Selecting woman irons with steam generator, steam generator or steamer?

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01 April 2016

Time does not stand still, and in the market of household appliances appears more advanced models of irons with additional features.And the concept of "iron" has lost its original meaning.

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try to understand the existing models of steam generators, as well as learn how to choose the right model according to your taste and needs.

content of the article:

  • Household steam clothes
  • How to choose the steam generator?
  • garment steamer
  • Iron with steam generator
  • choice of model and the type of steam generator

Household steam clothes


Household steam generator for ironing and cleaning without the use of detergentsall fabrics and garments.This result - excellent and process - extremely easy and takes very little time .


  • perfectly otglazhivaet any tissues using a powerful jet of steam;
  • cleans and removes stains from the surface of the fabric;
  • remove any stains from the ca
    rpet, including stains from red wine, blood, juice and coffee;
  • cleans tiles and sanitary ware.

Operating principle: steam generator produces dry steam at a temperature of 140 to 160 ° C.With its help it is possible to perfectly otglazhivat any materials from textiles and remove various types of dirt from clothes, carpets, tile and glazed tile.

Types of steam generators:

  • steam generators equipped with a separate boiler, which is designed for steam generation;
  • steam function of instantaneous steam generation, in which a certain amount of water is supplied to the hot heating elements, and instantly generates steam;
  • steam having pumping water from a single boiler with cold water in the other, in which steam is generated.

How to choose the steam generator?

Choice steam generators depends on the expected operating conditions.If it is necessary to reduce time for cleaning and ironing process, the steam generator is suitable instantly converts water into steam.These steam generators are very convenient to use, as there is no need to wait for the boiler boil.To work can begin in a couple of minutes after the connection.

Nevertheless, most high-quality steam is generated with a separate steam boiler.Preparation time to work this machine long enough, but the resulting vapor has the highest temperature.

As the saying goes, every ointment is at least one fly in the ointment.For example, some consumers prefer to use a regular old-fashioned iron.The steam generator due to the large size, high cost and the high cost of service does not use them in demand.

Reviews from owners of the steam generators:


I am the owner of a steam ironing system LauraStar Prospect in Switzerland.Re-read a lot of feedback about the steam generators and ironing systems.Thank girl consultant that I just make sure that the man sewing constantly, this system is necessary.
Sharing his impressions of the system.I chose the model Magic S 4. The time that I spent on the simple pressing of a steam iron is incomparably greater.In some tissues had to lay a piece of drawing paper under seal, not to be printed.Here spent iron, looked at the face - nothing!But again, time will tell, may be lucky with a cloth?It can be ironed bar with buttons, turn over the shirt buttons down the button "buried" in the soft substrate and safely conduct on the bar, the buttons do not melt, and strap perfectly ironed.


I Philips GC 8350 3 years.I do not know what was on the cartridges from the scale, but the model is not blocked.About a month later, just when in a hurry and only one clean white shirt, the iron begins to spit vesicular brown foam, which immediately freezes beige patches on the fabric.Displayed only repeated washing.Especially "get", when the whole ironed shirt, and foam comes at the very end.Self-cleaning mechanism in this model, we have to pour boiling water directly into the boiler, shake hands, this device is not easy, and then pour into a bowl.A month later - again a problem with scale.

garment steamer


well steamer smoothes wrinkles and other irregularities in the tissue with a powerful jet of steam.Under the influence of high-temperature steam tissue fibers do not stretch as under the influence of conventional iron, and are bulky and elastic.The steam stripper is heated to a temperature of 98-99 ° C.This not harmed tissues and does not form wrinkles or shiny spots on knitwear, wool, synthetic fibers.Powered steamer upright.Things flawlessly smoothed.No need to use the ironing board.

instrument after the network is ready for use almost immediately.The undeniable advantage of steamer is the possibility of continuous steaming for a long period of time.It is also impossible not to mention the compact and lightweight device .Light weight and presence of transport castors make it easy to move the steamer, which is important when working in a trading floor or production hall.


  • otglazhivaet any, even the most wrinkled fabrics require different temperature otglazhivaniya, in an upright position;
  • removes the unpleasant smell of things arising after transportation and fittings;
  • kills pathogens, eliminates dust mites, cleanses the upholstery.

Operating principle: steamer produces wet steam with a temperature of 98-99 ° C, which smoothes out any creases flattened and tissue.The water tank must be filled with distilled water.Within 30-40 seconds after plugging in the steamer is ready for use.The steam is fed continuously under pressure, which allows you to quickly ironed any thing.

Reviews forums from owners Steamers:


I work in dry cleaning, and we use iron Italstream .We like its lightness, compactness and low cost.He was on the shoulder, even products with sequins, beads and other trim, as the steam does not spoil it.The most common use steamer otglazhivaniya curtains and pastel linen.It copes well with synthetic fabrics.However, there are also disadvantages: inconvenience delivers what steamer works exclusively with distilled water.In addition, it is not very good stripping products made of cotton.


I bought Digital Steamer .I was told that steamers Digital unlike the Grand Masters have brass barrels.Steamers Grand Master of plastic, so they quickly break down.I take a year all happy.

Iron with steam generator


iron and steam generator (ironing systems, steam station) combine the iron and steam generator boiler. intended to smooth any fabric , as the outer clothing and bedding. also used for cleaning upholstery , remove lint and unpleasant odors from the fabric surface .

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  • otglazhivaet any tissues, reducing ironing time in half;
  • feature "vertical pair" allows otglazhivat clothes in a vertical position without the use of an ironing board;
  • cleans trim upholstered furniture;
  • included is a soft brush for cleaning delicate fabrics and brush with stiff bristles to clean coarse cloth;
  • thanks to the special nozzle removes odors from upholstery fabrics, cleans hard-folds on top of clothing.

Operating principle: Before working in the boiler is filled with water.After switching on the network need to wait 5-10 minutes.During this time, pressure is generated in a boiler which allows to provide a constant supply of steam at a rate of 70g / min.Steam under the influence of such pressure penetrates into the fabric and deletes the nerazglazhivaemye folds in the fabric.

Reviews from owners of the steam generator irons:


I am very pleased with my Tefal steam generator .Really feel the difference compared to a conventional iron.Steam powerful stroking and better and much faster with it, plus the process much easier and more pleasant.


Bought Brown with a steam generator.Choose especially not necessary, because when a man saw how much those are worth.his eyes widened (though usually responds quietly), but I did not give the result came upon the brown, which was more expensive.Not yet had time to try, we must also dig the instructions in the internet ... I do respect the technique of Brown, but once there was an incident - bought a faulty iron, and it seems that the whole model is defective (leaking water), one aunt complained that she had the sameproblem with same iron.True instead bought back brown expensive, it works fine.

what to prefer and how to choose the right model?

course, for home use most suitable steamer .It has advantages in comparison with the steam generator and steam generator irons with.

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  1. up time to the process at otglazhivaniya steamer is 45 seconds;Steam generator with a steam generator and the iron is ready for use only after 10 minutes;
  2. speed of the steam is much higher than with the steam generator and an iron with a steam generator;
  3. steamer cope with hard to reach places and finished products;
  4. Finally, the steamer is equipped with a handle for easy steam, which significantly increases uptime.
  5. addition, steamer several times cheaper than the steam generator to the steam generator and iron.
  6. garment steamer weighs less and is easy to move if necessary.

A steam generator you are using at home or at work?Share your experience with us!