Secure detergents for allergy sufferers

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31 March 2016

childbirth a woman's world is filled with new colors, but with the advent of the baby growing need for frequent washing.Nowadays, people are surprised by the presence of rare washing machine, it is firmly rooted in every home.However, regardless of the model and features of your washing machine, yet the last word rests with the detergent.The fact that the laundry detergent can cause an allergic reaction you personally, you can find out not once, but, for example, changing the powder.To learn how to manifest allergic to detergent in adults and children, will be discussed in this article.

content of the article:

  • allergy to washing powder
  • cause of allergies and safety measures
  • Top 5 best detergents
  • How to identify fake and where better to buy laundry detergent?

How to identify an allergy to washing powder?

Most of the people in the choice of detergent are guided by their needs.Most often we pay attention to the cost of the powder, and sometimes on his fame.Low price and high quality la

undry - it is not a guarantee that the laundry detergent environmentally friendly and does not harm you, your family, and nature in general.

You may not be faced with an allergy to washing powder, or maybe just wrote off her symptoms to other influencing factors.Traditional manifestations of allergies are dust:

  • redness and itching of the skin (in children have red rashes on the face, lower back, ankles);
  • swelling and peeling of the skin;
  • fine rash (very similar to urticaria);
  • In rare cases it is possible penetration of small particles of powder in the respiratory tract.causing allergic rhinitis, cough and bronchospasm, and even.

Comments and opinions of real people who have experienced allergic to the powder:


My youngest daughter is a reaction to the powder.For the first time could not understand what.Run to the doctors, it was no use.Then I somehow figured out that the skin reacts better in places of contact with clothing.Some rough to the touch, and in some places, and scaly.I think maybe bad rinsed clothes from powder.I wash machine, so I just added after the washing cycle the extra rinse.Well, less powder began to pour.The rash and desquamation were held.And yet when bathing has added decoctions of herbs to the skin quickly cleared.


We had such a problem, 3 months could not understand what an allergy.Son was 2 months old, the pediatrician excluded from all my power!3 months later I was sitting on boiled potatoes, boiled beef and water, as then the milk is lost very surprised.Found an allergen by chance ended children's powder, then soap and outdoor winter, frost, and my husband was working, and we are just 2 weeks washed baby soap, during which time the crust gone.And we have for this time of the eruption all passed into the crust - horror.Then he tried a couple of times all children's powder, spat and went on baby soap.Here's a tip if you are allergic to the powder for children is very high probability that there will be allergic to soap.


doctor gave us a cool tip!Do not need no washing powder, just put in the washing machine mode "90 degrees" temperature!It turns boiling and do not need any powder.In extreme cases, a simple diaper soap baby soap and a soft-soft linens, and no allergies!­čśë


I have a child on the back and stomach was rash.At first I thought that the powder.But when it bought the same as before - the rash has not passed.It has been a month with this rash.I guess it's still a food allergy ?!

What causes allergies and how to protect yourself from it?

So, what provokes allergic to laundry detergent?Have you ever tried to read the composition of the household products, which you use to restore order and cleanliness of your home?So most of the products presented on the domestic market does not correspond to the world standards of ecology.

And all because the majority of the CIS countries have not abandoned the use of phosphate detergents.Thanks phosphate compounds water is softened, and the quality of bleaching powder increases.And they cause allergies, which manifests itself in different people in different ways: someone scratched his arm a few times and forgot about it, and some years can not understand what kind of a rash all over his body?

Furthermore, on a global scale phosphate compounds harm not only to the person as such, but also the world at large, because the water gets washed away in the city's sewers and treatment plants are simply unable to clear the water from the innovative chemistry, and they get inurban river, etc.

