Home wash down jacket in the washing machine - detailed instructions for housewives

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02 April 2016

Home wash down jacket in the washing machine Now the wardrobe of almost every family can find the jacket.This item of outerwear is very warm, weightless and quite practical.But as for any other item of clothing, it is necessary for care.So today we will tell its readers how to wash down jacket in the car so as not to spoil it.

content of the article:

  • means, balls for washing down jackets
  • Which mode in the machine washable jacket
  • How to dry down jacket

Choose the right detergent feather;balls for washing down jackets

dry powder or liquid detergent - a rather important question.Opt for the best liquid vehicle , because after it is easier to rinse clothes.The main thing is that in its composition not part bleach .Besides abrasive solids dry powder poorly rinse fluff.Absolutely can not be used for washing down jackets conventional powder or soap, because the fluff may stray lumps and stick together.
Home wash down jacket in the washing machine

also the washing jackets not worth adding emollients and conditioners , they can also leave stains.

  • Classic jacket padding polyester washable detergent or powder that is suitable for the fabric;
  • classic down jacket filled with feather-fluff should be washed with detergents, down jackets.They can be purchased at most sporting goods stores;
  • Jackets feathers of membrane tissue better to wash by hand a special tool for this material.So you do not mess up the fabric membrane;
  • down jackets with leather inserts best to take to the cleaners.

Many housewives are worried that the washing machine in the down jacket could stray into clumps.To avoid this, the drum washing machine must be put special balls for washing down jackets , or pair of ordinary tennis balls .
Home wash down jacket in the washing machine - washing balls

When washing and drying they will break lumps and not give the feathers matted .If you are worried that tennis balls are shed, before washing them pour over boiling water with bleach.

Which mode and how to wash down jacket in the machine at home - instruction videos

Video Guide: Basic rules in the car wash feather

in washing down jacket using a typewriter there is nothing dangerous thing - run the correct mode and properly prepare to wash the jacket.And how to do it, read below:

  • a close look at a label your jacket.If there is no icon "hand wash", so it can be safely trusted with the machine;
  • Check pockets and fasten all zippers , because when washing, they can become deformed.If there are buttons, they also need to fasten, as they can deform space When sewing.Then remove the jacket inside out;
  • on a typewriter, you must install a delicate wash. Remember that the jacket can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees.To the down jacket is not lost, put the balls in a drum for washing down jackets, or 2-4 for the tennis ball;
  • If you wash down jacket for the first time, be sure to enable the "extra rinseĀ» .This will clean up the dust production of down jackets, and will prevent soap divorces;
  • Pressing down jacket can be also in the washing machine, only need to put a minimum turnover , and leave the balls in the drum for washing down jackets.They will help the down beat.

Please note that the jacket can be washed no more than twice a year , as the impregnation of the material can be damaged, and it will start to get wet.

How to dry down jacket, down jacket like fluff after washing - advising housewives

view down jacket after washing scares many mistresses.Instead of beautiful jackets, they see a thin jacket with huddling down in the corners.However, if it is properly dried, it will look as good as new.

Video: How to fluff jacket after washing.

  • If your washing machine has the function of drying the jacket must be dried in a mode for synthetic fabrics .At a temperature of 30 degrees jacket dry for 2-3 hours.Do not forget to put in the drum tennis balls.After this, product should be shaken well and hang on the hanger and leave ventilated.Pooh whisking occasionally necessary.
  • If the fluff after washing lost in the corners and pockets of down jackets, dry the hair dryer or vacuum the vacuum at low power without a nozzle.Led tube must be from side to side and in a circle.After these manipulations should be a good fluff fluff and go straight.
  • During drying jacket must be thoroughly shaken , holding the hem, then turn out on the wrong side, then on the face, arms spread fluff.
  • Remember, jacket can not be dried in a horizontal position .Air should be good to go through the product, otherwise rot fluff, rots, and the unpleasant odor of which would be difficult to get rid of.

properly laundered and dried down jacket will serve you more than one season.And in the eyes of others, and you will get close to the image of high-end hostess , able to cope with any task.