Top 15 ways to use coffee grounds in the household

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
29 March 2016

Coffee - one of the most popular beverage on earth.But the bright taste and energizing effect is not limited to his dignity.Coffee grounds remaining in the cup may also be used with advantage in a variety of situations.

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How to use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds, as a cosmetic

First of all, the use of coffee grounds is possible as cosmetics.

We can do:

  • facial toner
    If you apply it regularly, the skin will get a beautiful tan color and create the impression of sunburn.Tonic is prepared very simply: 2 tablespoons of coffee brewing filled with boiling water and then cooled.Keep in refrigerator best, can freeze.
  • Hair conditioner
    Suitable only for dark hair, because coffee has coloring properties.Such a conditioner will give your hair shine and intense color, and with regular use will promote their recovery and growth, as well as getting rid of dandruff.Rinse as simple to prepare: 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds pour 1 liter of boiling water
    , cool to pleasantly warm temperatures used after shampooing.
  • Body Scrub
    Coffee is one of the main tools in the produced body scrub and hands.But nothing prevents you to cook like a scrub at home from the coffee grounds.
    How to use coffee grounds
    Application sleeps coffee with any shower gel will give a stunning effect, will contribute to the renewal of the skin.
  • cellulite scrub
    coffee grounds mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil should be applied to the problem areas and wrap with cling film 15-30 minutes.The effect of domestic anti-cellulite scrub is no worse than the expensive analogues of known cosmetic companies.
  • Nourishing Mask
    From coffee grounds get a great mask for the face, if you mix sleeping coffee with honey or olive oil.

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sleeping coffee as fertilizer for plants and insect repellent

But cosmetic benefits of coffee is not limited.What to do with coffee grounds yet?It is the most diverse applications in everyday life, such as:

  • fertilizer for flowers
    Because thanks to the elements contained in the coffee grounds from the soil becomes more acidic fertilizer is ideal for rose bushes, azaleas, hydrangeas,gardenias, camellias, etc.See also: Top room flowers for the house.
    How to use coffee grounds
  • protection from insects
    smell of coffee repels ants and other insects, not allowing them to penetrate into the house.
  • as repellents
    Most animals can not tolerate the smell of coffee.This feature allows to use coffee grounds and get rid of unwanted guests on the site, or to wean pets mark territory habitat.
  • tool for getting rid of fleas
    If the pet is still caught them, to enhance the store means you can wipe the animal sleeps coffee, mixed with water.
    How to use coffee grounds

The use of coffee grounds in the care of the house and things

In addition, there are many other ways, how you can use coffee grounds home .

  • from Spiti coffee obtained excellent means absorbing odors
    What hostess faced with an unpleasant odor from the refrigerator?A cup of coffee grounds is enough to put in the freezer, to a few hours to forget about this problem.
    How to use coffee grounds
    After cooking odorous foods - such as fish - enough to wipe the knife, cutting board and your hands coffee grounds diluted in water to smell disappeared.
  • Fragrant sachets of coffee for sleeping cabinet
    This feature coffee grounds - poshloschat smells and pleasantly flavored - can be used in sachets: coffee grounds cabinets deliver unpleasant odors and light coffee flavor pleasant fill the shelves with clothes and linen.
  • marinade for meat from coffee grounds
    Coffee grounds can be an excellent marinade for meat, gives the product a soft and delicate taste.
  • Coffee grounds - the perfect cleanser
    cope with grease spots, both fresh and inveterate asleep coffee will help very easily, and no worse than other cleaning powders.In addition, it is an excellent tool for cleaning glassware that gently clean the glass, without scratching it.
    How to use coffee grounds
    Coffee can also be used as an abrasive agent for jewelry to gently and carefully remove the scratches appeared.
  • Coffee grounds as a means of scratching the furniture
    Get rid of scratches on dark furniture - simply by using coffee grounds.Enough little sleeping coffee diluted with boiling water and rub into scratches, and a few minutes gently wipe with a soft cloth.From scratch will be over.
  • Coffee grounds for care of leather goods
    scratches and abrasions on brown and black leather jackets or other things can be easily restored with the help of coffee grounds.This means not only will restore the color of things, but it will make your skin softer.

In addition, the coffee grounds from ancient times and is still used as a tool for divination .

How to use coffee grounds
How this method of application is truthful in predicting the future is uncertain, but without doubt it says only that coffee in our lives takes much more space than just a tasty and healthy drink .

And what recipes use coffee grounds in the home you share with us?