

Mistakes in the repair of the kitchen

perfect repair is impossible without a trial and error method.But do not hang up his nose, because the aid to come to you experts colady, who talk about how to do it right.The most important success factor is the steps in the repair .

kitchen renovations - work on the bugs

  • errors electricity
    Most beginners, and experienced owners have not learned how to determine the amount of space needed for electrical outlets.The kitchen is one of those rooms where outlets should be plenty.This outlet is a kettle, combine, refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher.Total: 6 outlets.It should be d
    one on two sockets more in reserve.
  • Plumbing
    valves must remain in the public domain - is highly undesirable walling them into the wall.Imagine the situation slightest leak - then you have to break the wall.
  • stove and refrigerator - in different places!
    Many sin that put them there.This can not be tolerated.The appliance should be in one place, and the plate - in the other.
  • General cleanliness of the repair
    All sorts of dust and pebbles that fall under the linoleum or wallpaper, severely affect the finishing surface - it should always provide.
  • Laminate - not for the food!
    surface of the floor should be done as a whole, rather than plots.Besides putting the laminate is not, as it is short-lived and there are scratches due to the nature of the kitchen facilities.The best choice for the specifications - this tiles or linoleum.See also: And what kind of flooring to choose for a child's room?
  • New tiles will never put over the old
    Removing the old tiles - treated surface - put the new one.In another way - no way!
  • development of fungus
    Kitchen applies to rooms with high humidity.Two or three days after the repair is to give the room an airing, and only then to place the furniture.
  • Hood
    lack of it can lead to the next repair.All soot, steam adheres to the surfaces, and the smell goes into all the rooms.There are three types of extracts: dome, suspension and chassis.Venting - the ventilation shaft.
  • working area
    kitchen, appliances must clearly fit into the kitchen design project.This should take care at an early stage.The doors of the cabinets and the refrigerator must be calm to open, no one and nothing disturbing.
  • ventilation system
    It is essential that the kitchen could feel the fresh air, so you need to put the windows with window.

And any tips on kitchen remodeling can give you?Tell us your experience!