Compiles a list of dishes on New 2014 Horses: New Year's table menu

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29 March 2016

're just a little bit before the long-awaited day when gifts are deployed, the air filled with the aroma of mandarin and needles, fridge bursting with goodies and champagne flows like water.To not have to think feverishly on the last day than to please the household on holiday, decide that question in advance.The truth is - taking into account the preferences of the character of the next year.

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New Year

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  • Option menu on the Year of the Horse 2014

Dishes on New Year's Eve 2014 - what to prepare for the New Year's table for a yearHorses in 2014?

tradition of cooking, respectively, "wishes", the patron saint, there was not so long ago.It is a selection of products and dishes, meet tastes of one or another animal from the eastern calendar , according to which the need to take into account the characteristics of not only the symbol of the year, but its elements.

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The menu on New Year
So, what dishes will be to the liking of Wooden Blue Horses , which is almost galloped to us?

  • On bay leaf and horsemeat - rigid taboos.
  • eggplant, beets and purple cabbage, red onions, berries and juices from them, grapes, plums took out "bins" and put on the festive table.
  • Blue Horse - follower simple food .Therefore, fruits and vegetables and grains should be mandatory.The colors - gray, green, blue, purple and blue - preferably on a table in the design.
  • not to frighten the horse zucchini and peas, spinach salad with bell pepper, cucumber, avocado and kiwi .
  • On hot: dishes from all poultry, beef, rabbit, lamb, pork .
  • As for table layout, this year on the table must be present tree .For example, wooden utensils, trays, hand-painted and so on. The dish is decorated herbs and spices , originally by arranging them in vases and plates.

Option menu in the New Year Year of the Horse 2014 - what to cook for the holiday table?

  • Stuffed "little blue".
    • Eggplant - 3 pieces.
    • Sweet pepper - 1 pc.
    • Onions - 2 heads.
    • Tomatoes - 2 pcs.
    • 1 carrot.
    • Cheese (hard) - 70 g
    • salt, pepper, butter, mayonnaise.

    The menu on New Year
    Method of preparation:

    • soak washed, cut lengthwise and salted eggplant in salted water to remove the bitterness of 30 minutes, rinse again and cut the flesh.
    • chopped onions, carrots, peppers and eggplant pulp and fry, add the tomatoes, boil for some time before the evaporation of excess fluid.
    • Season with salt / pepper / garlic.
    • ostuzhennoy "beef" expanded in the eggplant halves with mayonnaise, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 35 minutes.
  • salads roots.
    It all depends on the scope of imagination.Take the potatoes and carrots, beets, celery root, the most diverse greenery, fragrant herbs and spices, and cook something original, on which will be delighted, and horse and households.
    The menu on New Year
  • Canape.
    Well, where do without them - without these delicious tiny buterbrodikov on skewers.They decorate the table, and as a snack fit.To decorate the sandwiches on the "one tooth" may be used grapes, mushrooms, small cucumbers and olives.
    The menu on New Year
  • Salad - fireworks taste for horses.
    • potatoes, carrots and beets - each 300 g
    • Cabbage - 200 g
    • Pork fillet - 250 g
    • salt, mayonnaise, butter.
    • Greens (more) and 1 grenade.

    The menu on New Year
    How to prepare salad:

    • Cut (in the form of straw), fry pork.
    • Cut (also), fry potatoes.
    • Grate beets and carrots and shredded cabbage.
    • separate the seeds from the pomegranate skins and cut greens.
    • fried potatoes with pork cut into cubes and put slides in a plate with vegetables.Pomegranate - into the middle of a.Before use mix.
  • beef under the "fur coat".
    Necessary ingredients:
    • Beef - 700
    • Onions - 1 head.
    • salt / pepper.
    • Vinegar - 50 ml.
    • Oil 100 g (butter).
    • Coffee, ground - 2 tbsp / l.

    The menu on New Year
    Method of preparation:

    • Mix vinegar with coffee and spices, the resulting mixture to rub the meat and hide in a container in the fridge for 5 hours.
    • Next fry the meat until golden brown, put it on a baking sheet on top of the chopped onion rings and bake for half an hour.
    • Baked onion grind in a blender, mix a couple tablespoons of flour (dissolve in water) and meat juice - sauce.
  • Haystack - slicing.
    • Beef - 300 g (dried).
    • Pork Belly - 300 g (cooked and smoked).
    • boiled beef tongue - 1 pc.
    • Leaf lettuce, greens (the beam - all traditional).
    • spices, mustard.

    The menu on New Year
    Method of preparation:

    • Cut all kinds of meat into thin slices, spread with mustard (or wishes).
    • Put chopped meat on lettuce leaves.Create
    • over it "stack" of greenery.
    • Garnish with carrot, Japanese radish (daikon).
  • Polenta.
    • Corn flour - 300 g
    • and a half liters of water.
    • Cheese - 200 g
    • bunch of green.
    • oil, spices, corn for decoration.

    The menu on New Year
    Method of preparation:

    • Cook the polenta (40 minutes on the fire, stirring with a whisk) and cool to split the baking pan (about 20 cm diameter).
    • Gently reach and cut the cake into three special thread.
    • Rub cheese (4/5) and chopped herbs, mix, season with pepper, divided into two portions.
    • interlayers mix cakes, sprinkle with cheese and polenta remains grated (previously frozen) oil.
    • Share "pie" in the pan, bake for 20 minutes.
    • Garnish with corn.

Whatever dishes you do not put on a festive table, remember that main component - the attention to loved ones!