15 home remedies for cleaning mirrors - how to clean the glass quickly and easily?

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30 March 2016

clear, clean and sparkling mirror - the "face" cleanly hostess.The presence of mirrors in the bathroom, hallway, the emergence of numerous wardrobes with built-in mirrors, of course, complicated the life of housewives in terms of cleaning.

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Today, we, along with the online magazine colady.ru cleaned up in your mirrors.
Best home remedies for cleaning the mirrors at home

before clearing try to deal with the causes of divorce on the mirrors :

  • dust and dirt.
  • insufficient quality detergent.
  • not enough clean water.

with the reasons defined - begin to act and proceed to wash mirrors:

  1. water and newspapers for cleaning mirrors and glitter home
    Shoe mirrors the easiest way to start using water and newspapers (it can substitutebecome toilet paper).The only negative - the presence of lead paint in a newspaper (harmful to children).If this method you've tried - turn to other methods.
  2. glossing mirror at home - salt water + tea
    How to wash a mirror to shine?To resort to the method of simple means - a real strong tea 15-20 minutes, diluted salt water (1 teaspoon of salt) and wet nylon fabric - clean the mirror is not so difficult.
    Best home remedies for cleaning the mirrors at home
  3. brightening and cleaning the house of mirrors - Mel + vinegar (second method)
    Prepare a mixture of:
    • chalk or tooth powder - 1st Class L;
    • vinegar - 1st Class L;
    • water - 1st.

    warm up, we'll give it brew for 15-20 minutes and merge water.Cooked "puree" a good rub the mirror with the help of chamois cloth or newspaper.

  4. brightening - Mel + ammonia (the third method)
    Prepare a mixture of:
    • chalk or tooth powder - 1st Class L;
    • ammonia - 1st Class l.

    resulting mush rub the mirror with a soft cloth.

  5. brightening house mirror while washing - Potatoes (fourth method)
    raw potato halves to rub the mirror, rinse with cool water and then - with a dry cloth.From dirt will be over, and the mirror will shine like new.
  6. Salvation mirrors from dirt - Bow
    How to clean the mirror bulb?- very simple.
    Enough to rub the mirror onions, leave for 5-7 minutes and wipe with a cloth or paper.Save us from gnats or flies.
  7. no divorce on the mirror after washing - Water + Dishwashing detergent
    Instead dishwashing detergent can be taken, for example, the liquid for dishwashers - both tools have proven effective in the fight against excess dirt on the mirrors.
  8. alcohol and alcohol-containing solutions for cleaning mirrors of traces of hairspray
    Colognes, Sprays "rescued" from fans of hairspray.It is necessary to apply a layer of delicate or alcohol solution to the mirror surface, and then wiped with cloth or paper.
  9. mirror protection from moisture for safe washing
    Save the mirror from the dampness possible by applying to the amalgamation (from the back of the glass) the composition of the melted wax and turpentine 1/3 2/3.
  10. General recommendations for washing the mirrors house
    To make caring for a full mirrors - you must scrape them regularly with a soft dry cloth, and in addition to this - 1-2 times a month to use the linen cloth without extra fiber, soaking in vinegar.
    Best home remedies for cleaning the mirrors at home
  11. How to Wash a new mirror dust?
    mirror is recommended to wash with a solution of water with methylene blue or methylene blue instead use an infusion of green tea.
  12. Placing mirrors in the house for their greater safety and comfort
    Direct sunlight is not recommended.Placing mirrors in the apartment must be such that the light fell not the mirror itself, and the person who will look into it - then it will not be possible in the sun stains after washing, as well as in trying to dazzle you prihoroshitsya before him.
  13. How to give new radiance of the mirror when washing?
    is enough to dip a cloth in milk-free cloth and wipe the mirror.After that, the mirror will shine again.
  14. Capron as an excellent tool for cleaning mirrors
    Capron help to rub the mirror to shine.It is enough to moisten it with cold water and wipe the mirror.
  15. Can I clean the house liquid mirror for vehicles?
    Journal colady.ru asked to refrain from the use of fluid for cars, as a means for cleaning the mirrors, because it contains many substances that can cause dizziness and headache.

hope that 15 secret ways of colady.ru help you in taking care of the house mirrors.Now you can easily own wash each mirror and rub to a shine that it once again shone cleanliness!

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