The best pan - what?

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02 April 2016

agree that many things to choose is quite simple, especially if you follow the principle: umm ... I like it, I take!But when choosing pans that principle does not quite fit.After all, as you choose the correct pan and on whether you exploit it depends will you enjoy the process of cooking, or you will all be burnt, or underdo be overdone.

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So let's deal with the how to make the correct choice of the pan.


  • Types pans.Advantages and disadvantages of
  • How to choose a pan, depending on the plate?
  • reviews pans forums

Types pans.Advantages and disadvantages.

iron pans

destination. This pan is ideal for products that should be prepared for quite a long time.

Pros cast iron pans. peculiar cast iron heated to a sufficiently high temperature, which allows you to cook food for a sufficiently long period of time, while they can hardly stir.Because cast iron has a porous structure that allows you to form on the surface of natur

al fat from the non-stick layer.This addition of vinegar or lemon juice, provided the recipe did not affect this layer.

How to clean a cast-iron frying pan? But wash the pan with modern detergents, which remove grease even in cold water is not necessary, because the non-stick layer is destroyed.These pans are usually just pierce the fire, and then rinse with cool water.Then wipe dry frying pan should be so that it lasts longer and does not rusted.

Cons cast-iron frying pan. disadvantages such pans is their weighty, but they are quite fragile.And if it is good to drop a pan, it can crack or break.
If you bought a new cast-iron frying pan, then first you need to prepare it for operation, create a non-stick layer.To begin, wash the pan, drain and then pierce the fire or in the oven for an hour, while brushing the pan with vegetable oil.

Titanium pan

Pros titanium pans. Titanium Pan has all the same features, but its advantage is the lack of inclination to rzhavchine.Voobsche have pans of stainless material have a great advantage in that they prepare the food in the most harmless, because the stainless steel materials do not react with other substances in the processcooking.

Minus. These pans are much more expensive than others.

aluminum pan

Pros and cons of aluminum pans. Usually these pans very easy, but hard to tolerate heat and can even be significantly deformed by overheating.In all of these pans are often burnt, so if you sent a pan in the oven cake, then you are very much at risk dostovat it then bit by bit, as it will be quite difficult to remove from the dishes completely, a slight movement, and therefore have very pana long time to wash.
In addition, these pans very easy to scratch, which means that stir the food is not worth the metal devices, and use rough sponges, brushes for washing, too.

aluminum pans with a thick-bottomed pan or cast operated much better.

pan with Teflon coating

destination. Most popular today pans.Made of aluminum or steel and coated with a special heat-resistant material, which is Teflon.On these pans you can cook almost anything.

Many manufacturers in advertising their pans are actively promoting the fact that in these pans, you can cook without using oil, but this is not true.And the use of oil gives many dishes juiciness.

Operating Guidelines. When using these pans should not be used for mixing metal spatula or instruments best suited wood.It is also very important not to overheat such pans, because the high temperature Teflon tends to evaporate and thus it releases harmful to humans.Many Teflon pans termospotom feature, through which you can control the monitor temperature of the pan.

What if a pan with Teflon coating is scratched ?If you ever scratched a frying pan, then exploit it on is not necessary, it should be discarded.

Frying pan with ceramic coating

destination. If you actively follow ekotendentsiyami and prefer in their natural household items and those that cause the least harm to the environment in the production and operation, the pan with ceramic coating - your option.

Pros ceramic pans. These pans have a greater resistance than Teflon and can withstand temperatures far higher, and also for these pans can use any blades, even metal.They will easily slide over the surface.

Council. Since these pans appeared on the market recently, you can easily come across a fake, so you need to be quite careful when choosing.Read how to choose a pan with ceramic coating.

Each plate has its own pan

Another important point is that the correct operation on a plate you are ready.

for gas cookers suitable for almost all kinds of pans, so choose your own taste.

for electric also fit almost everyone except aluminum pan.Thus it is better to choose a pan that match the diameter of the diameter of the electric pancake.

suitable for glass ceramics and any other than an aluminum pan.The main thing that it was a smooth flat bottom.

But for induction cookers fit only those who have a steel pan bottom.It is necessary for the magnetic effect.

what they write on the forums about the pans?Reviews of pans.


You will laugh, but were now in Ikeja and do not hold back - bought a very cheap teflonku for 89 rubles.Temporarily, for now.But certainly for the last time.


With his wife agreed Prikope and next time take WOLL.Cast Iron "our" decided not to take it, becausethat really there - so take WOLL.In Ikeja ikeyskie iron pan like Le Cruaset.Outside red enamel inside the black iron that looks very high quality, with some also lustrous finish.Price as at WOLL.Continuing, thought.In the end, not taken: diameter 24cm and 28cm, 26cm and we need - the size of the plate to our best, and we cover all the 26 cm. We decided in favor of WOLL, they also have all sizes.


Oh, and I bought a pancake pan "Tescoma", moreover, that the bottom of the wave has gone (though her ONLY fry pancakes and no more frequently than once every 10 days), so it isoutside of this kind is - horror.After each frying it in my dishwasher, and she is not understand, or varnish burns in a strange way, or is it metal enters into a kind of response to temperature.But I have a cast-iron pan, which is 20 years, that 18 of them washed hands (each has such chёrnenkaya skovorodochka), but it looks more cheerful.Fries good, but kind of crazy.


I recently buy cheap (100-150rub) pans and casserole in Ashane.Polzuyus for 1.5 years or more and such vybrasyvayu.Zachem crazy grandmother for them to spend not understand ?????


explained his motives (pan was worth 900p): all the cheap pans, which I used until it had a thin and light bottom which warms unevenly.It is strained in many cases (especially given that I have an old electric :)).

pan expensive:

a) has a thick wall, which is already two years does not burn anything and is not going to,

b) no harmful coating peeling off and, accordingly, does not get into the food (at least, it is imperceptible eye),

c) pan warms evenly, keeps the temperature well in all directions,

d) handle on the plate does not outweigh the pan in one direction :)) (there were precedents)

And as a conclusion to cook in a frying pan is nice and you can notlook, if I can do something to fry / extinguish.


bought new Tefal - 1.5 years - out!Is pans live longer?I throw Teflon pans are usually a year.Buy Tefal in Ashan, I am satisfied.Neva no less ashanovskogo Tefal :(
In controlled purchase Tefal and won Idol (these nirazu not met).Common sense tells us - this is advertising, but still nice to know that your pan is not the worst.I want to try
Ikea, from the 356+ pots I am delighted (you can buy them in Ikeja transparent cover, although there were bad reviews.

And what a frying pan you use and what you advise?