Preparing for the New Year holidays: some homework can be done in advance?

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29 March 2016

Christams trouble - always joyful and pleasant process.But, in addition to upgrading the holiday apartment, hanging toys and buying gifts, there are other things that need attention.In the new year should be included with pure thoughts and, of course, in a clean apartment, so pat, wash, wash up crystal and bring order to every forgotten corner of the house need to advance.

If we approach this question correctly, the stress from prolonged harvesting and fatigue can be avoided .So, prepare for the new year properly ...
How to prepare for the New Year in advance

  • All cases start planning at the beginning of winter (ie, from 1 December).Decide - where and how you celebrate the holiday, which is supposed to menu, to whom and what should buy gifts.Do not forget to consider the purchase of products of their attire, jewelry and various accessories.
  • Make a cleaning schedule for the whole house. Moreover, time should be allocated equally - so that you do not have then to dawn nadraivat floors, wash the dust from the numerous souvenirs an
    d disassemble the box with things that had accumulated over the entire year.One large cleaning is divided into several small, with the involvement of the entire household.Read: How to clean the apartment every day for 15 minutes and do not spend on cleaning the whole weekend?
  • In the week before the holiday were washed crystal. To do this a little heated in the microwave 2 cups of vinegar, pour it into a bowl and sink to the bottom in position "on the side" wine glasses and wine glasses.After 2-3 minutes, turning them over to another "flank".Washing off on all sides, unheated rinse water, dry it thoroughly.The same method can be used to wash crystal vases.In the presence of individual spots on the dishes, you can use baking soda.
  • to clean cutlery and silver need soda. Dilute it in 500 ml of water (a couple of st / liter), put the pan on the stove and bring it down our "family" silver.After boiling water omit it a small piece of ordinary food foil.We take out the devices after 10 minutes, wipe dry.Also for cleaning silver / nickel silver you can buy a special tool or by using tooth powder.
  • ironed napkins / tablecloths. Even neatly folded, they will still be unattractive creases.A new year requires perfect in everything.For easier process of ironing the tablecloth hang in the bathroom, after a few minutes include hot showers.After ironing back in the closet did not add up - hang neatly in a convenient location.
  • Check dishes. It should be enough for all the guests.If the plates, glasses, forks not enough, you need not buy or ask guests to dishes they took with them.
  • 2-3 days before the celebration restore order in the hallway, the bathroom and the room , which will host the celebration.Hiding extra clothes and toys for cupboards and baskets, wipe the dust from all surfaces, sprinkled cloth polish, do not forget about the TV screens and other equipment.Old magazines with newspapers piled in neat stacks, sofa upholstery refreshing to remove her coat beloved pets.
  • In the bathroom guests to come back for a holiday more than once. therefore perfect white laundered to the bathtub, put in order the mirror, hiding excess cosmetics, personal hygiene items and fragile valuables wipe cranes / towel and other details of "stainless steel".Soap dishes carefully laundered or (be practical) put the bottle of liquid soap.And, of course, clean towels!
  • Distribute "landing" place for guests. paying special attention to this issue if waiting for guests with young children.
  • Make sure that children's hands could not reach breakable objects. If kids a lot, it may be more convenient for them to do a separate table.Prepare everything you need for serving - dishes, Christmas napkins, skewers, rice juice, etc.
  • Christmas shopping can start with the second week of December , so no rush to buy everything, without which we can not do during the holidays.We start with a list of the menu: all the "long-playing" foods and beverages purchased in advance.Alcohol, canned food, tea / coffee, cereal, candy and so on. Perishable - a day or two before the celebration.Gifts also better to buy in advance.On the eve of purchase (and choose) something will be very difficult.In addition, prices will shoot up to the holiday real hard, and every New Year offer, a coupon will be 100 comers.
  • A couple of weeks before the holiday, decorate the house. See also: How to decorate the house for the New 2014 Horses?No rush, really, with a sense of having fun to hang garlands, evenings with the kids doing fun toys, draw snowflakes on the windows and, of course, put a Christmas tree (if you have artificial).And at the same time a little needlework moderately fantasy, talent and improvised.That is, create an original cloth, cushion covers, Christmas composition on the shelves, wreaths and bells and others.
  • putting in order or buy your Christmas outfit - evening gown, suit, or maybe elegant pajamas sitting room for the newyear.Pick up accessories, check - whether all zippers and buttons on the spot, did not have to pay high for the year (what if?), Is there any shoes along to what hairstyle to surprise loved ones and indulge.See also: What is the image on the new 2014 is suitable for you?
  • Invent a scenario a holiday for the kids. Still, they are waiting for the New Year, as a miracle, and not as a long weekend with a fridge of goodies, dance and a new coat.Pre-buy prizes, candy chests and other surprises for children.
  • 2-3 weeks before the holiday should send postcards and gifts all relatives living away from you.Colleagues are to be congratulated on the last business day - for them is also better to buy gifts in advance.
  • Firecrackers, fireworks and sparklers also buy about two weeks .And it is desirable - in specialized stores.

How to prepare for the New Year in advance
A few days before the holiday, find time for yourself on a "cosmetic Corpus" - with fragrant bath, masks, scrubs and other fun .

celebrate the New Year should be prepared!