How to remove the smell of the shoes - the best home remedies for body odor shoes

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
01 April 2016

to unpleasant smells in the new and old shoes, as a rule, lead three reasons - low-quality material, fungal diseases and heavy sweating feet.If choosing a new pair of shoes, you feel the material of the unpleasant smell - it is better to refuse such a purchase.

But to eliminate odors appearing during use of shoes, you can use one of tested home recipes from the smell of sweat in the shoe.
How to remove odor from shoes

  • example, wipe the inside of the shoe cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, vinegar, ammonia or a solution of potassium permanganate.The number of treatments depends on the "aroma".
  • Change insole .It is desirable for natural - from the skin, and not its substitute.Ideal - insoles with a coal layer (excellent absorb moisture, prevent the occurrence of odor).A scented antibacterial insoles mitigate the smell of new shoes.They are disposable and can be changed at least odor (cost - about 100 p.).Changing traditional insoles should be carried out at least once every 3 months.
  • Buy Deodorant for shoes (and at the same time - for the feet) .To start Shoes treated with hydrogen peroxide, then aired, and then apply shoe deodorant spray - preferably overnight, to dry the shoes had to go out.
  • remember the main rule: regularly ventilated footwear , not putting on two consecutive days per pair.
  • Wipe shoes inside alcohol for two weeks (daily).
  • poured into the shoes of talc (powder), salt, baking soda or flour.Leave in a form for a couple of hours (at night).Next - vacuum boots / shoes and wipe the inside with hydrogen peroxide.It can also be used for this purpose, activated charcoal or sea salt.
  • regularly dry shoes with a special dryer.For example, ultraviolet - not only does it accurately will dry shoes without damaging the skin, but also eliminates fungi and other bacteria.Wet shoes absolutely can not leave unseasoned - unpleasant odor will be provided.
  • If the quality of the shoe allows, you can wash it with soapy water (warm) after - wipe with vinegar and rinse again.Already clean shoes - how to dry and ventilate .
  • Wash in the washing machine. Provided that it is running shoes or sneakers, as the machine allows such manipulations.
  • Rinse footwear and wearing socks soaked in alcohol , like shoes before it is completely dry ("antiquated" method).
  • happens that the cause of the smell of the shoes is not the sweat and tricks offended baleen-striped pet.In this case, you can apply formidon (pharmaceutical preparation).But often it is not recommended (harmful to health).And the very process of getting rid of the odor is best done on the balcony and gloves.And shoes after treatment is necessary to ventilate the quality (you can leave at night on the balcony).
  • From cat "gift" can help Ā«odor absorbersĀ» .He purchased at a pet store and is used according to the instructions (but not in the corners of the apartment, and shoes).
  • Pour into a bottle of hydrogen peroxide shoes. Chat footwear and pour means in a minute.As dry.
  • Fill the shoes of cooled green tea (brewed strong) for an hour or two, dry, ventilated.Of course, if the shoe is made to conscience and not bought in a shop around the corner.If you are afraid that the shoes debonding - can dampen in green tea a cotton pad and wipe it from the inside.
  • After drying shoes - fill it overnight mint leaves or lemon balm, tea leaves, dry oak bark etc.
  • buy special shoe ionizer .It will also help dry shoes, while you sleep, and to eliminate the smell and disinfect.
  • Fold shoes in a plastic bag, hide them in the freezer until the morning (most importantly - notify his household).In winter you can put on the balcony - the frosty air helps to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • change clothes shoes at work , replacing a lighter.If possible wear slippers or light shoes on the job is not available, the purchase 2-3 pairs of shoes to go out every day in the new, leaving the other two for ventilation and prosushivaya their UV / elektrostelkami (missing 40 minutes).

And, of course, do not forget about regular change of socks, deodorant for the feet, timely removal of calluses and rough skin .But nylon stockings (for women as interesting) only enhance the flavor.