How to choose the heater for the apartment in the cold season?

By Admin | Domestic Affairs
05 April 2016

Most heaters for apartments Outside, already in October, and the weather every day is getting colder.So it's time to think about buying a heater.However, in the market there is a huge variety of such devices, so today we decided to tell you which are the types of heaters, listing their advantages and disadvantages.

content of the article:

  • Oil heaters
  • Household convectors for flats
  • Heat fans
  • Household infrared heaters wall heaters
  • good heat and the velvet season
  • Selecting heater - reviews

Fireproofheaters - oil heaters: the pros and cons

oil cooler - it most popular home heater .It is an electric battery, than like a normal battery of central heating, filled with water instead of oil.Radiator works by heating a mineral oil its metal surface.Then, the heat is dissipated purposefully in different directions.The room is gradually heated, and the warmest place is in close proximity near a heater.
Most heaters for apartments - oil radiators

oil radiators Advantages:

  • Oil heaters can be operated for several days, and the heating element will not
  • Such a device is fireproof;
  • These heaters do not burn oxygen and dust, and therefore do not give unpleasant odors.
  • runs silently.

oil radiators Disadvantages:

  • Radiator can not be put next to the fusible objects, because its surface is heated to 1100S.

Modern domestic heaters for the apartment - the pros and cons

convectors - household heaters, well known since the 80s of the last century.They work expense of special tena .The cool air falls into the convection from below, and is heated within the top.Such a device provides uniform heating and natural areas.However, if the convector fan is not built, it will be warmer in the room at once.
Most heaters for apartments - convectors

Pros domestic convector:

  • Fireproof;
  • Modern instruments have a built-in thermostat, so they can adjust the temperature yourself.So, it is not necessary to disconnect the convector;
  • noiseless;
  • has a good aesthetic appearance.

domestic convector Cons:

  • If there is no built-in fan convector, the room will be heated very slowly.

Fan heaters for heating the apartment: a heater should I choose?

heater on its principle of operation is very similar to convector .Inside it has a fan and heating coil.The air passing therethrough is heated, thus heating the room.
Most heaters for apartments - heaters

heaters Advantages:

  • room heated very quickly;
  • not require off as the thermostat regulates the temperature automatically;
  • In the case of the fall itself off;
  • protected from overheating.

heater Disadvantages:

  • During a little noise;
  • dust that accumulates on the spiral, burns, so this can cause unpleasant smell.

Household infrared heaters of new generation - if they have any drawbacks?

Household infrared heaters work expense quartz lamp , located in a metal housing.Unlike other models, this unit heats the air is not, and items for which he was sent.The infrared heater is ideal for heating large areas.
Most heaters for apartments - infrared heaters

Its advantages:

  • This device is fireproof;
  • Works quietly;
  • has a rotation angle of 20 to 40 degrees.

have infrared heater virtually no drawbacks.

wall heaters warm and good velvet season - a heater warms better apartment?

Wall film heaters "Good warmth" - is the most modern room heaters, developed using nano-technology.His heating element is carbon fiber .But apparently the device looks beautiful colorful murals, and quite different from the normal household heater.
Most heaters for apartments - good heat and the velvet season

advantages of wall film heaters:

  • Quiet operation;
  • Fireproof, its surface is heated to no more than 70 ° C;
  • These heaters are very efficient;
  • Do not dry the air and does not burn oxygen;
  • can be used in rooms with high humidity;
  • very mobile and compact.

heaters Disadvantages Good heat and Velvet Season:

  • They quickly cool down after switching off.

Selecting heater for the apartment - which heater is best for you?Tell us your opinion!