Ecology in daily life for a healthy life - tips on making your home Ecology

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03 April 2016

No one today does not need to explain how harmful to the health of the environment has become (especially in big cities) as glutamate in foods stores and some level of toxicity in many materials, fabrics, dishes and even toys.This fact - is no longer a mystery, but we can - to protect their children and their home from the side effects of modern technology, and at the same time to protect, to the extent of the forces suffering environment.Suffice it to observe simple "environmental" rules at home.
Ecology house

  • floors in the house.
    first condition "correct" sex - breathability.In Russia, taking into account the climate, made to install heated floors, warming the room with electricity or hot water.But in the first case it threatens the additional electromagnetic radiation, and the second option gives a lot of nuisance water "plug" on the joints.What to do?Get out of the situation can be, raised floors with additional natural materials, bed only natural cover, supplementing them with woven mats, rugs and warm
    cotton slippers.Read: What floor is better to choose for the house?
  • coating.
    Before choosing flooring, Polyubopytstvuyte about its environmental impact and requirements for manufacturers.This is especially true linoleum and other materials of PVC, which often emit toxic substances and cause allergic reactions.
  • shopping.
    Sign a good habit - to check on the construction products sanitary certificate, clothes with toys - a certificate of quality products - no harmful components.
  • walls.
    Regarding the choice of material for the decoration of walls - will be the safest course, wallpaper.It is desirable, or ordinary paper (when possible) non-woven.Vinyl wallpaper glue in the house is not recommended - they are toxic.Although, if you search, you can find those that meet the safety requirements.We decided to just paint the walls with paint?Do not buy the first available or the cheapest - take only those inks that are created on a natural basis.
  • ceilings.
    Loved by many plasterboard and plastic panels - materials that do not are sustainable.If a healthy atmosphere in the house is important for you - to explore options with wallpaper, paint on a natural basis and tissue stretch ceiling.
  • Windows.
    Despite the quality certificates and guarantees of manufacturers of plastic windows, double-glazed windows, many owners of the deteriorating health after installing windows, stuffiness in the room and so on. To solve this problem in two ways: to put plastic windows only from well-known companies with good reputation (their products are tested,improving, it has the functions of ventilation and so on.), or install windows with wooden frames.
  • Electricity - do revision in the kitchen.
    Typically, half of the instrument gathering dust on shelves and tables.Among the most popular and commonly used can be noted television, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, etc. multivarku. But few people remember about this concept as interference.That is, the imposition of an electromagnetic field to another during simultaneous operation of multiple devices.Of course, health is we do not add.Exit?If we abandon the technology you can not (for example, replaced by an ordinary kettle, coffee maker instead use Turk and others.) Then try not to include all devices at once and reduce the time spent near the included instruments to a minimum.
  • Microwaves - a separate issue.
    Firstly, it is known for its powerful radiation of electromagnetic energy.Second, its safety also depends on the tightness: when the door is not properly closed (its "loosening" occurs during operation) radiation occurs through the crack.
  • Bathroom.
    Most of the chemicals for cleaning surfaces is harmful to health.The alternative is a folk ways that even my grandmother kept the house clean.As for washing dishes - it can be used for soda, soap or mustard (it should be remembered that the store means for these purposes is not completely washed off the dishes).Folk remedies for washing, too, there are quite a few - from powder, which many kids causes allergic reactions, can be easily refuse.Read: How to eliminate the odor in the refrigerator using traditional methods?
  • Air Conditioning.
    Without this device in the heat is difficult to do.Its harmfulness heard many - this temperature drops, giving the outlet a sore throat, and infectious diseases.But if a timely change in the air conditioner filters, no toxins and microbial infections from the device will be.
  • TV.
    From this gift of civilization, few will refuse.Its radiation is written much, but on the possibilities to reduce the harmful effects do not know everything.So, to protect yourself from the TV radiation can be subject to the following rules: do not sit near the screen for a long time (for adults - a maximum of 3 hours for children - 2 hours for the very crumbs - no more than 15 minutes);remember the safe distance (for 21 cm - at least 3 m to 17 cm - 2 m);Do pause while watching TV;Read the instruction manual.
  • Other devices in the home.
    main rule - avoid large concentrations of instruments in the field of sleep and rest, avoid electromagnetic "overlap", do not sleep next to the devices (laptops, phones, and televisions must be at least 3 meters away from the bed).

Ecology house
And a few more rules of "healthy" life:

  • Replace batteries batteries , and light bulbs Illich - energy efficient.
  • removed from the socket chargers , when not in use.
  • Minimize the chat on a cell phone.
  • When purchasing goods choose glass instead of plastic , discard the disposable tableware and plastic bags in favor of paper or cloth bag.
  • Exclude from the menu foods with dyes , flavors, plenty of preservatives and additives.
  • Use natural ingredients for cosmetics "national" procedures, or natural cosmetics.