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31 March 2016

In the cold period of time, the central heating system makes the air in the room dry.

humidity in the room, which has a battery that does not exceed 20%.To feel good necessary humidity of at least 40% .In addition, dry air are allergens (dust, pollen, bacteria minute) capable to provoke various diseases (asthma, allergy).Adults already well adapted to the adverse conditions described above, which is not for young children, for which dry and polluted air is dangerous.

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  • Do I need a humidifier?
  • How the humidifier?
  • Types humidifiers
  • best models humidifiers - TOP 5
  • How to buy a humidifier - reviews

Why do we need a humidifier in the child's room?

Newborn lungs are not formed until the end, so it is difficult to breathe this air.Toddlers intensively lose moisture through the skin, and it causes dehydration.What to do?The favorable climate in baby's room will create a humidifier.The device is characterized by small overall dimensions, low power consumption and hig

h efficiency.

principle of operation of the humidifier

humidifier principle of operation is as follows:

  • Built-in fan sucks air from the room and drives through a system of filters and releases already cleaned air into the surrounding space.
  • prefilter holds the largest dust particles, the electrostatic filter release the air from the fine dust and other microparticles due to the effect of electrification.
  • Then the air passes through a carbon filter that removes harmful gases and unpleasant odors.
  • reaching the purified air can be added aromatic oil, which is very important today.

Health Benefits kid

  • In the room where works humidifier, breathe better.
  • In young children improves the quality of sleep, they become more active and feel better.
  • problem disappears mortgaged spout in the morning.
  • addition, harmful micro-organisms found in the dry air, no longer afraid of the growing baby.
  • reduces the risk of diseases of the respiratory system, which is especially important for children who are prone to an allergic reaction.
  • clean and moisturized air contains more oxygen molecules that are necessary for normal functioning of the little man.

If your child is still quite small, it is necessary to seriously think about buying a humidifier.

What are humidifiers -type

All humidifiers are divided into four types:

  1. traditional;
  2. steam;
  3. ultrasound;
  4. climate systems.

In traditional humidifier
's air is forced through the soggy tape without heating.Evaporation of moisture in this case, happens naturally.This type of evaporator is characterized quiet operation, ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Steam humidifiers evaporate moisture by means of two electrodes immersed in the water.Power consumption is slightly higher capacity of traditional moisturizers, but the intensity of evaporation is 3-5 times more.Evaporation takes place by force, so the device can easily exceed the "natural" rate the level of humidity.

ultrasonic humidifier - the most effective .Inside the body under the influence of high-frequency sound vibrations generated cloud of particles of water.Through this cloud fan blows air from outside.Systems are characterized by the highest performance, and minimal noise.

Climatic complexes - committed and flexible devices that not only humidification, but also clean it.Moreover, the device can operate in either one mode, or both simultaneously.

TOP 5 humidifiers

1. Ultrasonic humidifier Boneco 7136.
During produces cold steam humidifier.


design of the device is equipped with a built-in humidistat that allows you to keep the same level user-defined humidity.The humidifier is turned on and off independently, supporting her.Any indication of the current humidity.The device is equipped with a rotary atomizer which allows you to direct steam in the right direction.In the evaporation of all the water from the tank humidifier off.Attractive design allows installation in any environment.


every 2-3 months is necessary to change the filter.When using hard water, the useful life of the filter is reduced, resulting in a white precipitate on the walls, floor, furniture.

2. Steam Humidifier Air-O-Swiss 1346. Produces hot steam .


steam outlet is always clean, regardless of purity filled into the humidifier water.It can be used for inhalation.The device has the largest capacity in comparison with other humidifiers.There are no consumables (filters, cartridges).The body moisturizer made from heat-resistant plastic.The special design of the device will not allow it to turn.There is an indicator of the remaining amount of water.Able to increase the humidity of 60 percent or more.


not equipped with a built-in humidistat.It consumes a significant amount of electricity.

3. Climatic complex Air-O-Swiss 1355N


not required humidistat.The steam humidifier is not visible visually, so children will not show interest in the instrument.There capsule flavoring.There are no consumables, easy to maintain.


not humidifies the air for more than 60%.Dimensions much larger than that of steam and ultrasonic humidifiers.

4. Traditional humidifier Model Air-O-Swiss 2051.


does not require a humidistat.Economical with respect to energy consumption.The steam humidifier is not visible visually, which is very convenient for use in the nursery.Included is a capsule for flavoring.The design of the device is that you can see the amount of remaining water.


does not rise above 60% humidity.It requires periodic replacement of the filter, which use the term - 3 months.

5. Wash the air Electrolux EHAW-6525. The device combines the functions of a cleaner and humidifier.


not only moisturizes the air and purifies it from dust mites, dust, harmful spores and bacteria.It is characterized by low power consumption (20 W).You do not need replacement filters are not used for supplies.


device is costly and has significant dimensions.

This is a list of products for which today there is a lively interest of the consumer.

Reviews Women: how to buy a good moisturizer to the child?

Women who have bought a humidifier for a child's room, note that the children get sick less.Besides, kids are more comfortable in the house: less capricious, always in a good mood, better sleep, nasal congestion problem disappears.Most of them claim that the device is a must for those families who have children of any age.

Mistress notice the benefit of the device for furniture and home appliances.Parquet and laminate are not deformed and do not lose their original appearance.And the dust in the room becomes much smaller.Wet cleaning is now required much less often.

most popular and in demand model of humidifier is the traditional model of humidifier Air-O-Swiss 2051. Of course, this model has significant disadvantages (the filter cartridge, the possibility of increasing humidity is only 60%).But because of the small dimensions, efficiency, ease of maintenance and relatively low cost of the humidifier has earned the recognition of customers.


recently bought the nursery Humidifier Air-O-Swiss 2051. were satisfied with his work.Please note that the child began to sleep better at night, do not wake up as often as before.And now we get sick much less.The only thing that does not suit him, so is the presence of the filter cartridge to be replaced every 3 months.


Kindergarten raised the question of the acquisition to the group humidifier.Almost all of the parents gave consent.They apply to the sanitation center.They said that it needs to collect a huge amount of certificates, which will indicate that "This device is approved for use in preschool."In reality, it is simply impossible.


I recommend a moisturizer purifier «FANLINE Aqua» model VE500.The device has a good performance and good quality air purification, is the best option for a child's room.


go to the store, the consultant said that moisturizers with ionization emit white film that settles on all surfaces.Besides, too clean air can be addictive children.When you exit to the street, they will still be in contact with dirty air.So it is better to buy a normal moisturizer.


child caught whooping cough.When the disease is recommended to spend more time on the street and humidify the air in the room.To do this, we purchased a humidifier Scarlet.The result of his work are happy.It is simple to use and is of high quality.It works on the principle of cold moisture.Manufacturer - Switzerland.It costs 6,500 rubles.In general, I advise you to buy a humidifier online -vygodnee out.

And you have already purchased a humidifier in the child's room?Share your experience with us!