Following these rules you will reduce the risk of allergies in themselves or their loved ones, and make a particle of soul in maintaining the balance of nature:

  1. buying another pack of detergent, refer not to save, and common sense.Be sure that the powder does not include phosphates;
  2. sharp fragrant smell of clothes after washing indicates that the composition of the powder is replete with a number of fragrances that can cause allergic rhinitis and cough.Make sure that the powder is at least one flavoring agent;
  3. During the washing must be strictly observed on the package "dose" of powder.If the package says that the need for hand washing 2 cap, you should not use more, you can thus harm themselves and their loved ones;
  4. good detergent should not be too much foam, the less foam, the better;
  5. If you wash by hand (and this applies to all young mothers), wear gloves!This way you not only save the beauty and tenderness of your hands, and health;
  6. During washing children's clothes, underwear rinse several times, even if you erase the special children's powder.This also applies to manual and machine washable;
  7. ideal alternative baby powder, baby soap acts, as they say - is cheap and easy.Although, of course, and it is unable to cope with the many spots.

Top 5 best hypoallergenic detergents

Environmentally friendly powder bleach-Frosch

advantage of the German brand Frosch (Zhabko) is an eco-minded.This brand produces exclusively Safety of household "chemistry", which easily copes with pollution, it is completely safe for humans.Products of this brand - ideal for families with children (from infant to teenager).

cost of production is acceptable and meets the criteria of "price-quality."Bonus security products is its concentration, so that means enough for a long time.

Approximate price on the powder (1.5 kg): 350 - 420 rubles.

of consumers:


this powder bought on the advice of his mother.There is nothing better I have never met.Powder - concentrate hence its consumption is very small in comparison with the conventional powder.Smell nice, not sharp, from laundry powder then did not stink, as is the case with other brands.Things wash out well if there are spots that I have them pre-sprinkle a little powder and moisten with water.
also a very important point that the powder Frosch environmentally friendly, made from natural raw materials.I quietly erase it, and children's clothes and abandoned children's powder.Price
certainly high, but the quality of the powder is also at altitude.I take 3 months, until no complaints there, and I want to try other means of this line.


good powder.But I do like the same thing, but in a liquid form.I just do it more convenient to use.The quality of washing of both - the highest class.And, of course, biodegradable formula!

Washing powder Frau Helga Super

This is a great alternative to expensive ekoporoshkam.Packages (600 g) is enough for a long time.The powder does not contain phosphates, hypoallergenic, easily soluble, malleable temperature.The only disadvantage of this powder - it is not suitable for wool and silk.

cost of packing 600 g: 90 - 120 rubles.

of consumers:


Oh our lovely pen!As they have a hard time - and chlorinated water, and powders, and all the hard gels, solvents, aerosols desiccating!Recently found skin irritation to all kinds of detergents (do not know, maybe something to do with the change of seasons ...) declare an urgent search for a mild laundry detergent.Here, for example, had got into a powder with a spectacular network called Frau Helga.No, of course not kupilas sonorous aristocratic name, and not even a recognized German quality, and marked ┬źhypoallergenic┬╗ .600 grams of this miracle chemical industry in Germany costs 96 rubles!

Washing powder Baby Bon Automat (Delicate)

Gipallergenny detergent concentrate, meets all environmental standards.Suitable for all types of washing and copes with the spots (even obsolete).Economical to use, it is ideal for people with allergies, as well as for small children.

average price per package (450 g): 200 - 350 rubles.

reviews from consumers:


lovely powder!For several years, only to them and enjoy!The child, when the allergy, thought the food, and then it turned out that it was an allergy to washing powder famous brand.My mother brought me a package of powder, just bought in the supermarket without looking.But it turned out that it was an excellent thing!I advise everyone!


agree that the powder is excellent, but it has cost the property!I have a big family, and even when I buy a package more they miss just 1.5 months, and the price had not the cheapest!

Washing powder Burti Baby

This eco-friendly washing powder, which is used for both manual and machine washable.The powder is concentrated, it is calculated monthly.Hypoallergenic and does not contain phosphates.

