Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - choose the best flooring for children's

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01 April 2016

What is the children's room?It is a world in which children are enclosed emotions and laughter, "adventure" and fantasy.The world in which pipsqueak holds an impressive part of their children's carefree life - learns new, sleeps and plays, gets the first lessons and taking the first steps.Therefore, the task of parents - to create the perfect cozy space for your crumbs, and every small detail.Watch: Interesting decor for children's rooms with their own hands.

One of the main elements of the interior nursery - floor, which must be safe, smooth, eco-friendly, durable, easy to clean and warm .
Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery

What floor coverings are appropriate in the kid's room?

  • Laminate .
    This material is compacted waste timber, which, in turn, secured with resins and laminated films.Key features laminate: aesthetically pleasing appearance, practicality and relatively high strength.With regard to the harm to health - in this respect can not survive if the laminate is selected not the cheapest.Health standards in the produ
    ction of cheap laminate, as a rule, are not complied with, and what percentage of binder, melamine-formaldehyde resins in the material - the seller, of course, will not say.Therefore, do not save.The ideal choice is laminate, made on the basis of acrylic resins: the floor will be warm, safe and environmentally friendly.Good laminate easily be washed from the clay / paints retain the appearance of more than one year, and the coloring can choose one that is suitable to the interior.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - laminate
    Minus: in socks on the baby will be slippery laminate;strong material does not withstand the flood - swell;poor sound insulation (crashing falling toys will be heard throughout the apartment);susceptibility to scratching.
  • cork.
    One of the best options for the child, and recommended by pediatricians and designers.Advantages: relieves the spine, "spring" under the feet;absolutely natural eco-friendly material;waterproof and washable;pleasant feet;warm and not slippery;It does not cause allergies and does not accumulate static electricity;It does not absorb odors;an additional shumoizolyatorom;fireproof and wear-resistant.On this cover kid can play for hours, collect the designer and draw - no carpets are needed.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - cork floors
    Cons : high cost;the need for regular "sealing" to extend the life.
  • Linoleum .
    versatile material, the price of which - from 180 to 3000 rubles per square meter.Just as with the laminate, linoleum quality is higher, the higher the cost.Cheap material released into the air toxins, so put him in a children's categorically impossible.High-quality linoleum is a good solution: moisture and wear-resistant, can withstand severe stress;perfectly clean;a heat and shumoizolyatorom.Although the synthetic nature, good for health linoleum safe.For the children's best to choose a variant insulated, made of wood chips, rubber and linseed oil with a stopper.With color schemes and there are no problems - to find the right design pattern can be easily.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - linoleum
    Less : most types of linoleum - slippery.
  • carpet.
    same thing: price and quality.Cheap carpet be profitable.The benefits of high-quality carpet: underfloor heating;softness and a feeling of comfort;a wide range of colors;noise reduction.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - Carpet
    Disadvantages: complex care coverage;stains left on the material it is difficult to withdraw;synthetic base;"The dust" - dust that collects on the cover to remove 100 percent even wet vacuum is impossible.
    When selecting this material should carefully study the composition of the coating: natural ingredients in the composition must be confirmed by a certificate.Stele carpet on the whole area of ​​child not recommended - just playing area in which the coating will be replaced periodically.
  • soft floors.
    modern version of coatings (eco-friendly foam resin), profitable almost from all sides.This floor is assembled from modules (rather quickly) and easily changed by the loss of the quality / type of an element.Advantages: does not collect dust, does not smell and does not conduct electricity;different "healthy" characteristics (harmless);not afraid of water and temperature extremes;easy to clean;travmobezopasen by its softness;It does not require additional insulation;varied in color.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - soft floors
    Minus: hardly cover will last several years of intensive use.
  • Massive board.
    most eco-friendly material for children's line of coatings.Such a coating can be attributed to the form of parquet except for the size (width plates - 10-20 cm, length - 1-2.5 m).Advantages: 100 percent natural and environmental safety;stylish appearance;long life (decades) and a favorable microclimate in the nursery;warm floor.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - massive board
    Disadvantages : high costs of material;expensive and lengthy repairs.
  • floorboard.
    As benefits the coating closest to the solid boards: environmental friendliness, natural, attractive appearance, a special microclimate, easy maintenance and durability.The most significant plus: quick repair in case of damage of the board (as opposed to an array).Suffice it to remove baseboards, quickly disassemble the floor and replacing the damaged element of the new gather back.And the cost of wood flooring - less massive.
    Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery - parquet

Experts advise zonirovat baby room , putting in each zone its material.

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desirable to combine ecological materials - health care must be higher than the price of experiences covering.

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matters and age : for a two-year crumbs will rationally washable and soft material, as a teenager, and you can lay a natural carpet with a long nap.
Types of coatings on the floor in the nursery

And what floor covering you have selected in the nursery?Tell us your opinion!