Alternative Christmas tree for the New Year with their hands - 7 of the best ideas for the New Year

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31 March 2016

Increasingly today we refuse to live in the forest beauties favor of artificial Christmas trees.The reasons are many - the needles that have to painfully wiping out each carpet rather high cost of living trees and, most importantly, depressing dump poslenovogodnyaya holiday symbols on the nearest dustbin.
Alternative Christmas tree with his hands

That is why becoming increasingly important alternatives - acquisition artificial «beauties» or creating your own original firs from scrap materials .

content of the article:

  • Candy Tree of wallpaper
  • Tree Bead
  • Christmas tree from the cones
  • Wool Tree
  • Christmas tree made of floral mesh
  • Tasty Tree
  • Mini herringbone textile

What alternativeChristmas trees today - the most popular?

Creative Christmas tree made of sweets and wallpaper for the New 2014

will be needed: wallpaper, Stapler (glue, paper clips, tape), tinsel (preferably green), candy.

  • makes a great cone of dense wallpaper (20-50 cm - on request).Anchoring the edge stapler, glue or tape.
  • cropped too much at the bottom of the cone and bends it for stability (you can stick it on a solid basis).
  • tape or staples attach candies in a spiral around the cone.Candy is best to choose a small size and bright wraps.
  • also helically wound on the cone of green tinsel, leaving Candy outside.
  • Fix the tinsel edge staple or tape.
  • Screw spiral light electric garlands (you can do without it).
  • herringbone Decorate the top of the improvised asterisk tree itself - a thin thread of Christmas beads.
    Alternative Christmas tree for the New Year with their hands out candy and wallpapers

graceful tree bead on New 2014 with his own hands

You will need: wire, beads.

  • Depending on the size of tree branches to create a future with 3-5 branches.
  • to the wire for the main branches strung beads.
  • Next to join the main branch ready "branches."
  • After making all the branches from the trunk of a thick wire is created.
  • Fastening branches to the trunk begins from the top on down - from the smallest to the bottom, the largest.
    Alternative Christmas tree for the New Year with their hands Bead

fragrant tree from the cones on the 2014 New Year

will be needed: bumps (any), Melt, cardboard, salt, jewelry, gold paint, tinsel.

  • Make a cone from the usual cardboard.
  • With Thermo paste cone cones.
  • Paint the visible part of the cones (gently) with the spray, brush or sponge.
  • In between the cones gently paste it using Thermo tinsel.
  • create the effect of "snow", a Christmas tree sprinkled with salt.
  • Decorate as desired.
    Alternative Christmas tree from the cones

Christmas tree made of wool for the New Year - simple crafts

will be needed: thick thread or yarn (green, gold or other optional), Whatman (wallpaper), PVA glue (high-quality), tape, decorations.

  • curl cone of drawing paper or wallpaper, fasten with tape.
  • we coat the entire cone of PVA.
  • Securing thread at the base of the cone carefully wrapped with thread it from the bottom up, to leave no gaps.Once we reached the top of the head, back down to the ground by the same method.
  • After herringbone dries, it prepares its bottom wide gift ribbon (textile better), using a stapler.
  • We make a Christmas tree with tiny stars, beads, bells and so forth.
  • Gently stretch the spiral electric garlands.

Alternative Tree of woolen thread
If more qualitatively glue first layer of thread and pull the base paper after drying, the light from a garland will fall by more intricately weave.

Christmas tree in 2014 from a floral mesh - crafts with your child

You will need: floral mesh (2-3 shades of the same color), ready cone wallpaper or drawing paper, adhesive tape (pins, glue).

  • Create cone wallpaper and secure region.
  • cut into small segments of a flower grid.
  • segments mesh mounted on a cone with the help of pins or adhesive tape previously missed cone PVA.
  • mesh placed in different directions, alternating colors.
  • Before fixing pins of the next layer, do not forget to dry the previous one.
  • After drying the base paper can be gently pulled out.
  • Inside tree anchoring electric garlands.
  • decorate string of beads, miniature toys.
    Alternative Tree of flower grid

Tasty idea of ​​a Christmas tree on New Year's - Christmas tree for 5 minutes

will be needed: sweets.
To create a sweet Christmas tree or special talents, no additional equipment is required.You can use any sweets.Christmas tree can be folded out of the chocolates and cakes of candy, fruit, etc., As well as specially prepared pastry, folding it away from the biggest to the smallest, as the children's pyramid.Do not forget: on the top - a star around the Christmas trees - a garland.
Alternative Tree of sweets

Miniature Christmas trees Textile hands - 6 Easy Steps

will be needed: fabrics of different colors and textures, ornaments, ribbons, buttons.

  • Cut two triangles of fabric stretched.
  • We fill a small amount of the future herringbone syntepon (wool).
  • stitched by a typewriter (or hand) without bending the edges.
  • herringbone edges if desired trim with scissors "Zigzag".
  • We make sequins, colorful bows.
  • loops sewn on top to hang on the walls and a real Christmas tree or set to decorative wooden podstavochki (skewers and base).
    Alternative tree textiles

You can also create your alternative Christmas tree right on the wallpaper, placed in the shape of a Christmas tree, any small items (on a nail).
Alternative tree - panels on the wall
or cut out of colored paper «palms» a huge number of them, and creating a three-dimensional Christmas tree on the wall.
Alternative tree from palms
If desired, you can make a tree, the blind, the tie out of anything, adding the interior of originality, and the house - a Christmas atmosphere.
Alternative Christmas tree with his hands
Include imagination and experiment with the children!