Approximate cost of the package (900 g): 250 - 330 rubles.

of consumers:


Still a month ago, this would put a solid powder 5, and now, with the introduction of complementary foods, only 4 points.With food spots, he can not handle. (Spot on pumpkin and left, and now you must first zastiryvat soap, and then wash the car. Of course, this is a significant disadvantage. I believe that the powder for the price has to cope with any spots.
SoPowder recommend, but with difficult spots ogovorkoy- he hardly cope.


saw in the Russian magazine advertising, the firm publishes a special children's Burti powder, I decided to find and buy, but how much is not rummaging in the network - as it turned out, this is the usual washing powder, only for the "Available" and people with sensitive skin, but not for children. For three years, I am looking for baby powders produced in Germany - there is simply no such, but outside of Germany - has turned out.

Washing powder Amway SA8Premium

This is one of the most popular powders. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is an environmentally friendly product that washes even the most sophisticated pollution at temperatures of 30 to 90 degrees.At the same time it includes a salt of silicic acid, which prevents rusting fasteners and other metal inserts.In addition, the components of the powder does not cause irritation and are washed well without forming a soap film.

powder Approximate price: 500 - 1500 rubles.

of consumers:


I have long doubted whether I buy laundry detergent AMWAY, because:

  • not trust homegrown distributors,
  • dorogovastenko somehow,
  • had heard different, polaropinions.

As a result, based on personal experience, I can tell you the correct powder - clearly doing its job, washes perfectly even problem areas, while loudly declares itself not, that is not obtrusive smell after washing, does not stain and divorce!

admirably and with white linen, though, judging by the label for the color.And the bright colors refreshing.

And despite its noble origin, can serve as a cleaning agent for acrylic sinks or tubs.More one important quality - very economical powder (I use an even smaller number of recommended and well packed - enters and leaves your favorite nightstand!


I think many of those who use antiperspirants know how difficult it is to wash white spotswhich remain on clothes after use (despite all the promises of the manufacturers of deodorants). How much laundry is soaked, not much zastiryvay and stains still not fully satisfied with this content. On the advice of the sisters, I tried to use the Amway Home SA8 Premium (she buys itpermanently). I soak my black jacket in a conventional powder and added about half scoop concentrate (measuring spoon is already in the package). Leave overnight and, to tell the truth, and not particularly hoping for chudodeystvie this powder. In the morning tried to wash - spotstill not properly clean. I decided to leave until the evening. In the evening spots are easily washed off.In general, I'm satisfied, but you need to soak for quite a long time.You may need to increase the flow rate of the powder, but I'm saving (means still quite expensive).

to distinguish the fake from the original.Where better to buy laundry detergent?

It's a shame when your favorite powder brings proven!Nowadays, very often you can find fake any means.In order to not get caught by fraudsters, take the following precautions:

  1. So, you go to the store (or buy with it) and are looking for some powder on the shelf.Of course, you can not open the packaging and visual or smell assess the quality of the powder .However, you still can visually identify a fake is not it?Take a good look at the packaging, it should be clear from the letters of the same color, as stated.Perhaps, for this you should keep the original packaging;
  2. On package should be clearly specified by the manufacturer, address, and the address of the supplier in your country.Everything should be easy to read, specified shelf life;
  3. Regarding the content of the powder , after opening, make sure that the powder is not observed clumps, the powder should be crumbly;
  4. smell of powder should not be harsh and without strong perfumes, from which begins immediately start sneezing;
  5. In addition, there is a ┬ź recipe ┬╗ through which you can determine the quality of the powder: a glass of water you need to instill 3 drops of green fodder.Then add a spoonful of laundry detergent, mix and after 5 minutes the water should turn white ... IeZelenka is to dissolve the powder.If the content was white, you do not have purchased counterfeit means!

Many people wonder - where is safe to buy laundry detergent? where there is no clear answer, forgery can be purchased everywhere, in stores and on the market.It is safest to buy the powder in retail stores, and order directly from representatives (as in the case of Amway).

your family's safety is in your hands!If you liked some means, be sure to save the original packaging, if possible, carry it with you and compare the proposed product already proven.And do not forget to evaluate the quality of the powder visually, and save the check, in the event that, had the opportunity to prove a case of fraud!

Tell us what you use and what do you think about the products presented in the article.It is very important to know your opinion!